College of Engineering Library II Orientation

1. UP College of Engineering Library II Library Orientation 2. Mission  As the center of academic information resources and services on Information Technology (IT),…
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  • 1. UP College of Engineering Library II Library Orientation
  • 2. Mission  As the center of academic information resources and services on Information Technology (IT), Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering through the provision of adequate and relevant information in print and digital format using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.  Serves as a showcase of inventions/innovations ingenuity software development and creative works of the CS and EEE faculty and students.
  • 3. Library Services The Engineering Library II has a wide array of services offered to serve the faculty, students and other researchers in their information needs.
  • 4. Library Services Current Awareness – The Orange Network is a current awareness service which contains updates on a the newly received materials, library events and other announcements. Students and researchers can subscribe and receive updates.
  • 5. Library Services Document Delivery – is a fee based service for faculty, students and staff of the university. Registered document delivery clients will be able to request copies of articles, journals, books and other library materials for their information needs through their university address or at their library for pick up.
  • 6. Library Services Interlibrary loan – the library through its membership with different engineering universities enables itself to provide resource materials to its users, even if the material is not part of its collection. This is made possible through the Interlibrary loan service.
  • 7. Library Services Wi-Fi – provides free wireless internet access to users with a portable computer with WIFI adapters installed. Wireless Internet is available in all sections of the library. However, the users should already have activated in their UP Webmail accounts in order to avail of this service.
  • 8. Library Services Reference Service- is a unique service whose purpose is to guide and assist the users in accessing all possible and imaginable information resources for study and research. It helps the users to identify and retrieve accurate information in the soonest possible time.
  • 9. Library Facilities ERG Discussion Room – is a 40 seater room equipped with four cubicles and four reversible white boards which can be used by the students and faculty for academic group discussions. The facility is currently being maintained by the Engineering Radio Guild (ERG).
  • 10. Library Facilities E-Reference Portal – is one of the unique facilities of the library which allows faculty, students and other researchers to access freely available online reference materials. The terminal is located at the Reference Section. The terminal contains links to various reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases and directories.
  • 11. Library Facilities Faculty and Graduate Students Reading Area (DOST Reading Room) - to support the needs of the Faculty and Graduate Students, a separate and exclusive reading area is allocated for them. It is equipped with round tables and comfortable chairs which they can spend time reading and do small group discussions. Magazines and journals are also provided inside the room.
  • 12. Library Facilities Archives and Thesis Collection Room- the thesis from the undergraduate and graduate students of the CS and EEE are collected and deposited in the room. Library users can freely read the theses inside the room without the assistance of the staff manning the desk. Thesis are for room-use only and photocopying of these resources is not allowed.
  • 13. Collections Available Serials (print) – 1,611 CS & EEE bound and loose copies Books/Non-books – 10,000+ volumes Electronic resources 8 online databases + access to Phil Elib ACM, ASCE, ASME, ASTM, Science Direct, SpringerLink, IEEE Explore (e-journals) Gale Virtual Reference Library – under the subjects Technology and Education (e-books)
  • 14. Staff Head Librarian – Sharon Ma. S. Esposo Admin Assistant – Bianca Borja Acquisitions – Jennifer Bolina Circulation/Reserve – Lea Carreon Network Administrator – Dan Dorado Reference – Reina Irinco Serials – Reyna Parman Cataloging – Bernadette Sueno
  • 15. Library Hours  Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ( No lunchbreak)  Saturday – 8:00 am – 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • 16. Requirements Access to collections, you need Students who are currently enrolled Present a countersigned ID, not form 5 Students who are not currently enrolled Special Library Card (Orange)
  • 17. Requirements Access to collections, you need Alumni and former faculty and staff - Present a valid ID and proof of former UP status - A special library card will be issued - Free use of the library for 5 visits per semester/summer - Pay a research fee of Php20/day or Php225 per 6 months
  • 18. Requirements Access to collections, you need Government researchers - Present a valid office ID - Referral from the office's Head Librarian - A special library card will be issued - Free use of the library for 5 visits per semester/summer - Pay a research fee of Php20/day or Php225 per 6 months
  • 19. Privileges Undergraduate Students - 5 circulation books for two weeks - 2 reserve books for overnight Graduate Students - 10 circulation books for two weeks - 2 reserve books for overnight
  • 20. Privileges Faculty - 10 circulation books for one month - Serials (non-current) for one week REPS - 10 circulation books for 2 weeks Administrative Staff - 5 circulation books for 2 weeks All other researchers - Room use only
  • 21. Fines  Circulation Book -P2.00/day exclusive of Sundays and Holidays  Reserve Book -P1.00 for first hour; P5.00 for succeeding hours; 50.00 for one whole day inclusive of Sundays and Holidays
  • 22. Why Library? Isn't Google Enough? Google is number one  Google is the most popular and powerful search engine in the world  Google searches billions and billions of web pages  Many search engines search many, many web pages and expand
  • 23. Why Library? Isn't Google Enough? Google is not a library database Use google for  Quick facts  Images  News  Maps and location finders  Entertainment  Job searching  Business and product information  Travel Information
  • 24. Why Library? Isn't Google Enough? Why use a library database rather than a search engine?  Authority – results are from published sources you can trust  Access- you get access to full text articles unavailable anywhere else on the Web  Current – results are current and accurate  Specific searches don't produce a huge list of irrelevant and inaccurate Web pages  Peer-reviewed  Scholarly
  • 25. Why Library? Isn't Google Enough? Why use the library website?  Locating books and journals  Indexes to journal articles  Full-text articles and scholary e-journals  E-books  Dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference  Websites with high quality content  Access to experts through Ask A Reference Librarian  Book loans, reservations and renewals  Hours and other service information
  • 26. Electronic Resources  Web Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Online Databases - Subscription-based - Open Access CD-ROM Databases
  • 27. Search Facilities How to access e-journals and e-books?  Search multiple databases by WebFeat - Federated search to all of the University's subscribed online resources Search individual databases
  • 28. E-Reference Portal Almanac Dictionary Encyclopedia Handbook Manual Atlas Directory
  • 29. Online Subscriptions
  • 30. Open Access and E-Resources
  • 31. Character building exercise I need, I value, I love my library campaign
  • 32. Reading Zone The reading zone is for everybody, whether you’re an enrolled student or a homesick alumni. It is meant to be shared. No particular group can claim the “Zone” as their exclusive territory. You can deposit/donate your old books and other reading materials on the designated “shelves”. Don’t worry:you don’t need any computer science books here! Once you donate/deposit your materials, you relinquish personal ownership over it. That is, you cannot blame anyone in case it gets lost or removed from the Zone. The Zone encourages sharing and brainstorming of any idea under the sun. Giving to the Zone means you’re willing to share no matter what the cost. If you wish to take a book out, make sure you replace it with another book/mag within the day. Don’t forget the fact that you’re still in UP, more so inside the library. Same rules against noise and heckling apply here. You have the freedom to build/contribute to the collection.You can also weed out some books/mags in case you don’t need them. An exclusive Reading Zone Stamp Pad is available for use. Make sure to stamp each book donated into the zone, then indicate the name and email of the donor. Feel free to relax and study. Of course, no littering, fighting nor PDA’s. No vandalism. There is no freedom wall here. This is your Reading Area. Please love it and take care of it.
  • 33. Need help in using library resources and facilities?  Ask A Librarian Call us at 981-8500 local 3251 or 3252 Fax 434-8638 Email us at Chat at the E-Chat Reference  Account Fan Page
  • 34. Snail Mail  G/F U.P. Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall Velasquez St. U.P. Campus Diliman, Quezon City
  • 35. Thank you! Any Questions?
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