Columbia Helicopters Spring 2006 Newsletter

Columbia Helicopters Spring 2006 Newsletter
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  IntercompanyNews Volume 28, No. 1Spring 2006 Columbia’s AffiliateAcquires CanadianCompany Helifor At Columbia Helicopters, it’snot unusual for a long timeemployee to invite a friend to jointhe company. It usually worksout so that everyone, includingthe company benefits from theaddition.It’s a little less common forthe company itself to bring a longtime friend onboard.However, Columbia did justthat when the company an-nounced a Canadian affiliate’sacquisition of Helifor’s business.Helifor is a British Columbia-based company specializing inlogging and heavy-lift helicopteroperations. The transaction issubject to Canada’s Ministry ofTransport approval.Columbia Helicopters andHelifor have had a strong rela-tionship that has spanned sev-eral decades, in which Columbiawould lease a number of aircraftto Helifor each year. Theseaircraft were used primarily forlogging operations in BritishColumbia, but also performed Continued on Page 3  Columbia Crew Works In the Grand Canyon In the remarkable Grand Canyon National Park, few commodities areas precious as water.While millions of years of water flow has helped to shape the brilliantcolored chasm, it is potable water that sustains life and helps to supportthe thousands of visitors that visit the park annually.Columbia wasrecently called to helpreplenish the flow ofclean, clear water tovisitor facilities. Waterpumps that supply theNorth Rim visitorcomplex failed inDecember. Since thePark Service closesthe North Rim facili-ties to the public in thewinter, it was a lowpriority until touristseason approached.N191CH and hercrew were working ona logging project in Southern California’s SanBernardino mountains, and was among the Continued on Page 5  Columbia Helicopters is pleased to announce the completion of theacquisition of the Type Certificates for the Vertol 107-II and Model 234Chinook helicopters from The Boeing Company.A transfer ceremony will take place at Columbia’s world headquartersin Aurora, Oregon on June 26. From that day, the aircraft will be identi-fied as the Columbia Vertol 107-II and Columbia 234 Chinook.These certificates will enable Columbia Helicopters to access alldimensions, materials and processes encompassing the complex,military-style helicopters that the company operates. Further, if thecompany chooses to couple the Type Certificates with a FAA-issued Columbia Purchases Chinook andVertol Type Certificates From Boeing Continued on Page 4   2 As we look forward to another productive year at Columbia Helicop-ters, I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on where I think we arenow and where we need to go as a company. To do this we must firstlook back and thank Wes Lematta for his incredible foresight in creatinga company that truly cares for the well being of every employee. Withouthis conviction to values of loyalty, commitment, and quality service, wewould not be here today. It is with this background that we can begin tolook at what we need to do to continue Wes’ legacy and take ColumbiaHelicopters well into the 21 st  century.As you are undoubtedly aware by now, we have adopted a series ofstatements that will help to guide us into the future of Columbia Helicop-ters (see box)  . Our MissionStatement is more than a guideline,it is a focus that each of us musthave in mind as we go about ourwork. In order to meet the MissionStatement, we have also imple-mented Vision and Value state-ments. These are not “supporting”statements; they stand alone andserve to remind us of standardsthat Wes has used for years tobuild his company to the size andstature it is today.In the past several years, wehave begun to look at what we cando to make us more competitive inthe marketplace. We cannot standstill while our competitors moveforward and grow. Recently, weacquired our long-time Canadianlogging partner, Helifor, and we arenearing completion of acquiring theType Certificates for the Model 234Chinook and Vertol 107-II. Whilethese are significant steps towardreaching our goals, we must lookat companies like our longtimefriends Boeing, Honeywell and GEto learn how to think and win bigwithout compromising our values.It is of the utmost importance thatwe begin the process of redefiningwho we are, where we are going,and what we want to achieve. Tothat end, we must evaluate our Our Mission, Vision and Values OUR MISSION: To be the provider of choice for helicopter operations and maintenance solutions worldwide. OUR VISION: To be the dominant provider of heavy lift helicopter services, by providing the highest quality helicop- ter operation, and to use our excellent reputation and maintenance capabilities to become a major provider of quality maintenance services. OUR VALUES: ·Integrity:   Be honest with ourselves and our customers in every facet of our service. ·Safety:   Hold safe practices at the forefront of every effort. ·Customer Service:   Utilize experience, innova- tion and continuous improvements to convert customer problems into solutions. ·Performance:   Meet or exceed expectations. ·Teamwork:   Work as a team in meeting our chal- lenges. Mike Fahey, President  Continued on Page 3   3 other work requiringheavy-lift helicopters,such as supporting oiland mining operations,construction projects andfighting forest fires.Helifor has operatedas the helicopter-loggingarm of Vancouver-basedInternational ForestProducts (Interfor) fordecades. Helifor willcontinue to operateindependently in BritishColumbia with its presentmanagement team.They will retain the tradename Helifor.“We are lookingforward to the opportunities this acquisition will open for ourselves and Helifor,” said Columbia Helicopters’President, Mike Fahey. “Columbia has had a wonderful relationship with Helifor and Interfor for many years,dating back to the late 1970’s.”“The people at Helifor are a fine group - our friends - and we look forward to becoming a stronger companythrough the addition of their great team,” added Fahey. “We expect the acquisition will help to expand Helifor’smarket opportunities throughout Canada.”The acquisition affects approximately 90 staff Helifor employees, including pilots, engineers (mechanics)and management, plus rigging crew employees and various for the future, what behaviors we want to characterize, and how we can become more efficient in allareas of our operation.I think it’s important that we bring this focus, our vision, to Columbia Helicopters. We want to beginexpanding our operations smartly and we need to define that direction to the organization. But directionalone is not sufficient to make us grow. We must go back to the companies I mentioned before and learnfrom their success and failures. We must get out of the “not created here” syndrome and open our mindsto new and exciting ways of doing business. For example, we must look at improving internal processesso we can be more competitive. We must investigate how we can be more efficient and reduce costs.This new vision and focus is an important, major piece of the mosaic that is Columbia Helicopters.We have always been dedicated, hard working, and truly caring of our fellow employees. We must garnerthese strengths and use them to catapult us to the next level.In summary, creating a new vision, thinking about behaviors, and fixing processes is not somethingthat we can undertake lightly, nor is it something that Columbia Helicopters can achieve at a two-dayseminar. It needs strategic thinking, the creation of something that everybody can buy into, and it needstime. But most of all, it needs passion! I think we have that passion and I cannot wait to roll up my sleevesand get started. Will you join me? Our Mission, Vision and Values Continued from Page 2  Helifor Continued from Page 1  4 Production Certificate, Columbia Helicopters could conceivably build and sell the massive helicopters tocommercial operators around the world.“Our mission is to be the provider of choice for helicopter operations and maintenance solutions world-wide,” said Mike Fahey, President of Columbia Helicopters. Acquiring the Type Certificates will complimentour ability to serve our maintenance customers in a cost-effective manner, and will significantly streamlineColumbia’s work with vendors and the FAA.”“We operate one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs and facilities in the industry,”added Fahey. “These certificates will significantly enhance our position within the industry.”The Type Certificate transfer ceremony will also celebrate Columbia’s 30 th  Anniversary at the company’sheadquarters in Aurora. The company moved from Swan Island to the current facility in 1976. Since thenthe facility has been expanded several times to accommodate the company’s fleet growth, and its growingoutside maintenance services for both commercial and military customers. CHI Attains 600,000 Flight Hours In Vertol Fleet Columbia Helicopters bought the first of our Boeing Vertol 107-II helicopters in 1969, so it’s taken a few yearsto reach this milestone. However, milestones like this are usu-ally worth the wait.The company’s current active fleet of 14 Vertol 107-IIs re-cently surpassed the 600,000-flight hour milestone with its fleetof Boeing/Kawasaki Vertol 107-II helicopters. The aircraft andcrews accomplished the feat on January 23, 2006, when nineof Columbia’s Vertols were working in California, Oregon, WestVirginia, Canada and New Zealand.The Vertol 107-II is powered by two GE CT58 turbine en-gines. Consequently, Columbia has now surpassed 1.2 millionflight hours with these engines.As a comparison, 600,000 flight hours are the equivalent ofspending 25,000 days, or about 68.5 years in the air.“This is a truly significant milestone for us,” said PresidentMike Fahey. “One of our Vertols is the world’s highest time he-licopter, and this latest benchmark proves that this is one of themost durable helicopters ever made.”“We’ve always said that Boeing designed and built a trulyamazing helicopter,” continued Fahey. “This milestone provesthis statement correct once again.”“We are also very pleased with the reliability and performanceof the GE powerplants,” added Fahey. “Once again, we wouldn’tbe at this point without a very dependable, very well built prod-uct.”“We would like to take this opportunity to salute both Boeingand GE - Aviation for their part in helping us to achieve thismilestone,” finished Fahey.Columbia acquired the first of its fleet of 14 active Vertols in1969, when founder Wes Lematta purchased three aircraft that had been flying for Pan-Am in New York City. Thecompany also owns several inactive Vertols, including six CH-113 Labradors acquired from the Canadian govern-ment late in 2005. Columbia Acquires Two Type Certificates From Boeing Continued from Page 1

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