Column Internals for Distillation and Absorption

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  Column   Internals   for   Distillation   and   Absorption  Staged   Column   Internals ã  Tray    – a   horizontal   plate   which   supports   the   vapor ‐ liquid   mixture   and   serves   as   an   equilibrium   stage. ã  Downcomer – an   opening   in   the   tray   which   allows   the   liquid   to   flow   down   the   column   and   provides   sufficient   volume   and   residence   time   for   the   liquid   to   be   freed   of    entrained   vapor   before   reaching   the   bottom   and   entering   the   next   plate. ã  Weir    – a   vertical   plate   or   “dam”   at   the   downcomer to   provide   a   given   vapor ‐ liquid   mixture   depth   on   the   tray.  Tray   Types ã  Sieve   or   Perforated    – simply   a   tray   with   vapor   holes ã  Bubble   Cap    – a   cap   placed   over   the   tray’s   vapor   holes ã  Valve    – a   valve   placed   over   the   tray’s   vapor   holes  f    Binary   Mixture It is the simplest type of tray,which consists of a metal platewith 3 ‐ 15 mm holes, spaced in aregular pattern. Sieve   Tray
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