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Common Mistakes by Pet Students

Common Mistakes by Cambridge Pet Students
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   Monday, the 17  th   of February 2014: (you write the date in black  but you say the grey parts when say the date)   HOMEWORK   is SINGULAR  ! -   This is  my homework  . -   This piece   of homework  … this is the homework for the next time   PEOPLE   (le persone)  is PLURAL ! -   People go  shopping on Sundays nowadays. MONEY   (il denaro)  is SINGULAR  ! -   Money is  scarce nowadays.   -   People haven’t  got much money .  are more used   more  by adults = PASSIVE  VERB are more expensive than  in Italy = COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVE  Hoping to hearing  from you soon. = Hoping to hear  from you soon Looking forward to   hearing  from you soon. I 'm  go ing  to … there isn’t any  food you have to buy some  beef takeaway   butcher  's   baker  's doctor  ’s dentist ’s  - I’m going to the grocer’s [ shop ] for some eggs - Have you ever been to St Paul’s  [ church ]? - He’s going to the dentist’s  [ surgery ] - He’s at the travel agent’s  [ office ] - We met at Ann's  [ house ] shopping at  the shopping ( center   -  American )  cent re  shopping on at  the shops go  to  the shopping ( center   -  American )  cent re  go  to  the shops Paying  with cash is … - if you start a sentence with an infinitive verb, it’s in the …ing   form So, paying  with cash is … give you a refund they may give you a refund you  may get  a refund both   in  pubs, restaurants, bars, both   as well as in clothes shops, supermarket, baker's and so on  don't repeat yourself house  = a building home = a building with all your love, family  and personal effects  pay with   by  credit card  pay with  cash  pay in  cash pay cash  All 3 are used in the US but '  pay cash ' is most common There are many interpretations of the following point but  I prefer  :   during  the week  – a long period    at the weekend  – more British / a shorter period    on the weekend  – more American There is also ‘weekend  s ’ but my preference is what I feel is more commonly used  . 200 gr.  (grams) I ’ve gone to Chiara’s house.  – I’m not at home now.  I went to Chiara’s house yesterday. credit cards aren’t  very commons  – Pay attention to singulars and plurals you can’t change the things that you have  bought during the sales    –     Make sure you use the simple past when the period the action took place is completely finished! I would like to tell her that  – tell another girl / NOT TELL ‘YOU’ (a person of respect/politely)  I would like to tell you  – tell you is for both friends and people you respect (older people / teachers etc.)   a medical visit check-up  – NOT a medical ‘VISIT’  Monday, the 24 th   of February 2014: (you write the date in black  but you say the grey parts when say the date)   this is the homework for the next time   Here   are   is  my homework  for this Friday. – HOMEWORK IS SINGULAR!   I'm not sure I did them   it   (my homework) right..I didn't know how to organize them it . see you tomorrow! Here is  my homework for tomorrow, I did an error  =  I made a mistake   I think I'm not coming because on Saturday I have a text   test  in class. Good afternoon, here are   is  my homework  for the PET lesson. sorry for the late   =  sorry for BEING LATE   I send   I ! m sendin   ou m homework = I ! m sendin   ou m homework  I hope to have understand   understood  how to do all everything   = I hope to have understood how to do everything . if in England   it   is  the same - REMEMBER the PRONOUN!! a week from when  you’ ve    bought it = a week from when you bought it  there   was n’t   were n’t   any sales . = there   were n’t   any sales . to buy two pieces of meat s = two pieces of meat  – meat is uncountable common between   among young people  – between TWO  things / among MANY   things ã   A packet of rolls of   toilet paper rolls   = a packet of toilet paper rolls   ã   Some rolls of toilet paper    –    it’s better to avoid expressions like ‘  of rolls of  ’ ã   Chemist ry ;  – CHEMISTRY is a school subject!   ã   Chemist  or ã   Chemist’s I recommend you   to go  to = I recommend you   go to I suggest you   to   go  to = I suggest you go  to There are two ways to use “to recommend ” or “to suggest ”: 1) He recommended   the Metropolitan Museum   to   me . Or 2) He   recommended   (that)   I   (should)   go   to   the Metropolitan Museum .   So it is: Subject + recommended  + object  + to  + pronoun   Or Subject  + recommended  + (that)  + pronoun  + (should)  + infinitive verb  etc. - (that) & (should) are usually omitted    I   recommend    you   go   to …  - ('  go'   is in the present subjunctive   ) I   suggest    you   go   to …  - ('  go'   is in the present subjunctive   )    if they’re more   than over  18 years old  = if they’re over  18 In regard to   Regarding the refund the  shops don’t always give you a refund - shops  in general / the shops  in my street = specific the  young people    –  young people  in general / the young people  in my class = specific   they give you an other good s in exchange = other good s in exchange  but in general you’  re  not refund ed .  these this   information   INFORMATION  is SINGULAR  ! -   This information is … -   This piece   of information … Hear from  you soon! In front of   = directly in front Opposite  = on the other side Opposite your (home)   house  – home  includes your love, personal possessions, feelings   Opposite your house  – in this case we are speaking about A HOUSE –THE  BUILDING   ITSELF    you can cho o se a big various   great variety of products they pay with their pocket money  – many things are personalized in English:   -   This is  my  homework . -   I pay with my   pocket money -   My  leg hurts. for   to have breakfast    – FOR is physically FOR YOU = This book is for  you.   -   when you mean ‘per: con lo scopo di fare’ you have to use TO = We went out to have breakfast  . Can I use your mobile for  to make  a call? Can I borrow your diary   to copy  down the homework? I go swimming  to straighten  my back. I borrowed   £10 to buy  a computer game. salam e salami The word salami  , in English, is the plural form of the Italian  salame  ; it is indifferently used as a singular or plural word in English for cured meats. 1 pizza 2 pizzas five loa fs   loaves  of bread  – IRREGULAR PLURAL:
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