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  McGill University School of Computer Science   Course Outline Course Name :Introduction to Software SystemsCOMP-206 Fall 200 Instructor :!oseph y#ihal Contact Information : Office:$%&MC '2'Office (ours:)hursday* +:00-6:00 ,or #y appointment Monday* :00-2:00 ,in )rottier ' rd  floor la#s - loo. for me$mail: /se the e#C) email tool $mer1encies or non-course related:  3y#ihal4cs5mc1ill5ca  Course Objectives : , COMP-206 is a '-credit full semester course in Software e3elopment under the /%I7 en3ironment5 It is offered in #oth the fall and winter semesters* and is a re8uired course for students in many of our de1ree pro1rams5 It pro3ides a #rief #ut comprehensi3e introduction to and o3er3iew of the C pro1rammin1 lan1ua1e and how to use it with the /%I7 en3ironment to #uild software5 ,2 )his is not only a course on how to pro1ram in C and use /ni95 )his course focuses on software systems5 nd this relates to how differin1 software* lan1ua1es and en3ironments can #e inte1rated to wor. to1ether5 In this li1ht the course also teaches pro1rammin1 in Python* ()M; < C&I5 ,' )he attempt will #e to inte1rate C* Python* ()M; and /ni9 Shell pro1rammin1 into a sin1le application solution== ,> COMP 206 sets the sta1e for follow-on courses* COMP-2?' and COMP-'05,+ )his course also 1i3es the student software mana1ement s.ills in the form of the &%/ tool set5 Course Description :Comprehensi3e o3er3iew of pro1rammin1 in C* use of system calls and li#raries* de#u11in1 and testin1 of code@ use of de3elopment tools li.e ma.e and 3ersion control systems5 Texts : Primary Text:  - Software Systems@ y#ihal < Aar@ (endallB(unt@ IS% D?E-0-?+?+-+?2?-D upplementary Texts : - &%/ Software@ ;ou.sides < Oram@ OGeilly@ IS% +6+D22? ,free on we# ! ri3e into Python@ Mar. Pil1rim@ press@ IS% +D0+D'+6 ,free on we# - !ust $nou1h /ni9@ P5H5 nderson@ Mc&raw (ill@ IS% 06D?'?26- C Pro1rammin1 ;an1ua1e@ Herni1han < Gitchie@ Prentice-(all@ IS% 0'06'' valuation :ssi1nments'0+ ssi1nmentsMidterm $9am20ednesday* Octo#er 2?* 200 ,in classFinal $9am+0) Tutorials : 2 Sessions ,midterm and final e9ams #abs : > Sessions ,/ni9* ash* C* ()M;BC&I* and Python   Jou will #e notified in ad3ance of assi1nment due dates5 ll assi1nments are due on e#C) at the indicated time and date5 ;ate assi1nments will lose + of its 1rade per day late5 ssi1nments #eyond 2 days late will not #e accepted5 Jou may not su#mit assi1nments 3ia e-mail without the permission of the instructor5Students are responsi#le for all materials for the tests and e9ams* whether or not it is co3ered in class5 $9ams will #e a com#ination of all types of 8uestions #ased on all sources* and students may #e re8uired to inte1rate theoretical concepts from the te9t to su#stantiate their ar1uments5 %o ma.e-up tests or ma.e-up assi1nments are allowed in this course5  supplemental e9am is possi#le for +0 of the 1rade ,to replace your final e9am5If you are not satisfied with the 1radin1 of an assi1nment or mid-term test* you may re8uest a re3iew within ? days of return5 Indicate in writin1 or durin1 a meetin1 with the instructor where and why you feel the mar.s are unustified and 1i3e it #ac. to your instructor for re-1radin15 %ote that the entire assi1nment or mid-term test will #e re-1raded and your 1rade can 1o up or down ,or stay the same accordin1ly5 Course $e%uirements : Students will already ha3e ta.en a pro1rammin1 course li.e COMP-202 #efore  participatin1 in this course5 ith this in mind* pro1rammin1 will #e #ris. usin1 all the ad3anced features present in C and /%I7 for de3elopin1 software5 )he pre-re8uisite for this course is COMP-202 or COMP-2+05 Calculators Only non-pro1ramma#le* no-tape* noiseless calculators are permitted5 Calculators capa#le of storin1 te9t are not permitted in tests and e9aminations5  Dictionaries ictionaries are not permitted* #ut translation dictionaries are5  Handheld Devices (andheld de3ices capa#le of storin1 te9t and ha3in1 calculator functionality ,e515 Palm* etc5 are not permitted5 &''itional Information:  )he course slides are not meant as a complete set of notes or a su#stitute for a te9t#oo.* #ut simply constitute the focus of the lecture5 Important 1aps are left in the slides that are filled in durin1 class* thus l ecture attendance should #e considered essential5)he material co3ered in the classroom will #e used to supplement te9t#oo. readin1s5 $3ery chapter should #e read twice5 )he first readin1 should #e done prior to attendin1 class and the second readin1 should #e done after the class discussion of the chapter5 )he 8uestions at the #ac. of each chapter follow directly from the readin15 Students should #e a#le to answer these 8uestions after a thorou1h readin1 of the material5 &ca'emic Inte(rity:  Code of Student Conduct  Mc&ill /ni3ersity 3alues academic inte1rity5 )herefore all students must understand the meanin1 and conse8uences of cheatin1* pla1iarism and other academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and isciplinary Procedures ,see  for more information5 2  ;Kuni3ersitL Mc&ill attache une haute importance  lKhonnNtetL acadLmi8ue5 Il incom#e par consL8uent  tous les Ltudiants de comprendre ce 8ue lKon entend par tricherie* pla1iat et autres infractions acadLmi8ues* ainsi 8ue les consL8uences 8ue  peu3ent a3oir de telles actions* selon le Code de conduite de lKLtudiant et des  procLdures disciplinaires ,pour de plus amples resei1nements* 3euilleA consulter le site   5 $i()t to submit in n(lis) or *renc) +ritten +or, t)at is to be (ra'e' In accord with Mc&ill /ni3ersitys Charter of Students Gi1hts* students in this course ha3e the ri1ht to su#mit in $n1lish or in French any written wor. that is to #e 1raded5 *inal xam Policy :  Regulations Students should not ma.e other commitments durin1 the final e9am period5 acation  plans do not constitute 3alid 1rounds for the deferral or the reschedulin1 of e9aminations5 See the Centre Calendar for the re1ulations 1o3ernin1 $9aminations: http:BBwww5mc1ill5caBstudent-recordsBe9amsBre1ulationsB Students are re8uired to present their I55 Card ,with photo for entrance to their e9amination5 Conflicts If you are una#le to write your final e9amination due to schedulin1 conflicts* you must su#mit a Final $9am Conflict Form with supportin1 documentation at least one mont)  #efore the start of the final e9amination period5 ;ate su#missions will not #e accepted5 For details* seehttp:BBwww5mc1ill5caBstudent-recordsBe9amsBconflictsB   Exam Timetable $9amination schedules are posted at the Centre and on the followin1 pa1e appro9imately 6-E wee.s #efore the e9amination period commences http:BBwww5mc1ill5caBstudent-recordsBe9amsB )he Centre cannot pro3ide e9amination dates o3er the telephone5 Classroom $ules :ll electronic de3ices ,cell phones and #eepers must #e turned off or left on silent mode durin1 class time5 &ssi(nments Pic,up :ll assi1nments are su#mitted to and pic.ed-up from e#C)5 mail Policy :$-mail is one of the official means of communication #etween Mc&ill /ni3ersity and its students5 s with all official /ni3ersity communications* it is the studentKs responsi#ility to ensure that time-critical e-mail is accessed* read* and acted upon in a timely fashion5 If a student chooses to forward /ni3ersity e-mail to another e-mail mail#o9* it is that studentKs responsi#ility to ensure that the alternate account is 3ia#le5Please note that to protect the pri3acy of the students* the /ni3ersity will only reply to the students on their Mc&ill e-mail account5 Computin( $esources: )rottier ' rd  floor5 tu'ents $i()ts an' $esponsibilities: Ge1ulations and policies 1o3ernin1 students at Mc&ill /ni3ersity can #e downloaded from the we#site:  http:BBwww5mc1ill5caBdeanofstudentsBri1htsB'  tu'ents ervices an' $esources: arious ser3ices and resources* such as email access** li#rary access* etc5* are a3aila#le to students:  http:BBwww5mc1ill5caBstundet-records Minerva for tu'ents: http:BBwww5mc1ill5caBminer3a-studentsB   Note :In the e3ent of e9traordinary circumstances #eyond the /ni3ersitys control* the content andBor e3aluation scheme in this course is su#ect to chan1e5 Detaile' Course Outline:   - .TOPIC$ &DING-O$.  SOF)G$ SJS)$MS, Introduction to Software Systems: Pro1rams* Operatin1 Systems* Gun-time en3ironments5 , )he Internet as a software system,C Inter-process communication < ser3ers < li#rariesO3erheads and e-handoutsSS Ch 52* 25)($ /%I7 $% IGO%M$%)2Introduction to the /ni9 operatin1 system: architecture* editors < commands5!$/ Part 2-> SS Instant - ;a#   /sin1 /%I7- ssi1nment '/ni9 Shell Script Pro1rammin1: ash < ;o1in!$/ Part ?* E)($ C PGO&GMMI%& ;%&/&$>)he C Pro1rammin1 ;an1ua1e < Compilin1C Ch   >&%/ >SS Instant 2- ;a#   Pro1rammin1 in C - ssi1nment 2+C pro1rammin1 ;an1ua1e < ;i#rariesC Ch +* 6&%/ +* SS Ch 5'6d3anced C Pro1rammin1: for.in1 a process* operatin1 system li#raries5C Ch ?* E&%/ +SS Ch 252ssi1nment '?&%/ )ools: GCS ,Proect Mana1ement and Ma.e Files and &5&%/ Ch ?* E SS Ch 'EGe3iew < Misc5 Mi'term xam / Tutorials $ PGO&GMMI%&D()M; < C&I Pro1rammin1,with some CSS* 7()M; and 7M;(andouts < SS Ch 25'- ;a# C  Pro1rammin1 ()M;- ssi1nment >0C and ash with C&ISS Instant >Introduction to P(J)(O% Pro1rammin1 < PJ)(O% C&I Pro1rammin1PJ)( SS Instant >;a#   Pro1rammin1 PJ)(O%- ssi1nment +2PJ)(O% Pro1rammin1 < PJ()O% o#ectsPJ)( 2* '* >'Some ad3anced PJ)(O% concepts ,if time  permitsPJ)( +* 6* ?Possi#le P(P InterludePossi#le Python Q C Interlude>
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