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  INVESTMENT BD2043 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY  Carlsberg is one of !e larges bre er# $o%&anies in !e orl'( &resen in abo) *+ $o)nries. T!e !ea',)arers are in -alb#( Den%ar. T!e $o%&an#/s %ain bran' is Carlsberg Beer( b) i also bre s T)borg as ell as lo$al beers. Carlsberg be$a%e !e *! larges bre er# gro)& in !e orl'( an' no e%&lo#s aro)n' 01(+++ &eo&le. T!e !isor# of Carlsberg is a sor# abo) bre ing ,)ali# beer an' !e &eo&le !o %a'e i &ossible.  all began in Co&en!agen in 1234. Carlsberg/s fo)n'er 5.C. 5a$obsen sare' !e beer &ro')$ion in !e firs Carlsberg bre er# &lan( o'a# no as !e Ol' Carlsberg Bre er#. n 122+ Carl 5a$obsen( !e son of !e fo)n'er( esablis!e' !is o n bre er#( Carlsberg( fa%o)s for is n)%ero)s ar$!ie$)ral 'eails an' 'e$oraions. 6in$e !e esablis!%en of !e Carlsberg Fo)n'aion in 1247 b# 5. C. 5a$obsen( Carlsberg !as ai%e' o &ro%oe or!# $a)ses s)$! as s$ienifi$ resear$! an' !e ars !ro)g! o)r fo)r fo)n'aions. Carlsberg/s &ri%ar# fo$)s is !e &ro')$ion( sale an' %areing of beer( i! se$on'ar# a$i8iies in sof 'rin an' aer &ro')$ion. Carlsberg/s !ree e# %ares are 9esern E)ro&e( Easern E)ro&e an' Asia. Carlsberg ans o be$o%e %are lea'er in all %ares an' %are seg%ens !ere i o&eraes b# esablis!ing %a:ori# s!are!ol'ings or &arners!i&s. T!e s)$$ess of Carlsberg Mala#sia is refle$e' in a series of ne in8es%ens of &lan an' e,)i&%en o in$rease !e &ro')$ion $a&a$i#. More  INVESTMENT BD2043 !an RM1++ %illion !as been in8ese' on !e e;&ansion of !e bre er# o8er !e las 3 #ears( %aing i one of !e %os e$!nologi$all# a'8an$e' in !e region. Carlsberg/s srong &orfolio of global( regional an' naional beer bran's a&&eals o a broa' 'i8ersi# of ases( &ersonaliies an' lifes#les an' ens)res gro ! in all seg%ens of !e beer %are. T!e &orfolio is $onsanl# sreng!ene' !ro)g! a $lear bran'ing sraeg#( i! !e Carlsberg bran' as !e lea'ing inernaional &re%i)% beer.   O!er A$i8iies of Carlsberg is also in8ol8e' in !e $o%%er$ialisaion of res)ls of basi$ s$ienifi$ resear$!( s&e$iall# i!in bioe$!nolog# $arrie' o) a !e Carlsberg Resear$! Cenre. F)r!er%ore( Carlsberg $onin)es is effors o 'e8elo& !e large &ro&er# &ro:e$s for in')sr# an' !o)sing a !e for%er bre er# sies( T)borg Nor' an' T)borg 6#' i! !ig!l# ara$i8e lo$aions o !e nor! of Co&en!agen. n a''iion( Carlsberg !an'les !e a'%inisraion of !e T)borg Fo)n'aion an'!e Carlsberg Be,)es o !e Me%or# of Bre er 5.C. 5a$obsen. 1.< M6ON AND -6ON  INVESTMENT BD2043 Carlsberg is a '#na%i$( inernaional &ro8i'er of beer an' be8erage bran's( bringing &eo&le oge!er an' a''ing o !e en:o#%en of life. Carlsberg/s o8erall 8ision is o b)il'(  Probably the best beer company in the world.   O)r bran's ill be !e $ons)%ers/ firs $!oi$e( an' e ill lea' !e in')sr# in &rofiabili# an' gro ! !ro)g! a $)l)re of ,)ali#( inno8aion an' $onin)o)s i%&ro8e%en .  MISION VISION   -A=UE  INVESTMENT BD2043 Innovative  in fin'ing !e a#s9e $reae e;$ie%en a%ong $ons)%ers( $)so%ers an' e%&lo#ees. Ambitious !en seing arges9e are 'aring !en &)s!ing for res)ls Responsible  in o)r a$ions9e 8al)e srong relaions!i&s i! $ons)%ers( $)so%ers( e%&lo#ees an' &arners. Honest  in o)r a&&roa$!9e are &ro)' of o)r $o%&an# an' r)s or!# in !a e 'o.  1.0 ORGAN6ATON CHART

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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