Comparative Ratio Analysis of Britannia and Cadburymustafa

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  1 INDEX   CHAPTER NO. PARTICULARS PAGE NO. 1 INTRODUCTION 04 2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 05 3 COMPANY PROFILE 06 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 08 5 UNDERSTANDING THEROTICAL FRAMEWORK 10 6 DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 14 7 OBSERVATION AND FINDINGS 18 8 SUGGESTION & CONCLUSIONS 19 9 LIMITATIONS 20 10 BIBLIOGRAGHY 21  2 INTRODUCTION This project report covers all the aspects relating to the PROFITABILITY ratios of BRITANNIA and CADBURY INDIA LTD interpreted according to standards. This project was done with the help of secondary data as research in finance subjects is done on performance and not potential. The project selected by me is to do comparative PROFITABILITY ratio analysis for the above mentioned two companies using various financial statements. The main intention was to group or regroup the various figures and information appearing on the financial statement (either  profitability statement or balance sheet or both) to draw the fruitful conclusions there from. I found that by comparing PROFITABILITY ratios of both the companies unveils why one company is more efficient in its activity as compared to the other. PROFITABILITY ratios are valuable as they depict how are you utilizing and managing your resources. All and all it was a good experience doing this project and will be of great help to me in future.  3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY    To identify the comparative financial strengths and weakness of Britannia industries and Cadbury india Ltd.    Through the net profit ratio and other profitability ratio, understand the profitability  position of the company.    To know the liquidity position of the company, with the help of Current ratio. To find out the utility of financial ratio in credit analysis and determining the financial capability of the firm.  4 COMPANY PROFILE   BRITANNIA Britannia was incorporated in 1918 as Britannia Biscuits Co LTD in Calcutta. In 1924, Pea Frean UK acquired a controlling stake, which later passed on to the Associated Biscuits International (ABI) an UK based company. During the 50’s and 60’s, Britannia expanded operations to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. In 1989, J M Pillai, a Singapore based NRI  businessman along with the Group Danone acquired Asian operations of Nabisco, thus acquiring controlling stake in Britannia. Later, Group Danone and Nusli Wadia took over Pillai’s holdings.  Britannia Industries Limited (Britannia) is one of the largest biscuit manufacturing companies in India. The company is engaged in the manufacture of biscuits, rusks, cookies and cakes. Britannia operates in a single segment, foods including bakery products such as biscuits,  bread, cakes, rusk, and dairy products. The company is headquarted in Kolkata, India and employs 2,358 people Global Markets Direct, the leading business information provider, presents an in-depth business, strategic and financial analysis of Britannia Industries Ltd. The report provides a comprehensive insight into the company, including business structure and operations, executive biographies and key competitors. The hallmark of the report is the detailed strategic analysis and Global Markets Direct’s views on the company.  Britannia's plants are located in the 4 major metro cities  –   Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. A large part of products arealso outsourced from third party producers. Dairy products are outsourced from three producers - Dynamic Dairy based in Baramati, Maharashtra, and Modern Dairy at Karnal in Haryana and Thacker Dairy Products at Howrah in West Bengal.
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