Compensation of Corporate Indian CEOs

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  compensation of corporate Indian CEOs a comparative study by Randstad Executive Search  methodology ‘Compensation of Corporate Indian CEOs’, a comparative study was done by Randstad Executive Search to provide insights into the current trend of salaries among CEOs. This study is across US, Europe and India.The companies that form the BSE 100 (for India), FT100 (for Europe) and S&P 100 (for US) indices (as of 20th Aug, 2012) have been used as a basis for the study as they are from a cross-section of industries and together act as the bellweather of industry performance. To standardize, only compensation figures of CEOs were considered (excluding any long term benefits like stock options etc). Indian Public sector data was not considered while comparing with US and European data, to avoid skew in findings. The compensation figures have been compared in Indian Rupees (as common currency) used for study after applying a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) conversion factor of 20.224* for USD salaries.The research data has been extracted from secondary sources available in the public domain and none of the companies from BSE, FT or S&P were contacted for additional information. Approximations have been done wherever data was unavailable. Information for a few fields were not available, but that does not impact the results of the study in a big way. Key fields for which data was collected were: salaries of current CEOs, industry type, industry classification, age, Promoter CEO, and Professional CEO. Industry classification of companies researched Consumer Goods FMCG and Consumer products Energy & Infrastructure Energy, Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Housing Related Finance Banking, Financial Services and Insurance ICT Information Technology, Telecom and Communications Manufacturing Auto, Pharmaceuticals, Metals & Mining, Aerospace & Defense Others Retail, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Transport and Logistics *PPP conversion factor source: statistics/India/Implied_PPP_Conversion_Rate/#otheryears  The average salary of corporate India CEOs is INR 6.3 Crores   It is 45% and 21% lesser when compared to US and European CEOs. The gap in the average salary is highest for the ICT, Finance and Others* segment closely followed by Consumer Goods In the Manufacturing and Energy & Infrastructure segments, the compensation of Indian CEOs is on par with the European CEOs. This is due to the higher concentration of promoter CEOs in these two segments. INR CroresINR CroresINR Crores Segment Compared to US Compared to EUROPE Consumer Goods -54% -46%Energy & Infrastructure -40% 0%Finance -58% -60%ICT -60% -55% Manufacturing -37% -4% Others -60% -30% All figures in INR Crores EuropeUSIndia 12.413.811.*Retail, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare etc.,.  Indian CEOs from the manufacturing segment earn the highest with INR 8.7 Crores, followed by CEOs from Consumer Goods with INR 5.6 Crores The consumer goods segment in India is purely run by professional CEOs and the average compensation in this segment is highest when promoter CEO salaries are removed across segments. Private Sector CEOs are compensated 21 times more than the Public Sector CEOs With an average salary of INR 6.3 Crores, Private Sector CEOs are compensated far better than their Public Sector counterparts, who earn an average compensation of INR 0.3 Crores. The salaries of public sector CEOs do not include benefits and perquisites provided to them by the companies. Private SectorConsumer Goods Energy & Infrastructure Finance ICTManufacturing Others Public Sector6. Average Salary in INR Crores Salaries across segments


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