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  COMPUTER SOFTWARE  WHAT IS SOFTWARE ã SOFTWARE is a completely executable program. ã Software, simply are the computer programs. The instructions given to the computer in the form of a program is called Software. All the programs used in computer to perform specific task is called Software.  Two type of programming language ã Low level language: the language that is made by computer in form of 0 & 1 is known as low level language or machine language. Machine code is low level because it runs directly on the processor. ã High level language: the computer language that is made of command in common language like English that can be easily read, written & maintained by human is known as high level language. These program must be translated into machine language for processing inside a computer. This translation is done using compiler or interpreter.  Different Programming Language ã C: ‘C’ was developed in 1970’s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell laboratories (now AT & T). ‘C’ is a procedural programming language. ã C++ : C++ is object oriented implementation of ‘C’. ã JAVA: JAVA is an object oriented programming language which is used for creating cross platform programs. ã SQL: the structured query language is a database paradigm language that enables one to create and operate on relation database.


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