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  Comunicarea academica (Academic Writing) – general overview of topics and notes Course paper Diploma paper Conference participation – adnotare, PPT/oral presentation Choice of Topic. Narrowing down the topics. Deciding on the empirical material – selecting sources/volume and identifing e!amples. tructure standards – naming all elements. tructure : theoretical and practical chapter (50%-50%, 60%-40%). Table of ContentsGlossary (ey ter!s, rele ance#alphabetical order, $5) ã &ntrod'ction o Chapter &  theoretical o Chapter &&  practical (abt 0-50 e*a!ples analysed) N#  concl'sion- +ini-concl'sions for each chapter. ã iblioraphyCorp's in'istics  eep it for the graduation thesis/paper  (GrTh) $ntroduction -area#/eld of research (hich /eld of lin'istics)-s'b1ect of st'dy: research !aterial-rele ance-hypothesis (for GrTh)-oal (lobal for the entire GrTh)  -ob1ecti es (-2 theoretical, -2 practical)-!ethods and tools#techni3'es of research (in detail)-str'ct're of the GrTh (only in GrTh)-for!attin criteria Collecting %i%liograph. Cons'ltin the library. rinin so'rce titles.6 act'al paes (2-2, 6-0)  entire thesis (only ChCh)&nitial reference for!attin  (Galperin, : 46)7inal reference for!attin  859 46 &lanning Chapter $ ;ct'al or in class only on .. <'otin: => direct and only indirect  references. ; oidin plaiari?in. @'!!arisin and paraphrasin. Aararaph#topic sentence. &lanning Chapter $$ Classifyin e*a!ples. A'ttin the! into sche!es, charts, ill'strations.&ll'stration -B co!!ento to co!!ent: characteristic and non-characteristic feat'res, fre3'ency of occ'rrence,  !ost typical e*-s,  least typical. o to concl'de on the practical chapter: hat is the !ost characteristic feat're 7inal concl'sion:  pararaph   pae 'inal editing   title pae, p'nct'ation, 'sin +@ Dord. Eni ersity ect'rer, @enior Eni ersity ect'rer, ;ssociate Arofessor. 7irst title, then na!e.2 rd  year st'dent, ro'p ---, st'dent /rst na!e, last na!e  Dritin an abstract. Fey ele!ents of an abstract. aing a &&T presentation.  Dhat is a ood slide. *esult of the course+ drafting the course paper. Genres in academic writing Your first decision when faced with a new piece of academic writing is to decide which genre family you are expected to write.1.Essays2.Reports3.Case Studies4.Research proposals.!oo re#iews$.!rief research reports%.&iterature re#iews'.Reflecti#e writing(.)ntroductions1*.Research methods11.Research results12.Research discussions13.+riting conclusions14.Research a,stracts1.Research dissertations - thesesn research conducted ,etween 2**4 and 2**% /ilary 0esi and Sheena ardner 0esi - ardner 2*12 at the ni#ersity of Co#entry proposed fi#e purposes for student writing in higher education.Students might write to show that5  a.they are aware of and undestand the latest nowledge in their su,6ect area7,.they can argue a particular point of #iew ma ing use of different inds of e#idence7c.they can plan and carry out researchd.they are ready for employment in a particular profession7e.they can reflect on how they and other people feel and thin .0esi - ardner call these purposes5a.8emonstrating 9nowledge - nderstanding 89,.8e#eloping :owers of )ndependent Reasoning 8:)Rc.!uilding Research S ills !RSd.:reparing for :rofessional :ractice :::e.+riting for ;neself and ;thers +;;8ecide which of these purposes is yours for a specific piece of wor . o ,ac to your ,rief or <uestion if necessary.;nce you ha#e chosen the primary purpose of your writing you can narrow that down to the genre family re<uired.0esi - ardner di#ide the primary purposes up in the following way5 Primary PurposeGenre Family 8emonstrating 9nowledge - nderstandingExplanationsExercises8e#eloping :owers of )ndependent ReasoningEssaysCriti<ues!uilding Research S ills&iterature Sur#eys=ethodology RecountsResearch Reports:reparing for :rofessional :racticeCase Studies8esign Specifications:ro,lem >uestions:roposals+riting for ;neself and ;thersE#ent Recounts:u,lic Engagement
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