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    Coaching & Performance Conference Friday 28 th  - Sunday 30 th  November The Brooks Macdonald Coaching & Performance Conference organised by the Guernsey Sports Commission is confirmed to be taking place Friday 28 th  - Sunday 30 th  November here in Guernsey.This is the third conference of its kind and will provide local coaches, athletes and their parents with an even wider range of workshops than offered previously with an increased level of expertise. The conference is open to anybody with an interest in young people, sport, performance, learning and improvement in any sphere of life.On Friday evening at St. Sampson’s High School a series of keynote speeches will kickstart the weekend and will be headlined by Professor Vincent Walsh of University College London. Over Saturday and Sunday a team of specialists from the world of professional and international sport will join local speakers to provide a wide range of impactful workshops. Vincent Walsh is Professor of Human Brain Research at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. He has specialised in human brain stimulation, perception and learning and has published seminal papers on real world problems such as dyslexia, mathematical learning, brain damage, sleep and plasticity in the adult brain. He has published over 300 papers and has been awarded a Royal Society Industry Research Fellowship to apply his knowledge in the medical and industrial sectors. He works as a psychological and neuroscience advisor with UK Sport, Team GB Sailing, Team GB Canoeing, Team GB Fencing, Team GB Gymnastics, the RFU, England Netball, GSK Human Performance Lab and has worked with many others including BP, Google, Selfridges, SAB Miller, the BBC, and the Royal Academy of Music.   He says, I like the move out of the lab and into daily life. It's a different challenge: either things work or they don't work, there's no hiding behind theories or unpublished experiments and I like the imperative to deliver something that can be used. His most recent   educational   role is as the Health and Environment Pathway Leader for the UCL BASc degree. Within three years this has become the largest humanities degree in UCL and it is leading the way in rethinking the purpose of university education in the UK. Of all his work, this is the most important and he believes will be   the work with the   longest lasting impact. Speakers on Friday evening include: Integrating Sport Science Tim Newenham The Neuroscience of Sport Vince Walsh 7 Marathons in 7 Days Warren Mauger & Philip Smith Observations of an Outsider Nic Pothas Guiding notes for the conference Jeremy Frith   Booking form for the Keynote speeches and workshops over the weekend can be found inside this booklet. Fill it in and submit it to the Sports Commission to reserve your space at the conference.   #   G  S  C  c  o  n  f   e  r  e  n  c  e   Further details about the conference and presenter profiles can be found at   £  3  0   p  e  r   p  e  r  s  o  n   i  n  c .   r  e  s  o  u  r  c  e  s  1| Developing Grit — Jon Rhodes:  What makes a mentally tough and successful individual in any domain? Jon Rhodes will seek to explain how grit is developed building on the work of Angela Lee Duckworth and sharing his findings of research across the experiences of England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup winning squad, highly relevant to athletes, coaches, parents and teachers.2 | Developing Teams (children, adolescents and adults) — Amanda Wilding:  Suitable for team and individual sports Amanda will provide insight in to the development of young people in groups that will help participants to be more effective in building cohesive teams of young people at all ages. 3 | An Introduction to Mindset — Jeremy Frith:  Based on the work of Carol Dweck and the latest application of her work, this workshop will develop participants’ self-awareness and support them identifying the root causes of behavioural barriers to success providing some simple and effective interventions.4 | Strength Through Maximum Range — Tim Newenham:  A practical session that will give coaches an understanding of how to tailor some very basic exercises specifically for their sport to develop strength that underpins technique and performance.5 | Focus on What Matters — Tim Newenham:  To ensure we invest our time and resources in the right areas we need to understand where the biggest gains can be made. Tim will outline a process used at the highest levels of international sport designed to align resources, focus and gain agreement between all stakeholders in either team or individual performance.6 | Leadership and Mentoring of Young People in Sport — Steve Melbourne:  This workshop will give participants an increased understanding as to how they can lead and develop young people in sport to achieve more as individuals and as collective groups.7 | Working with Clubs and Committees Through Change — Steve Melbourne:  A practical guide looking at overcoming the challenges faced by committees and clubs within sport. Participants will benefit from Steve’s experience in change management within sport and the armed services.8 | Core Training for Sport —Andy Perkins:  Take away the confusion of core training and move far beyond sit ups and crunches to gain a better understanding of how the core works and how you can best condition your core for sport for increased sports performance whilst also reducing your risk of injury. 9| Inclusive Coaching — Alexis Major:  This workshop will identify simple strategies and methods for including people with disability into mainstream activity and be highly relevant for coaches and teachers.10 | Physical Development — Gareth Corbett:  This workshop will help coaches, athletes and parents understand the physiological development of young people and how this impacts on their training and competition loads.11 | Maximising Learning and Improvement — Liz Bott, Rachel Sykes and Jim Walton:  This workshop will give coaches an understanding of some very simple practices that will increase player / athlete learning within sessions. Adapted from Education it will give coaches an understanding of which coaching skills impact greatest on learning.12 | Nutrition for Competition — Alex Kosmas:  A combination of theory and easy to apply tips,this workshop helps participants understand how to adjust their diet to meet the demands of competition. 13 |  Games to Engage & Develop — PE in Schools Team:  For individuals looking to expand their repertoire of games that will engage and develop young people in sport. Participants will get a greater understanding of practical modifications that they can make to their coaching practice to further increase children’s enjoyment of sport. 14 | Performance Analysis for Individual and Team Sports — Dr. Casey Lee:  Split in to two separate workshops the sessions will support coaches with ideas and practical tools to develop their capability to analyse the performance and improvement of those they work with. 15 | Teaching Games for Understanding — Tom Eisenhuth:  A concept developed by Rod Thorpe at Loughborough University the workshop will support coaches looking to increase players learning of sport technically, tactically, physically and psychologically through a game based approach. 16 | Guiding Athletes Through Injury — Dr. Steve Evans and Dan Guillemette:  Designed to give athletes, parents and coaches a better understanding of how the diagnosis of recovery from injury can be supported effectively in Guernsey. Participants will get some simple tips to impact on the physical and mental rehabilitation from injury.17 | Creating Action…What’s Next? —Various presenters:  An opportunity to find out more about a yearlong programme feeding in to the 2015 conference. This series of workshops is designed to encompass all areas delivered during the 2014 conference. The workshops will explore how coaches can apply and measure the impact of the learning at the conference and improve the performance of their sport and their athletes. For those interested practical support will be provided from experts in their field throughout the year to help deliver a positive change.  Friday Keynote Speeches - St. Sampson’s High School 6:00-8:00 Keynote speeches Saturday Workshops - Footes Lane (Locations TBC in confirmation) 10:30-12:00 Strength Through Maximum Range (4)  – Tim NewenhamLeadership and Mentoring of Young People in Sport (6)  – Steve MelbourneAn Introduction to Mindset (3) – Jeremy FrithMaximising Learning and Improvement (11)  – Liz Bott, Rachel Sykes, Jim Walton 12:30-14:00 Core Training for Sport (8) – Andy PerkinsPerformance Analysis (Individual sports) (14) – Dr. Casey LeeNutrition for Competition (12)  – Alex Kosmas 14:30-16:00 Physical Development (10)  – Gareth CorbettDeveloping Teams (Children) (2)  – Amanda Wilding Games to Engage and Develop (13) – PE in Schools Team Sunday Workshops - St. Sampson’s High School (Locations TBC) 10:30 – 12:00 Performance Analysis (Team Sports) (14) – Dr. Casey LeeTeaching Games for Understanding (15) – Tom EisenhuthDeveloping Grit (1) – Jon RhodesWorking with Clubs and Committees Through Change (7)  – Steve Melbourne 12:30-14:00 Developing Teams (Adolescents & Adults) (2) – Amanda WildingFocussing on What Matters (5) – Tim NewenhamGuiding Athletes Through Injury (16) – Dr. Steve Evans and Dan GuillemetteInclusive Coaching (9)  – Alexis Major 14:30-16:00 Creating Action… What’s Next? (17)Teaching Games for Understanding – Tom EisenhuthMindset and Grit – Jeremy Frith, Rachel Sykes & Jon RhodesCoaching Style  – Tim NewenhamPerformance Analysis – Dr. Casey Lee, Conor OsbroughPhysical Development – Gareth Corbett  Booking Form Name: _________________________________________Sport: __________________________________________Email: __________________________________________ Tick this box if you do NOT want to receive our electronic newsletter: Phone Number: __________________________________ Please indicate how you heard about our Coaching & Performance Conference? (Tick all that apply) School Word of Mouth In Person Leaflet Website Email Twitter Facebook Newsletter Please tick how you would like your confirmationVia post Via email Postal address (if you would like confirmation posted): ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please email your booking form to:   Otherwise post it to:  Coaching & Performance Conference, Guernsey Sports Commission, Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, Amherst, St. Peter Port, GY1 2DL Payment to accompany booking form - £30 - cheques made payable to the ‘Guernsey Sports Commission’.


Jul 23, 2017
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