Container Yard Managment

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  • 1. YourTurn-KeySolutionProvider Identification . Data Collection . Report Generation . Analyses / web: Container Yard Management Concept Presentation
  • 2. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (FPS) is a young company with the vision and focus towards Innovation / R&D and Automation sectors. Currently we have presence in Automation, Manufacturing, Process Control, Retail industry etc. having a successful track record of years of innovation in the field of customised software and integrated services offering. FPS is a evolving technology solutions company with balanced approach to deliver the solution or its components with existing technology / frameworks available and is active in the field of process automation, asset / item identification its tracking & monitoring, consulting etc. in IT / ITeS, Tolling, Smart City, e-Governance, SCADA, M – PLC / OPC, Vision Technology and many more. The company is backed up by OEM’s, who are pioneers of respective business domain and have close collaboration with global leaders in the field of Automation, Software, Respective Services, Barcode, Security devices, GPS and RFID technologies . Our key strength lies in our wide experience in the field, world-class research attitude &ability and a strong implementation and monitoring / maintenance track record. Team behind FPS has successfully designed and integrated systems for process automation, fleet management, logistics control, Electronic Toll Collection, Parking Management and despatch / receiving etc. Projects involving sensor integration for remote data reading have also been commissioned over our own M – PLC Platform and functional WIP using own SCADA application. Our line-up of applications includes library management, physical security, person safety, enterprise asset tracking, document tracking solutions, POS solution and fleet management etc. Strategy of Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. to master emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions to our customers in order to address their business needs.
  • 3. Benefits of the Solution Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Information about Container location are available Immediately & Accurately.  Fully Automated Container Yard Management Solution & error free container identification & transfer.  Client and server architecture to facilitate centralized database  Can work under rugged environment and rough handling.  Digital data capture by system.  Data security  Memory Capacity Up-To 512 bit (UHF).  Data retention up to 10 years  Real time reports  Increase staff utilization & Improves operational efficiency
  • 4. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Generic View of The Yard The Cargo Arrangement of a Container Yard forms a 3D Construct of:  Layers - Counting the Container Heights from the ground To upwards.  Bays - Counting the Container Lengths from the ground to the End of Yard.  Rows - Counting the Container Widths from Centre Line of Yard. * Bays / Rows coordinates will be captured using GPS at start or S/W logic
  • 5. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Process Special Customised Container Yard Management Solution is based on the state of the art RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) & GPS Technology. The system is based on the Client and server architecture. The technical details of the required software and hardware are given below.  Tag ID entry in Database  Issue of Tags to Containers  Put away of containers in Yard as per the space availability.  Put away location tagging (Location RFID Tag or GPS) and information capturing in System.  Searching the Container on issue (Tag ID) as per Picking indent.  Picking of container form the actual location after validation (Location Tag ID or GPS & Tag ID).
  • 6. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Issue of Container Tag Tag ID will be read by HHT or Fixed Readers Attached to the Crain which are connected to Central Application server thru Wi-Fi or GPRS connectivity and the data would fed in the system online at real time. Alternate of Fixed RFID reader will be RFID Hand Held Reader which has to be operated by Crain Operator or Ground Staff.
  • 7. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Tagging of Container: Each container will be tagged with a smart Container Tag that contains a unique ID. The container description will be entered into a database along with its tracking number. The tag can be assigned certain parameters like Owner, Consigner, Consignee, Destination location , permitted movement etc. Over the time the database can build up an audit trail of the handling and workflow history of each container.
  • 8. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Container With UHF RFID Tag  Hjhjhjhj The RFID Tag should be placed on the doors of the container to provide the optimal read distance.
  • 9. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Container Put-away in Yard: Each Lift will be assigned with RFID Reader and GPS unit where reader will be connected to GPS and communicate with Central Application on GPRS connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity. At the time of put-away RFID reader will read the Container Tag ID and GPS Device capture the Coordinate of the location and data will be passed on to the central Application. Application logic defines the Row / Colum and Layer
  • 10. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GPS / RFID Enabled Lift
  • 11. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GPS / RFID enabled Crain 2..
  • 12. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Operator Display & Data Input unit for GPS & RFID Data Capture..
  • 13. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Container Picking: Picking advice will be displayed on the Screen of the respective operator. Operator will reach to the location coordinate given by system and audio visual indication for correct or Incorrect location. Once he reach to right location he will be assisted for picking of Right container with the help of RFID Reader attached with Crain and connected to the screen and central system.
  • 14. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Additional Features of the System. If container is in Layer 1 and there are additional containers on the top of the advices container, Lift Operator will get the option to Relocate the top containers to new location. System can also analyse the suitability of the Crain to perform the put-away and picking activity as per the load capacity of the Crain. A 3D GIS Display of the yard and containers can be provided to the client if desired. Various Reports can be generated at the click of mouse.
  • 15. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Low level System Architecture System Integration Methodology:  The RFID fixed reader and the G.P.S devices would work hand in hand as Master and Slave devices. The devices would be connected to each other by the means of Serial / TCP or GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) ports.  The RFID reader would sent the data packets as a string containing the “Tag_id”, “Reader_id”, “Date&Time” to the G.P.S unit. The G.P.S unit with the RFID data and the additional data e.g. Lat. / Long. would push it to the central server by the means of G.P.R.S / Wi-Fi based connectivity.
  • 16. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Contd….  The G.P.S information with the RFID data is routed to one of the Static IP where the central application would be running.  The application would be smart enough to Sync with the existing ERP to fetch any ASN(Advance shipping Note) and generate the corresponding GRN(Goods receipt Note) and GDN(Good dispatch note) through the RFID based system.
  • 17. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Application Flow  The RFID tag is mapped to the container physically and logically into the database with the help of handheld reader.  The crane is fitted with the fixed reader and the G.P.S unit connected to each other.  Once the container is picked by the crane, the fixed reader on the crane detects the tag present in the field. The first read point signifies the pick up point of the container.  The RFID reader pushes the relevant data to the G.P.S unit placed on the crane.  The last read point between the reader and the tag signifies the drop off place with lat/long.
  • 18. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Contd….  The application software updates the first read point and the last read point where the container was picked and dropped off.  The user at any specific point of time can run a container specific search to get the report of the current and the past location of the container.  In case of an event of an error the administrator can be alerted by sending an SMS , an email and the alarm as per the user requirement. These error events can be manually over ridden from the application or can be auto controlled if one follows correct flow or procedure defined in the system.
  • 19. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Software Technical Framework  Server Application Existing ERP installation on Oracle database Full middleware – manages entry, exit, search, reporting, etc.  Web-Based RFID Application JAVA / .Net Java / .Net Business Layer and SQL/Oracle Server Backend  Windows Mobile Based Handheld Application VB.Net with SQL Backend OR Android Application Easy sync with Client or Web Application over Internet / WiFi / USB Easy Integration with ERP (SAP, Oracle, other ERP and/or CRM) Easy Import/Export of Data Can Support Multiple RFID Readers and Protocols
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