Corporate Restructuring

corporate restructuring
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      Corporate Restructuring means rearranging the business of a company for increasing its efficiency and profitability. It is tool to catapult value to the organization as well as to the investors. It is the fundamental change in a company's business or financial structure with the motive of increasing the company's value to shareholders or creditors. Hence, corporate restructuring is a comprehensive process by which a company can consolidate its business operations and strengthen its position for achieving its short-term and long-term corporate objectives. Corporate restructuring is vital for survival of a company in competitive environment.   NEED/PURPOSE OF CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING     ã   To expand the business or operations of the company. ã  To carry on the business of the company more economically or more efficiently ã  To focus on core strength ã  Cost Reduction by deriving the benefits of economies of scale. ã  Obtaining tax advantage by merging a loss making company with a profit making company. ã To have access to better technology. ã To have better market share. ã To overcome significant problems in a company. ã To become Globally Competitive. ã To eliminate competition between the companies.    TOOLS OR STRATEGIES OF CORPORATE   ã Amalgamation   ã Merger ã Demerger ã Reverse Merger ã Joint Venture ã Takeover/Acquisition

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Jul 23, 2017
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