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  Project SpecificationPage 1 COURIER CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Objective The Courier Cargo Management System (CCMS)   will be developed to automate the freight-tracking and forwarding operations of M/S T! S!#$ C%&'$S   the leading courier company The pro*ect will maintain all information about book-keeping accounting consignments consigners e+porters products forwarding agents and remote users Abstract Courier Cargo Management System is committed to providing an efficient truck turnaround system. For the fast reception and delivery of cargo, the following guidelines are laid out for clients who wish to collect their cargo or deliver their cargo to wharf side.   1. All trucks shall stop at Cargo Reception for processing of documentation and receipt of directions unless otherwise instructed.   . !rucks should park in the waiting areas ad acent to Cargo Reception. !he driver is to present documentation for authori#ation, inspection and data entry into our computeri#ed container management system.   $. Cargo Reception staff will input the relevant data into the Courier Cargo Management System and assign the driver a %&at% '(o)* num)er and give the driver directions to the correct vehicle transfer area for the cargo or container.   +. !he driver will then proceed to the vehicle transfer area to which they have )een assigned to have cargo loaded or unloaded.   Hazard Class Type - Declaration Certificate   Delivering Epty Containers to !ard   ã Container um)er    ã Container !ype   ã Shipping -ine   ã Consignor 'Source*   ã Official Delivery Orders from both the shipping line (or its agent) and from Customs astral Cargo ã fficial /elivery rders from the shipping line 'or its agent*   n 0it  Any cargo details omitted, incorrect or notations for damage etc are recorded )oth on the receipt and within the Courier Cargo Management System. Page 1S # Systes $ Soft%are P &td'  Project SpecificationPage ( #en) Design Page (S # Systes $ Soft%are P &td'  Project SpecificationPage * Database Sc+ea Page *S # Systes $ Soft%are P &td'  Project SpecificationPage , Detailed description of t+e database sc+ea Table, $-'% S  (contains information about regions where the courier service is operational) Column ame.ata ype.escription 'd  INTEGER &niue identification for every region of operation ame  VARCHAR(50) ame of the region vi0 orth South $ast 1est etc.escription  VARCHAR(255) .etailed information about the regionTable, C% !C 2%' S  (contains information about cities/towns where the courier service operates) Column ame.ata ype.escription 'd  INTEGER &niue identification for every city/town of operation ame  VARCHAR(50) ame of the city/town.escription  VARCHAR(255) .etailed information about the city/townegion'd  INTEGER efers ID  column of REGIONS  tableTable, $32% $S  (contains information about e+porters/agents) Column ame.ata ype.escription $'n4 umber   INTEGER $+porter 'dentity o - &niue identification for every e+porter Title  VARCHAR(15) Title of the e+porter vi0 .r Mr Messrs Ms etc ame  VARCHAR(25) ame of the e+porter  !ddress5  VARCHAR(25) Street !ddress of the e+porter  !ddress6  VARCHAR(25) 7ocality/!rea of the e+porter address !ddress8  VARCHAR(25) State/2rovince of the e+porter address9'2Code  VARCHAR(7) 2' /9'2 Code of the addressState  VARCHAR(25) State/2rovince Code of the address2hone o  VARCHAR(15) 2hone number of the e+porter #a+ o  VARCHAR(15) #a+ umber of the e+porter %fficer ame  VARCHAR(25) ame of the officer in charge of signing-off e+port documents$mail  VARCHAR(50) $mail id of the e+porter egion%f%per   INTEGER egion of operation efers ID  column of REGIONS  table Table, C% S'- $$S  (contains information about customers) Column ame.ata ype.escription 'd  INTEGER &niue identification for every customer  ame  VARCHAR(25) ame of the customer  !ddress5  VARCHAR(25) Street !ddress of the customer  !ddress6  VARCHAR(25) 7ocality/!rea of the customer address !ddress8  VARCHAR(25) State/2rovince of the customer address9'2Code  VARCHAR(7) 2' /9'2 Code of the addressState  VARCHAR(15) State/2rovince Code of the addressContact2oint'd  INTEGER efers ID  column of CONTACTPOINTS  table Page ,S # Systes $ Soft%are P &td'
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