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   Christ University Institute of Management COURSE PLAN 2011-12 SUBJECT: Business Government and Indian Society Trimester : III MBA  –  Class:D 3 Hours / Week FACULTY: R.Hemalatha 2 Credits Syllabus Unit Topic- Break up Hrs Date Teaching Method Assignments Readings Topics covered UNIT 1   Level of Knowledge: Basic   3 Importance of BGS to Managers  –   Models of BGS relationships  1 3/1/12   PPT    Chapter 1 Market Capitalism Model, Dominance Model, Countervailing Forces Model and Stakeholder Model  1 3/1/12, 5/1/12 PPT    Chapter 1  Global perspective  –   Historical Perspective 1 5/1/12 PPT and Discussion   Are models a prescription for BGS to be successful in their relationship? Chapter 1   UNIT 2 THE DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT   4 Historical Forces changing the Business Environment  1 10/1/12, 12/1/12 PPT    Chapter 2 Key environments of Business  –   Power dimensions of Business  1 17/1/12 PPT    Chapter 2      Theoretical perspective 1 17/1/12 PPT    Chapter 2  Sociological perspective  1 17/1/12 PPT    Select one industry and how can they rearrange the society UNIT 3 MANAGING ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 6 Analyzing and Regulating Risks  1 19/1/12 PPT    Chapter 14 and 15   Human risk and Safety risk   1 19/1/12 PPT    Chapter 14 and 15  Environment Management systems  1 24/1/12 PPT    Role of Karnataka pollution board in preserving Bangalore city Chapter 14 and 15  Consumerism as an ideology and  perspective 2 31/1/12 PPT    Chapter 14 and 15  Consumerism as a protective movement 1 31/1/12 PPT    Chapter 14 and 15   UNIT 4 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) 5 Evolving ideas of CSR, Elements of CSR, Principles of CSR   2 2/2/12 PPT and Interaction   Chapter 5 Comparison of Global scenario versus Indian scenario  1 2/2/12 PPT and Interaction   Chapter 5  Models of CSR implementation,  1 7/2/12 PPT and Interaction   CSR: a strategy or charity Chapter 5  Corporate Philanthropy, Ethics and CSR   1 9/2/12 PPT and Interaction   Chapter 5   UNIT 5 MANAGING TRANSITION IN INDIA 6 Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization  1 14/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Chapter 11 Multinational Corporations, Changing 1 16/2/12 Interaction and   Work place   Discussion Impact of Economic Slowdown in Business and Society  2 21/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Politics and Caste system in India  –   Role of Democracy 2 23/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Has cast system brought harmony in civilization and development UNIT 6 EMERGING TRENDS IN INDIAN SOCIETY 6 Inclusion of Women  1 28/2/12 Interaction and Discussion  NGO movement, Unorganized sector   1 1/2/12 Interaction and Discussion It’s only business- India’s corporate social responsiveness in a globalized world- Meera Mitra Sustainable Development and Rural Poor   1 6/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Interdependence of Institutions in fostering sustainable development Economic development Agarwal Public Private Partnerships, Decentralization of Power, 2 8/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Reasons for public private sector participation model.: Relate to Bangalore city Economic development Agarwal Panchayat Raj Institutions 1 13/2/12 Interaction and Discussion Public Finance  –  Hajela and Tyagi      Reference Books: Ferrell. O.C Fraedrich Paul John, Linda Ferrell, Business Ethics Biztantra Additional Reading materials/ EBSCO: Referred to online websites and Chapter wise assignments have been defined Evaluation Criteria 1. CIA I  Assignment, Presentation & Case study / etc. (20 marks) 2. CIA II (20 marks) 3. Attendance (10 marks) 3. Mid Semester Test  (50 marks) 4. End Semester Examination  (100 marks) Brief description on CIA I & II:   Assignment on the topic performance of various sectors .Students will be assessed based on the reasons and analysis of sectoral performance from the previous quarters to present quarters   Live project topic will be assigned by dividing the section into 12 teams with 3 members in a team   Presentation on the live project OR on selected Units from syllabi will be assigned Signature of the Faculty Signature of the Coordinator

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