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   A PROPOSED JOSENIAN MINI-CAFÉ AS AN INTERNSHIP VENUE FOR USJ-R HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT STUDENTS  _________________  A Project Feasibility Presented to The Faculty of the College of Commerce University of San Jose  –  Recoletos Cebu City, Philippines  _________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degrees BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTANCY and BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING  _________________ By CHARLENE VALERIA G. ADRIAS JOHN LI ANTHONY K. DAMOLE GINA JANE T. CALVO MAECHELLE S. EWICAN ALLAN LEO T. PARAN January 2015  APPROVAL SHEET This Project Feasibility Study entitled “ A Proposed Josenian Mini Café as an Internship Venue for USJ-R Hospitality Management Students ,”  prepared and submitted by Charlene Valeria G. Adrias, Gina Jane T. Calvo, John Li Anthony K. Damole, Maechelle S. Ewican and Allan Leo T. Paran, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degrees of Bachelor of Science in  Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting, is thereby accepted and recommended for Oral Examination. VICTORIA L. DIGAO, D.M., CPA  Adviser   ACCEPTED  as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. DR. EDGAR R. DETOYA, CPA Dean, College of Commerce APPROVED by the Tribunal at the Oral Examination with the grade of _______. PANELIST 1 PANELIST 2 Member Member PANELIST 3 Chairperson  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project feasibility study, a laudable and praiseworthy finished product of the proponents’ months of laborious and lengthy work, would not have been completed without the guidance and assistance of the following: First, to the Most Holy Triune God , for His unlimited benevolence and unending inspiration, which proved very instrumental in the course of making this study. To Dr. Victoria Digao, CPA , the proponents’ most supportive and ever considerate project feasibility adviser, for her helpful inputs, comments and suggestions in the preparation and presentation of this study. Her words of wisdom and encouragement ignited the flame of perseverance and strength, enabling the proponents to complete this study on time. To the administration and faculty of the University of San Jose  –  Recoletos Tourism and Hospitality Management Department , specifically, Mr. Reo Yamuta , THMD Chair, and Mr. Dave Gelaga , THMD Faculty, for generously sharing their time, resources and expertise, thereby enabling the proponents to gain additional knowledge and information in the field of cafe operations. To the heads of the various departments of USJ-R , for their active and prompt response in answering the proponents’ queries and furnishing them with documents necessary to accomplish the study.  To the respondents , for their positive cooperation in answering the questionnaire prepared and handed out by the proponents. To the proponents’ parents , who have financially, morally, emotionally and spiritually supported and aided them through rough and tough times, especially in the final weeks of the preparation of this study. To the proponents’ classmates and friends, for inspiring the proponents to triumph over whatever challenges that may be faced.    And lastly, to all others , who, in one way or another, have greatly contributed to the completion of this feasibility study in a concise and comprehensive manner, our sincerest and deepest gratitude. CHARLENE VALERIA G. ADRIAS GINA JANE T. CALVO MAECHELLE S. EWICAN JOHN LI ANTHONY K. DAMOLE ALLAN LEO T. PARAN The Proponents
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