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Cpa Syllabus 2011 (Recovered)

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   1 ICPAP Plot No.13, Street 42, Sector F-8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan Web:  CPA Syllabus 2011   The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan   2 S. No. Course Code Course Page No.   MODULE-1   FUNDAMENTALS   1. F-101 Business English and Communication 3   2. F-102 Economic Analysis and Business Environment 5   3. F-103 Quantitative Methods and Techniques 6   MODULE-2 KNOWLEDGE   4. K-201 Financial Accounting 7   5. K-202 Cost and Management Accounting 8   6. K-203 Financial Management 9   MODULE-3 ESSENTIALS   7. E-301 Mercantile Law 13   8. E-302 Audit and Assurance 15   9. E-303 Information Technology Management, Audit & Control 16   MODULE-4 SKILLS   10. S-401 Taxation Laws 21   11. S-402 Business Analysis and Decision Making 22   12. S-403 Financial and Corporate Reporting 26   MODULE-5 PROFESSIONAL   13. P-501 Corporate Law and Governance 32   14. P-502 Advanced Performance Management 34   15. P-503 Advanced Management Accounting 36   MODULE-6   SPECIALIZATION 16. SP-601 Advanced Taxation 39   17. SP-602 Advanced Auditing and Assurance 40   18. SP-603 Advanced Financial Management 44   OR 19. SP-611 Forensic Accounting 47   20. SP-612 Fraud Investigation and Audit 50   21. SP-613 Anti Money Laundering Measures and Business Ethics 52   OR 22. SP-621 Capital Market and Financial Planning 54   23. SP-622 Advanced Risk Management 58   24. SP-623 Retail and Consumer Banking Operations 60   OR 25. SP-631 Human Resource Accounting and Auditing 62   26. SP-632 Human Resource Management 64   27. SP-633 Human Resource Planning and Development 66     3 FUNDAMENTALS MODULE -1 COURSE CODE F-101 BUSINESS ENGLISH & COMMUNICATION 20 Marks PART 1- BUSINESS ENGLISH AIM This course of Business English consists of English grammar and usage, reading and writing, listening and speaking. Its objectives are to enable students to write and speak grammat-ically correct English, listen and comprehend various situa-tions of business environment, develop their writing and speaking skills in different situations . SYLLABUS 1- ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND USAGE Structure of a sentence, subject and predicate, correct use of articles, parts of speech: use of auxiliaries (can, could, shall, will, should, would, etc.): prepositions tenses: direct and indi-rect narration: active and passive: prepositional combinations and verbal phrases, antonyms and synonyms, words often confused and misused, pairs of words, phrases and clauses: types of sentences: (affirmative/negative, interrogative, ex-clamatory, imperative), kinds of sentences, ( simple, complex, compound), synthesis of sentences, punctuation. 2- READING AND WRITING Reading comprehension of paragraphs and articles. Writing essays: informal letters, report, and précis. 3- LISTENING AND SPEAKING The students must learn presentation skills and situations can be such as: talking about responsibilities at work, receiving visitors, seeking information, sales negotiations etc: participa-tion in group discussions: expressing effectively in meetings and interviews: making effective presentation. PART-2 COMMUNICATION AIM This course aims to introduce students to the key concepts of communication and their application. The course also intends to incorporate an understanding of the concepts so as to develop problem solving skills, negotiation skills and leadership qualities in the students. Its objectives are to impart, principles of effective business communication and communication methods and skills 1. Foundation Of Communication  Communicating successfully in an Organization  Understanding Business Communi-cation  Communicating inter culturally  Communicating Through Technology 2. Writing Messages  Planning Business Messages  Composing Business Messages  Revising Business Messages 3.Letters, Memos, and Other Brief Messages  Direct Requests  Routine, Good-News, and Goodwill Messages  Bad-News Messages  Persuasive Messages 4. Employment Messages  Resumes and Application Letters  Interviewing for employment and Following up 5. Reports and Proposals  Using Reports and Proposals as business tools  Planning and researching Reports and proposals  Developing visual Aids  Writing Reports and Proposals  Completing Formal Reports and Proposals 6. Oral Communication  Listening, Interviewing and Conduct-ing Meetings  Giving Speeches and Oral Presenta-tions 7. Special Topics in Communication  Format and Layout of Business Doc-uments  Documentation of Report Sources 8. Process of Communication:  Communication mode, channels of communication, flow of communica-tion, Barriers to effective communi-cation.  Communication effectiveness, Com-munication theories: interaction- information- completeness, 7 ‟ c of communication conciseness-correctness-completeness, clarity-consideration-courtesy-concreteness. 9. Other Communication  Letter memorandum-circular, Agenda ad minutes of meetings, Business research report: types format, lan-guage & style, market report: types format, thesis and assignment writing. Oral communication: meeting: types and conduct, interview: types and conduct.  Presentation or speech: types- plan-ning- Delivering the presentation or speech, workshop and seminar: plan-ning conduct.  Communication strategy: image build-ing, minus images and its Implica-tions, developing or positive corporate image, messages choice: favorable, unfavorable, negative and persuasive.  Précis writing: methods of précis writ-ing.  Principle points to be kept in mind while writing précis, specimen of Pas-sages and their précis. Essay writing: characteristic of a good essay, classi-fication, hints on essay writing: gen-eral preparation, special preparation   4 Reading Material ENGLISH 1. Mastering English Grammar by S.H. Burton, Macmillan Education Limited 2. Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Scharmfer Azar, Pearson Longman ESL. 3. English for Business Studies 3rd Edition by L. Gartside, Pitman Publishing Limited. 4. Any other book/material. COMMUNICATION  1. Business Communication today (forth English) & Courtland by L. Bovee and John V. Thill Meqraw-Hill, Inc, New York. 2. The Effective Business Communication by Herta & Murply, Herpet Hildebrandt Jave P. Thomas. 3. Business Communication and Behavioral Study Text and Revision Series by Professional Business Pub-lication. 4. Effective Business Communication by Murply and Hildebrandt. 5. Business Communication today by Dr. Cortland L. Bovee, John V. Thill. 6. Any other book/material.

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