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    A safety belt to avoid accidents for fatigue   To avoid accidents of traffic provoked by the weariness or the distraction of the driver, a group of European investigators created Harken, a system of sensors located in the safety belt and in the armchair of the car that allow to detect of preventive form the first symptoms of fatigue. “The  variation of the cardiac pace and the breathing they are good indicators of the condition of the driver. Before a modification of these values, it can issue an alert of form before the appearance of the first symptoms of fatigue and weariness , For the present time, only it has been proved in closed circuits, but his investigators glide to test it in situations of royal managing. Of this form, the investigators hope  that this not intruder system could, implemented in the commercial vehicles, reduce once the quantity of accidents provoked by the distraction or the fatigue opposite to the steering wheel.    Adjustable screen to see without lenses clear images. Those who need glasses to see with clarity on a screen of television or in the monitor of his computer, might not have to use them thanks to an advanced technology that corrects the problem of vision. The technology uses algorithms that calculate the degree of distortion of the image of the screen, being based on the measures of vision of the user of spectacles, besides a filter of light placed opposite to the screen. The algorithm alters the light of every pixel individually, so that when the light happens across the small holes in the filter, the luminous beams reach the retina of a different way, of a way, which enjoys itself a clear image. The investigators say that the basic beginning of the technology is to anticipate the way in  how a few eyes, with bad vision, distort.   Beside doing that it is easier for the persons with problems of vision, to use all kinds of screens without glasses, the technology might help also those persons with more serious problems of vision caused by physical faults that cannot be corrected by spectacles or lenses of contacts, according to the investigators.    Intelligent bracelet for children and parents. It is a device to give tranquility to the parents and to be able to locate his children at all time. He is called Kizon, and is a bracelet with connectivity 3G that will allow to know where the child is, being able do even calls to speak directly with him. The device comes with a few infantile designs that will try to convince the children, since once placed; the parents will be able to use an application for telephones and tablets with Android 4.1 from where being able  geolocalizar to his son with total precision. Adding an important function that will allow that the child, could realize a call to a telephone before formed in spite of only touching a button, though also it will be able to receive calls, with the peculiarity of which if it does not answer spent 10 seconds it will be activated automatically and free manos will be started. His battery promises 36 hours of use, and in the moment that should remain 25 % of battery he will send a notification to the formed telephone in order that the parents know that his system of tracking is on the verge of going out. KiZON put in sale in Korea and it should come to the shops of the USA and Europe in a few months.    The tablet that your portable one can replace Microsoft presented his new tablet Surface Pro 3, with which it looks for the ambitious challenge of fusing the tablets with the portable computers and of ending up by replacing the above mentioned The aim of Microsoft is to put everything in the same package and without any type of commitments as for capacities, it added. With the third generation of the


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Jul 23, 2017
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