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Creative Writing About Globalization

A creative writing and expository essay about globalization in the Philippines.
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  As a final requirement for our CA104 subject, we are required to write a non-academic essay about anything related to globalization. Until now, I am still exhausted from the aftermath of our final exam in Lit125a but regardless how tired I am now, I am still obliged to write something for the said subject. So I decided to conceptualize my paper and came up with an idea of relating globalization to a certain Philippine plant then made an outline for it. However, just after a few seconds, I realized what will be the outcome of my paper  –  a very informative and academic essay. How am I going to make it non-academic then? I thought of nothing. No single idea came to penetrate my caffeinated mind. Two hours later, still, I can see no progress in what I am doing. I reached for my phone and it says 01:52pm. I haven’t taken any meal yet so I went out of my dorm and proceeded to Mr. Smith’s eatery,  just another line of business of our land lord. I kept on checking their menu up and down and from left to right even if I’ll be ordering the same viand that I ordered yesterday; paksiw na isda. When I went inside the eatery, I was very puzzled to see one new large round table only. Instead of numerous separate tables, there was only one and was being shared by the others. It was a very wide table. I think its surface area is around 6 feet squared and it was a lazy susan type. I recognized the customers who were already eating at that time. They were Mr. Smith’s borders, my dorm mates but  just acquaintances. I grabbed a chair on the right side of the table and placed my viand on top of the lazy susan, just like what others did. That moment, I had a closer look with the table. It was shiny, beautifully carved, lavishly designed and even seemed to be durable. I heard someone whispered that it was made of a Narra. “They just wasted the tree”, I said to myself.  My dorm mates, even though we do not really know each other personally or in a social way, it just so happened that conversations started about the table. Perhaps it aroused our wonder as to why we, the customers, were sharing one single table. Then later on, we were already discussing our personal life stories. Eventually from acquaintances, we became close friends. We even shared our food to each other. If one wanted t o taste other’s viand, they just rotated the lazy susan until the food of their choice reaches them so they can take it without having it passed from another to another. So for me to have some sushi and pasta, I just have the lazy susan rotated. They also did the same when they tasted my paksiw and the steak and kimchi on the other side of the table. Not only had they saved their effort, but also their time. A few minutes after, another customer from the same dorm came. She placed her burger and vegetable salad on top of the lazy susan. She then took photos of her food using her Iphone 5s while everybody was staring at her. She then smiled and said, “Just for my instagram and so that my mom will know what I took for lunch”. And everybody went back to what they were doing. I was almost full when I realized something. Aha! I knew it! This is it! I may have a feeling of regret after losing the Narra tree when it was converted to an innovative table; a wooden lazy susan table. Since it has a turntable on its top, it became an aid in moving food which actually replaced the needs of having servants at that table. More time and effort was saved as a result. The sharing of food then symbolizes the good relationships from one another just like globalized nations. While, the passing of food through the turn table, represented the transactions from different countries, both imports and exports of  goods, and exchanges of views and aspects of culture. Also, as a result of technical adjustments, we get used to the things we did not do in the past. Like instead of praying before meals, others conduct a mini photo shoot which they later on post to their social networking sites. But looking on the brighter side, we can now transfer information real  –  time using our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. Focusing on that table, it was actually the one that drew us closer together. With the turntable, it did not only gave us convenience while being around the table but also represented development and progression. We may have lost the life of a tree, but having an innovative form of table was worthy of the sacrifice. We may have lost something in the process of having advancement, but we gained something greater in return. Thus, that is globalization. One doesn’t need to remember its literal and technical meaning for it to be understood. It is something realized rather than memorized for it to be felt. Also, it is notable that it has both negative and positive effects towards the people and the world. Howev er, it’s just that its advantages weigh more than its disadvantages. By Rouvinn Uy Negradas
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