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  1)Trojans Are otherwise known as. o   Backdoors o   Troy o   Virus o   worm Worm2)To restrict visiting Internet sites,you can modify the setting of your o   Operating system o   ISP o   Web browser o   Modem 3)choose the correct statement from the following. o   A personal firewall protects system fromInternwt attacks to a certain extent o   An antivirus eliminates the need for a firewall o   A personal firewall will check all email attachments for malware o   An Antivirus is not needed when a firewall filters all ports 4)which of the following statements is wrong regarding good password management? o   Do not share your password o   Do not write down your passwords o   Do not use easily guessable password o   Do not change password frequenty 5) o   Do not share your password o   Do not write down your passwords o   Do not use easily guessable password o   Do not change password frequenty 6)choose the correct statement o   Threat is a potentail violation of security o   Threat is a defined way to brech security through a vulneabily o   Threat is the existence of weakness or implementaion error o   Threat is an assault on system security 7) is database thate stores all installation information of windows os o   Event Viewer o   Registy o   Logs o   Accsess 8)A stong password will be a combination of  o   Letters only o   Numbers only o   Letters in caps and small forms o   Letters,numbers and special characters 9)Which of he following would you consider as a good password? o   Beatle Juices o   Lms#456JKZX8 o   13Locksmith o   JamesBrown 10)Whatv is Regedit32.exe? o   Regidit editor o   Registred edito for 32 bit system o   Registred editor for windows o   Registred event viewer 11)How would you active SSL on your system? o   Download a SSL certificate from a secure server o   There is a need to do anything to active SSL o   Use the SSL extension in your URL(https) o   Register with a security provide such as version 12)What are the three most common risk associated with “surfing the Web”(selec t 3 answer)   o   Theft of credit card information o   Theft of personal identify and other private information o   Overloading computer system resources o   Contamination by a virus or other malicious code 13)Highest macro security is used in by defaults in MS OFFICE application o   Accsess o   Word o   Powepoint o   Excel 14)Which statement is correct with regad to path management? o   Patches are occasionally sent over email o   Patches should be download only from the vendor site o   Not applying application patches cannot lead to system comproms. o   Only operating system patches need to be applied 15)Name the attack whee a person is tricked into disclosing information o   Backdoors  o   Keylogging o   Time bomb o   Social Engineering 16)A ‘Private’ folder in windows xp is   o   A folder that is not shared o   A private shared folder o   An encrypted folder o   A hidden folder 17)In asymmetric encryption o   Similar key are used o   Two public keys are used o   Two privatee keys are used o   A public and private key is use 18)Which of the following option would you choose to secure e-mail messages? o   Digital signature o   Digital voice o   Digital autograph o   Digital photograph 19)What is a ‘cookies’?(select 2 answer)   o   A cookie is a dynamic link library loded when windows start o   A cookie is a file encryption utility o   A cookie is spyware program o   A cookie is a file created by an Internet site to store information on your computer 20)A guest account should be o   Given executable rights o   Used for administrator alone o   Preferably disabled o   Created as a separate login 21)Events are of two types namely and events. o   Application and Execution o   Application and log o   Application and security o   Execution and security 22)Security is a  o   A snapshot of a system in time o   One time initative o   On going procees o   Theoretical concept 23)Event viewer is used for o   Viewing web events in real time o   Viewing system log of events o   Viewing progress of events o   Viewing mail analysis of events 24)choose the correct statement o   The skill level needed to conduct an exploit has decreased o   Evolution of technology did little to increase ease of use o   Security is only a one stage process o   Software flaws can be absolutely eliminated 25)Denial of service occurs when o   Illegitimate users are prevented from using resources o   Legitimate users are denied access to resources o   ISPS notify a down time to users o   An organization denies access to certain sites 26)What should you do if you receive a call from someone in your computer support department asking for your password? o   Give it to them without question o   Inform them that there is no reason they should need your password and refuse to give it to them o   Ask them why they need the password.If the reason sounds legitimate,go a head and give o   Send the password via e- mail to ensure you’re giving it to the right person  27) Working away from the office gives you are more freedom to disregard .your company’s security standards and policies.(True or False) o   True o   False 28)Which key combination in windows will lock your workstation? o   Ctrl+shift+del o   [windows key]+L o   Alt+shift+Del o   Alt+shift+ctrl 29)To verify if your are on a secure page,you will check for

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