Continental Device India Limited An ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001 Certified Company NPN SILICON PLANAR EPITAXIAL TRANSISTOR CSD2470 TO-92 Plastic Package E CB ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS DESCRIPTION Collector Base Voltage SYMBOL VCBO VALUE 15 UNITS V Collector Emitter Voltage VCEO 10 V Emitter Base Voltage VEBO 7.0 V IC 5.0 A Collector Current Peak *ICP 8.0 A Collector Power Dissipation @ Ta=25ºC PC 0.4 W Tj 150 ºC Collector Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperatur
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  NPN SILICON PLANAR EPITAXIAL TRANSISTORCSD2470TO-92Plastic Package ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGSDESCRIPTIONSYMBOLVALUEUNITSCollector Base Voltage V CBO 15V Collector Emitter Voltage V CEO 10V Emitter Base Voltage V EBO 7.0V Collector Current I C 5.0A Collector Current Peak *I CP 8.0A Collector Power Dissipation @ T a =25ºC P C 0.4W Junction Temperature  T  j 150ºC Storage Temperature Range  T stg  - 55 to +150 ºC *Single Pulse=10msELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (T a =25ºC unless specified otherwise)DESCRIPTIONSYMBOLTEST CONDITIONMINTYPMAXUNITSCollector Base Voltage V CBO I C =50 µ  A, I E =015V Collector Emitter Voltage V CEO I C =1mA, I B =010V Emitter Base Voltage V EBO I E =50 µ  A, I C =07V Collector Cut off Current I CBO V CB =10V, I E  = 00.1  µ  A Emitter Cut off Current I EBO V EB =6V, I C  = 00.5  µ  A Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage V CE(sat) I C =3A, I B =0.1A0.5V DC Current Gain h FE V CE =2V, I C =2A270820 Transition Frequency f  T I C =0.05A, V CE =6V, f=100MHz170MHz  Output Capacitance C ob I E =0, V CB =10V, f=1MHz30pF ECB Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 Continental Device India Limited An ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001 Certified Company  CSD2470TO-92Plastic Package TO-92 Transistors on Tape and Ammo Pack TO-92 Plastic Package TO-92 Bulk TO-92 T&A1K/polybag2K/ammo box200 gm/1K pcs645 gm/2K pcs3 x 7.5 x 7.5 12.5 x 8 x 1.8  5K  2K 17 x 15 x 13.5 17 x 15 x 13.5  80K  32K 23 kgs12.5 kgs PACKAGE Net Weight/QtyDetails STANDARD PACKINNER CARTON BOX Qty OUTER CARTON BOX QtyGr WtSizeSize Packing Detail PIN CONFIGURATION 1. BASE2. COLLECTOR3. EMITTER All diminsions in mm.DIMMIN.MAX. A4.325.33B4.455.20C3.184.19D0.410.55E0.350.50F5 DEGG1.141.40H1.141.532.082KL12.701.982— 1 2 3    E SEC AAD    A   L    S  o   l   d  e  r  a   b   i   l   i   t  y   E  n  s  u  r  e   d   D   i  m  e  n  s   i  o  n   W   i   t   h   '   L   '   U  n  c  o  n   t  r  o   l   l  e   d    B  e  y  o  n   d   '   L   '    K D A AG123FF    H   C 3 2 1 Mechanical Data T A A1P (p)C1C2 W2DoF2FP2PoF1W1WoWH1H2H3Lt1tHoh1 h1hh ITEM SYMBOL SPECIFICATION PULL - OUT FORCE(P)6N MIN. NOM. BODY WIDTHA14.04.8BODY HEIGHTA4.85.2BODY THICKNESST3.94.2 AT TOP OF BODYCOMPONENT ALIGNMENT SIDE VIEW h01.0 AT TOP OF BODY   COMPONENT ALIGNMENT FRONT VIEW h101.3COMPONENT HEIGHTH123.25LENGTHOF SNIPPEDLEADSL11.0t1 0.3-0.6TOTAL TAPE THICKNESSt1.2CLINCH HEIGHTH33.0LEADPARALLELISM| C1 - C2 |0.22 MAX. PITCHOF COMPONENTP12.7± 1.0CUMULATIVE PITCH ERROR 1.0 mm/20 PIFEEDHOLE PITCHPo12.7± 0.3FEEDHOLE CENTRE TOTOBE MEASUREDAT BOTTOMOF CLINCCOMPONENT CENTREP26.35± 0.4DISTANCE BETWEENOUTERLEADSF5.08+ 0.6- 0.2TAPE WIDTHW18± 0.5HOLD-DOWNTAPE WIDTHWo6± 0.2HOLE POSITIONW19+ 0.7- 0.5HOLD-DOWNTAPE POSITIONW20.5± 0.2LEADWIRE CLINCHHEIGHTHo16± 0.5FEED HOLE DIAMETERDo4± 0.2LEAD- TO- LEADDISTANCEF1, F22.54+ 0.4STANDOFFH20.451.45 TOL . REMARKS NOTES 1. Maximumalignment deviation between leads will not to be greater than 0.2mm.2. Maximumnon-cumulative variation between tape feed holes shall not exceed 1 mmin 20 pitches.3. Holddown tape will not exceed beyond the edge(s) of carrier tape and there shall be no exposure of adhesive.4. There will be no more than three (3) consecutive missing components in a tape.5. A tape trailer, having at least three feed holes are provided after the last component in a tape.6. Splices should not interfere with the sprocket feed holes. - 0.1 Adhesive Tape on Top SideFlat sideFlat Side of Transistor and Adhesive Tape Visible2000 pcs./Ammo PackLabel 186(7.3  3 3 2  (  1 3     )   F  E  E  D 4  3   (  1  .7      )    Ammo Pack Style  All dimensions in mm Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 2 of 3  NotesCSD2470TO-92Plastic Package CSD2470Rev080402E Disclaimer  TheproductinformationandtheselectionguidesfacilitateselectionoftheCDIL'sDiscreteSemiconductorDevice(s)bestsuitedforapplicationinyourproduct(s)asperyourrequirement.ItisrecommendedthatyoucompletelyreviewourDataSheet(s)soastoconfirmthattheDevice(s)meetfunctionalityparametersforyourapplication.TheinformationfurnishedintheDataSheetandontheCDILWebSite/CDarebelievedtobeaccurateandreliable.CDILhowever,doesnotassumeresponsibilityfoinaccuraciesorincompleteinformation.Furthermore,CDILdoesnotassumeliabilitywhatsoever,arisingoutoftheapplicationor useofanyCDILproduct;neitherdoesitconveyanylicenseunderitspatentrightsnorrightsofothers.Theseproductsarenotdesignedforuseinlifesaving/supportappliancesorsystems.CDILcustomerssellingtheseproducts(eitherasindividualDiscreteSemiconductorDevicesorincorporatedintheirendproducts),inanylifesaving/supportappliancesorsystemsoapplications do so at their own risk and CDIL will not be responsible for any damages resulting from such sale(s).CDIL strives for continuous improvement and reserves the right to change the specifications of its products without prior notice. CDIL is a registered Trademark of  Continental Device India Limited C-120 Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 028, India.Telephone + 91-11-2579 6150, 5141 1112 Fax + 91-11-2579 5290, 5141 1119 Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 3 of 3  This datasheet has been downloaded from:www.DatasheetCatalog.comDatasheets for electronic components.
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