Cult of Antimasonry

Christian antimasonry represents a heretical cult that teaches many false doctrines, including the adding of works to grace for salvation.
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   The Cult of “Christian” Antimasonry  The source for this list comes from the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry and can befound online at:  This is from the rst section “!hat is a cult ” and represents a fairly standard listing of the traits of cults. # ha$e not listed the points that are not rele$ant to the the discussion of “christian” antimasonry. What is a cult? 1.Generally, it is a group that is unorthodox, esoteric, and has a devotion to a  person, object, or a set of ideas.1. New Teaching – has a new theology and doctrine: Add %or&s to grace by re'uiring all Masons to lea$e (reemasonry) often including %riting letters formally %ithdra%ing membership and other public rituals to renounce (reemasonry. Although many antimasons claim that being a (reemason has “nothing to do” %ith sal$ation status as a Christian) the constant accusationsof *atanism) %orshiping other gods and ha$ing another plan of sal$ation) as %ell as “in$itations” to lea$e (reemasonry and then antimasons %ill “tal& to us”) all sho% that claim to be false. As does comments that “real Christians”%ouldn+t be Masons. ,T: this is a claim to &no% the heart of a man) %hichis something that od reser$es only to 0imself and not to any other.1. nly True Teaching – often considers traditional religious syste!s to be apostate and it alone possesses the co!plete truth . A small group that considers the opinion of a $astly greater number of better trained theologians and preachers %ho don+t disappro$e of Masonic membership as ignorant) decei$ed or acti$ely e$il. They commonly interpret the 2ible in a person and pri$ate manner contrary to orthodo3 interpretations. This is preaching a di4erent gospel. 5. trong #eadership – often an individual or s!all but powerful leadership group holds control of the group$s teachings and practices.  There are common threads) sources) claims and tactics of decepti$e antimasonic teachings. This core sho%s up in the comments and “teachings” of all antimasons %ho claim to be Christian.6.  %sset %c&uire!ent – often re&uires tithing and'or property transfer to the religious syste!.  The professional antimasons %ho claim to be Christian al%ays ha$e their boo&s) tapes) et3. !ith the “really real deal on (reemasonry” a$ailable for sale. f course) to “support their ministry”. Mean%hile) a number of Masonic sites ha$e entire boo&s a$ailable online for the the public at no charge. Many others can be found a$ailable for public reading at lodges and *cottish Rite reading rooms.7. (solationist – to facilitate control over the !e!bers physically, intellectually, )nancially and e!otionally.   is a prime e3ample %ith its suggested method of tric&ery and deceit to ambush a Mason by himself %itha group to bro%beat him. (or e3ample) there is a 'uote from the document 9eading a Christian out of the lodge a$ailable on that site. #n the section titled “ Don't let them know you oppose Freemasonry ”) it opens %ith: “eep your intentions to %itness to a Mason to yourself and your prayer group. #f you don+t) you may not get the opportunity to %itness. Masons %illnot usually spea& %ith you if they &no% that you hold a negati$e opinion about (reemasonry. The more they thin& you &no%) the less li&ely they are to let do%n their defenses and meet %ith you. The most common Masonic  defense is silence. The most e4ecti$e method is to %or& one-on-one %ith a man %ho has not had time to spea& %ith other Masons about the meeting.” *o) the rst thing the antimason chooses to emphasi;e here is that you mustplay false and not openly declare your position) then li&e a %olf %or&ing a <oc&) cut a “sheep” out for the “&ill”. =ersonally) # nd it repugnant %hen those deluded by antimasonic teachings turn children against their aged parents to harass them o$er this as # ha$e personally %itnessed happening repeatedly. >. *ontrolling + exercises control over the !e!bers. o!eti!es this is through fear, threatening loss of salvation if you leave the group. o!eti!es through indoctrination.  Threatening loss of sal$ation) chec&. (orsome of the other attempts to control through fear) loo& up ?ac& Chic&+s antimasonic pamphlet “The Curse of 2aphomet” %here only a cultic ritual destruction of all Masonic related regalia can sa$e the life of the couple+s son. @. (ndoctrination – possesses !ethods to reinforce the cult$s beliefs and standards where opposing views are ridiculed and often !isrepresented.  Constant refrain of assertions %ithout any proof for their $ie%s. The repetition of their position o$er and o$er and o$er again %ithout dealing %ithlogic) facts) conte3t or e$en dealing %ith *cripture %hen 'uoted against them sho%s a pattern of indoctrination..  %pocalyptic – to give the !e!bers a future focus and philosophical purpose in avoiding the apocalypse or being delivered through it  . ften cited as a “sign of the times” by misusing the $erses on end times deception to lin& to (reemasonry. f course) the logical <a% that deception should be increasing(!) ) %hich means (reemasonry should be gro%ing) but instead) all fraternal bodies are declining in membership as the population ages and more people are dying o4.B. xperience – various practices including !editation, repetition of words and'or phrases and -spiritual enlighten!ent with God are used as con)r!ation of their truth.  This one isn+t closely rele$ant unless it falls under the “spiritual” enlightenment clause because of the number of “christian” antimasons %ho rely on personal testimonies of being “con$icted” by some spirit) %hich gi$es them the authority to be un'uestioned by all “real Christians”.8. /ersecution – predictions of being persecuted, often co!bined with clai!ingany opposing views de!onstrated against the! as a for! of persecution.  Done deal) this is constant. Many have non-verifale elie systems 1. 0or exa!ple, they teach so!ething that cannot be veri)ed.  The best e3ample of this remains the anonymous Mason %ho) contrary to %hat (reemasonry teaches) has decided that “(reemasonry is all the religion he needs...”. Then someho% this applies to all Masons e$ery%here. (reemasonry specically instructs each memberthat they are to study their holy %ritings and attend their faith+s ser$ices. # ften, the philosophy !aes sense only if you adopt the full set of values and de)nitions that it teaches. 2ith this ind of belief, truth beco!es unveri)able, internali3ed, and easily !anipulated through the philosophical syste!s of its inventor.  This one rings a loud and clear bell) because the rst issue is the claim that (reemasonry is a religion. ,o% once you assume that one %ithout proof) actually contrary to obEecti$e facts) then you can gallop along adding in all &inds of trappings of religion freely and reinterpreting e$erything to suit your fancy and  agenda. The antimason %ho claims to be Christian cannot get out of the mindset of beliefs) pri$ate Fand sometimes hereticalG interpretations of *cripture and seriously %eird conspiracy theory “logic”. This is %hy “christian” antimasons often fail to ans%er 'uestions about their beliefs and *criptural interpretations) because they cannot defend them e3cept %ithin the frame%or& of their core antimasonic belief system. $he %ea&er o a ult 1.ften charis!atic and is considered very special for varying reasons. ã The leader has received a special revelation fro! God. Hery common) you can see it on many antimasonic sites) all based on testimonies about some spirit guiding them. ã The leader clai!s to be appointed by God for a !ission. !ell) starting up multiple ministries doesn+t count) does it /sarcasm ends ã The leader clai!s to have special abilities.  Their special “%ord” and “leading” that teaches them things taught to Masons that Masons don+t seem to remember being taught) any%here) at any time) in any lodge. 4. The leader is often above reproach and is not to be denied or contradicted.  *elf e$ident by reading antimasonic material e$ery%here. To contradict the pronouncements of the antimason %ho claims to be Christian is to be branded a liar) ignorant) stupid or $ery e$il. #n any case) not “%orthy” of 'uestioning someone as e3alted as the antimason.
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