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  CumulusX !   Soaring Environment Generator for Flight Simulator X Version 1.8 31.06.2010Peter LürkensPeter.luerkens@t–online.deCumulusX !  is an add-on or i rosot ®  #li$%t &imulator X or t%e reation o a soarin$ en'ironment. (t )as ins*ired +, t%e )ell-kno)n Cross Countr, &oarin$ 200 o ri Carden or #li$%t &imulator 200. CumulusX !   reates t%ermal lit )it% a**ro*riate louds eit%er on t%e l, e'er, time ne) in t%e en'ironment o ,our $lider )it% a )ide 'ariet, o %ara teristi s/ or +ased on ustom-tailored lists o t%ermals. ot% allo) oinin$ in online sessions/ t%ere+, eual onditions or all *arti i*ants an +e a %ie'ed. (t ada*ts automati all, and ontinuousl, to t%e internal )eat%er onditions o #li$%t &imulator X e'en under real-)eat%er-mode.CumulusX !  *rodu es 'ar,in$ rid$e-lit onditions in all areas o t%e )orld. (t tries also to *la e t%ermals in mountain areas a ordin$ to slo*e onditions and sun irradiation.%ermal and rid$e soarin$ are e4*erien ed )it% a om*letel, ne) ualit,. %e user an %oose t%e dii ult, le'el a ordin$ to %is5%er *ersonal skills rom 'er, eas, to realisti and dii ult. Disclaimer  The author hereby notifies that the implemented procedures and behaviours may differ significantly from the behaviour of real aircraft and excludes any liability for the adoption of inappropriate sills that may lead to accidents damage or personal in ury #hen applied to operation of real aircraft$The author refuses in addition any liability for un#anted effects on the computer on #hich the soft#are is installed and executed or #ith other soft#are or on a net#or%connected computer$  &icense Conditions and Terms of 'se Free#are &icense ➢ %e use o t%is sot)are is on t%e o)n risk o t%e user. %e aut%or $i'es no )arrant, or t%e un tionalit, and t%e a+sen e o un)anted intereren e )it% ot%er sot)are or %ard)are/ and is not lia+le or an, dama$e *rodu ed +, t%e sot)are. ➢ This includes explicitly any effects during operation of real airplanes according to the aforementioned disclaimer$ ➢ %e sot)are and its *rodu ts ma, +e used ree o %ar$e solel, or *ersonal use ➢ (t is e4*li itl, or+idden to distri+ute t%e *ro$ram in an, om+ination )it% an, ommer ial *rodu t/ in ludin$ ser'i es/ )it%out a )ritten onsent o t%e aut%or. lso re-usa$e o t%e ode and an, *art o it is e4*li itl, *ro%i+ited )it%out a )ritten onsent o t%e aut%or. (t is not allo)ed to re-en$ineer t%e *ro$ram ode. ➢ (t is not allo)ed to re-distri+ute t%e *ro$ram/ unless t%ere is an e4*li it onsent rom t%e aut%or. ➢ %e terms o t%is li ense ma, +e %an$ed +, t%e aut%or at an, time. ➢ %e sot)are ma, not +e used i t%e terms o t%is li ense are not a e*ted +, t%e user. ➢ , usin$ t%e *ro$ram t%e user a e*ts t%ese onditions. (dditional conditions for a personal license ➢ %e *ersonal li ense is a ontra t +et)een t%e aut%or o t%e sot)are 7li enser and t%e %older o t%e li ense 7li ensee and $ets ee ti'e/ )%en *a,ment is re ei'ed +, t%e aut%or. %e li ensee %as t%e o**ortunit, to %e k t%e suita+ilit, o t%e *ro$ram or %is *ur*oses in ad'an e +, means o t%e demo-mode. 9eunds are e4 luded a ordin$ to : ; 312d +s.. ➢   *ersonal li ense entitles to installation and usa$e o t%e sot)are on om*uters +elon$in$ to and used +, t%e li ensee or *ersonal *ur*oses. ➢   *ersonal li ense does not aut%ori<e *roessional or ommer ial use o t%e sot)are in an, )a,/ re$ardless o t%e intent o *rodu in$ in ome. %is e4 ludes also t%e oerin$ o ser'i es in onun tion )it% t%is sot)are. **l, or a ommer ial li ense instead. ➢ Li ensees )ill re ei'e su**ort or installation and o*eration o t%e sot)are or one ,ear/ startin$ rom t%e sendin$ o li ense iles +, t%e li enser. &u**ort is restri ted to installations on =indo)s o*eratin$ s,stems XP/ Vista and =indo)s >/ all su+-'ersions. &u**ort is $i'en in :erman and n$lis% lan$ua$es +, ele troni means 7e-mail/ )e+ orum/ remote terminal sessions onl,. ?o su**ort is $i'en or *ro+lems o intereren e )it% ot%er sot)are t%an #li$%t &imulator X and CumulusX ! . ➢ %e li enser *ro'ides Li ense #iles to t%e li ensee/ )%i % allo) li ensed o*eration o t%e sot)are on a om*uter o t%e li ensee. %e *ro$ram itsel %as to +e do)nloaded +, t%e li ensee rom t%e )e+ site o t%e aut%or. ➢ %e li ensee must *reser'e t%e li ense and *ro$ram iles at a sae *la e. ?o $uarantee is $i'en/ t%at t%e li enser re-su**lies t%ese in ase o loss.  ➢ %e li ensee must not $i'e a)a, t%e li ense iles in an, ase. :i'in$ a)a, t%e li ense iles )ill in ur t%e immediate loss o t%e ri$%t to use and or su**ort. %e li enser reser'es askin$ or dama$es in t%is ase. ➢ %e li ensee a e*ts ele troni stora$e o %is *ersonal data or t%e *ur*ose o administration o t%e relations%i* +et)een %im and t%e li enser. Personal data is neit%er $i'en to ot%er *arties nor used or ot%er *ur*oses. ➢ (n ase o indi'idual onditions o t%e li ense onditions +ein$ inee ti'e/ t%ese are re*la ed +, su+stitutin$ onditions )%i % are losest to t%e initial intent. %e ontra t remains ee ti'e re$ardless. %is ontra t is under t%e la) o t%e #ederal 9e*u+li o :erman,. Venue or ases o dissension is t%e domi ile o t%e li enser. ll ri$%ts reser'ed/ 7  200>-2010 Peter Lürkensr.-(n$. Peter Lürkens*eter.luerkens@t-online.deAir %eldstr. 6/ B2080 a %en/ :erman, ll #li$%t &imulator (n-:ame-& reens%ots are *u+lis%ed under t%e :ame Content sa$e 9ules o i rosot 7%tt*D55))).4+o4. om5en-&5 ommunit,5de'elo*er5rules.%tm  )hat*s +e# in ,ersion -$. ã Slipstream effect in lee of higher up#ind ridges (n *re'ious releases/ rid$e-lit )as determined mainl, +, t%e near+, terrain $radient/ in *arti ular )%en l,in$ lose to $round. %is led to an ee t/ t%at e'en at t%e $round o a dee* 'alle, a su+stantial rid$e-lit ould +e ound. ?o)/ CumulusX ! s ans a lar$e u*)ind re$ion to identi, o+sta les )%i % )ould s%ield slo*es rom air lo) and t%us eliminate rid$e-lit in su % situations. ã /mproved thermal placement in mountains (n t%e *re'ious 'ersion/ t%e t%ermal *la ement in mountain re$ions )as stron$l, im*ere t. &till not +ein$ *ere t t%e *la ement o t%ermals no) ollo)s mu % +etter t%e inluen e o )ind onditions. %ermals are $ettin$ limited *riorit, o'er rid$e lit/ so t%at t%ermals an +e used also in lee-side )it% redu ed stren$t%. ã Thermals reach ground in strong relief  Pre'iousl, t%e lit o a t%ermal de a,ed in $round *ro4imit,/ de*endin$ on t%e )eak $round la,er settin$. %is led to an ee t t%at t%ermals )ere dii ult to at % )%en lo ated o'er a stee* slo*e. ?o) t%e )eak $round la,er is redu ed o'er stee* slo*es and +e omin$ almost <ero a+o'e 30E slo*e an$le. ã +e# slanting method for (utoThermals &lantin$ o uto%ermals re o$ni<es no) a linearl, %an$in$ )ind *roile rom a**ro4. 300 m :L u* to t%e t%ermal eilin$. %ere+, it ollo)s also t%e rotation o t%e )ind dire tion. %is $i'es a more natural 'erti al *roile o t%e t%ermal. (n additon/ t%ermal olumns are mostl, *re'ented rom leanin$ into t%e terrain at stee* slo*es +, t%e )ind. ã Cloud si0e indicates strength of lift Pre'iousl, t%e louds si<e )as onl, de*endin$ on t%ermal diameter. ?o) t%e loud si<e is also inluen ed +, t%e stren$t% o t%e lit. &o +i$ louds indi ate more likel, stron$ lit and 'i e 'ersa. ã Thermal &ifecycle %ermal lit starts no) on $roudn irst/ e'ol'in$ u*)ards u* to t%e t%ermal eilin$. =%en t%is is rea %ed/ a loud is de'elo*ed. t t%e end/ lit sto*s on $round irst/ )%ile t%e loud remains until t%e t%ere is no lit at all an,more. +ote1 The follo#ing features are available only in the registered mode   and in demo mode around /nnsbruc 2&3)/4 (ustria$ /t is assumed ho#ever that they do not influence soaring performance in general so participation in competitions should not depend on license status$ ã Smart%To# (n t%e ori$inal *ro$ram t%e to)-*lane ollo)ed a sim*le strai$%t li$%t *at%/ re$ardless o terrain o+sta les and t%e urrent t%ermal situation/ sometimes resultin$ into a C#( ras% 7F ontrolled li$%t into terrainG. %e smart to) allo)s no) to oni$ure in t%e irst *art or a ir uit *attern 7let or ri$%t/ and *ro eeds t%ereater to t%e ne4t t%ermal. %ere+, risin$ terrain is a'oided. %is eature is still in a 'er, earl, *%ase/ and C#(-e'ents ma, still o ur in some ases. Please read t%e manual %a*ter on H&mart o)F ã )ing%tip lift upon entry in thermals %e air rat rea ts no) +, litin$ t%e ti* o t%e )in$ to)ards t%e enter o a t%ermal )%en enterin$ t%e lit re$ion in an o+liue an$le.
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