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  JAMES MARVIN EARL E. CASTRO MBA 2 MARKETING MANAGEMENT RESEARCH 2007 SLU CAC Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a new system that is different from the traditional marketing research. Far from using traditional methodologies in research, CRM uses a more interactive tool which is “co - creation”, whereby customers share their i deas with the business firm. Their ideas and opinions about the services they acquire serve as feedback and are used by the firm to enhance their product or service. The information is gathered through forums, inquiries or blogs in virtual communities mainly because the use of the internet is becoming more prominent in the market. This way it can be easier to gather first hand raw data and the respondent participation is bigger. The downside however is that there is no safeguarding from false or unqualified respondents and there is also risk from manipulated feedback from competitors, which can be detrimental to the firm’s business. In public service organizations such as the government, there is no direct competition simply because it is the sole provider of certain services. However, in agencies such as the Professional Regulation Commission, being a national government agency that has regional branches, the challenge is more of becoming the best office in the entire city, in the entire commission, and possibly, in the entire country. The reason behind is that performance is measured in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The revenue generated is remitted directly to the national government; this determines effectiveness, employee performance and savings from expenses determines efficiency. These factors are directly affected by the number of applicants as manifested by the volume of transactions it handles for and with the general public and other agencies involved. Indeed it is becoming harder to decipher the modern customer through traditional market research alone. And although we are a service and non profit oriented organization, we still have to treat the public the way private firms treat their clients. Aside from that, we are not exempted from the ever changing trends in communication and e-commerce brought about by globalization. This implies that we must either catch up with the trend or be the first in government to innovate changes in electronically transacting with the public because undeniably have a huge number of registered professionals working abroad. The only means by which they can transact with PRC is though the Internet. For minor transactions such as license verifications, license renewals, and ratings/eligibility verifications can potentially be done online. The best way to back this up is to gather first hand data from the transacting public. We hear ideas, suggestions and opinions through one on one transactions and through phone transactions but the best way to gather and collate all of these is to put up a blog site, a virtual community or a separate website for PRC Baguio Regional Office where we can gather comments and suggestions, answer queries and post media advisories pertaining to our schedules, regulations, changes in procedures, or any other important information that we need to divulge to the public. This can benefit both PRC and the public as  it will provide us direct feedback to improve our services, give the public a channel to voice out their ideas that could probably minimize, if not, eliminate the tendency of getting bad press, administrative problems, and even prevent the spark from turning into a fire in terms of anomalies and other irregularities which may cause as a window for corruption that can cause serious damage to the Commission. I f we can improve our services, then maybe other regional offices can benchmark on our systems and maybe even be the organization by which other government agencies can base their standards from. Using CRM can greatly improve and help us turn our services into world-class quality. Through the tradition of action research we can apply developmental action inquiry    to help us develop new form of leadership because among our pool of employees, it is notable that most of us staff are good front liners but we still have a weak bench for potential administrators. We can also use reflective practice  to focus on how our staff reflect on their own actions, and lastly, the evaluative inquiry   which focuses on inquiry that generates organizational learning. These things need to be given attention because even though they may seem irrelevant to our busy schedule, they may even be the change agents that we need to improve our services.
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