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Everything you need to know about me so I can earn a living in what I love to do. Simple as that, eh?
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  Cartoonist-Illustrator-Graphic Designer-Animator-Whateverer Email: twitter: @DaveyDoodlebug Mobile: 070 !! #!$ Landline:  0% &$ & $$#0 '()*+,A A)I/(* Enthusiastic, sociable, dedicated, quick-witted, loves to express and challenge myself by exploring new ideastechniques! lthough # specialise mainly in the comic arts, utilising both traditional and cutting edge methods, # am open to adapt my skills to other styles when told to stop mucking around, such as designs for corporate identities and merchandising! 12 *3I* $ daptable at using both Mac % &'! $ (illingness to adapt to any medium or style the brief  requires!$ )alues brainstorming % sketchwork as a important component to creativity!$ *bsession with time management and working by a schedule!$ ble to finding solutions to problems which occur!$ +alances a cheeky sense of humour with a professional attitude! ')(4I+* (5'()I(,C(  6,( 00& - esigned artwork for ingswinford-based band .he Effects of &!'!/s My0pace page 00&-0%%  - 'ontributed various cartoons % articles on cartoons to the 1un of the Mill maga2ine!  6A,A)2 0%%  - 'reated the /1usky the 0quirrel/ comic strip featured in the )illager Maga2ine for ingswinford-(ordsley-(all 3eath area  6,( 0%% - esigned beer labels for the /'elebration le/ to commemorate the 45 year anniversary of the 6lasshouse 'ollege!  6,( 0%% - &roduced several illustrations for a children/s colouring set sold at 1uskin 6lass 'entre 'afe, 0tourbridge! *11() 0%%  - 'reated animated logo for eep ctive 7itness 'lub and their website! 0%%-0% - .ook a year-long break from commissions to focus on getting a diploma!  6A,A)2-6,( 0%  - (rote and illustrated /.1#&&E ELE'.1#'/ graphic novel as my final ma8or in 6raphic esign! 1A)C8 0%  - &roduced two illustrations in cartoon style for the udley 9oological 6ardens/ website! +C+/() 0%  - #llustrated a logo for freelance motion  graphics producer #oweoscar a!k!a! iggy;  62 0%$  - 3elped to create a painted mural as part of the +lack 'ountry 7estival in 0tourbridge! *('(1/() 0%$  - <sed my vector illustration skills to design a double-sided leaflet to help promote = &ro8ect youth centre in +rierley 3ill! 9AI:ICAI+,* ; W+)3 (5'()I(,C( A')I 00# - 6,( 00& - 'ompleted 0 > Levels 4 % ? *('(1/() 00&-62 0%0  - 'ompleted 4? *'>s in various arts % crafts modules, including: rt 3istory Levels 4 % ?;, mask production, weaving, wool processing, leatherwork, glass cuttingengraving, green woodwork, pottery, bron2e casting % bow making in my first two years at 6lasshouse 'ollege, 0tourbridge *('(1/() 0%0-62 0%% - 7or my third % final year at 6lasshouse, # was provided work placements at various workshops in the 1uskin 6lass 'entre, including evin +arry, 0tourbridge 6lass Engravers % &aul 7loyd 7used 6lass (orkshop! *('(1/() 0%%-6,( 0% - 1eceived a Level @ +.E' Extended iploma in 6raphic esign A udley Evolve rt % esign formerly known as Mons 3ill 'ampus; 7inal grade: istinction-istinction-Merit! (DCAI+, *('(1/() 00 - 6,( 00& -  .he ingswinford 0chool, ingswinford left with B 6'0Es; I,()(**  'artooning, writing, painting, listening to % making music, amateur photography, socialising, taking care of my two wonderful doggies! ++* +: 8( )AD( &ens, pencils, brush and ink, paper, graphics tablet, Laptop, dobe &hotoshop % 7lash, 0erif raw&lus, igital camera, braincells, fingertips! +,I,( (5A1'(* +: W+)3  www!trippedelectric!tumblr!comwww!flickr!comphotosdavey-doodlebugwww!daveiscoolyeah!deviantart!com THANKS FOR READING, NOW GIZZA JOB YOU SWEATY HOOFTAS!
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