CV Dmitry Badiarov, November 2014

Dmitry Badiarov, Full CV and resume.
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    Dmitry BADIAROV Violin maker, Bow  maker, Violinist, Violoncellist da spalla  Academic Curriculum Vitæ and Résumé    Jan van Beersstraat, 137 2523JT The Hague  The Netherlands phone +31 6 1125 7695 Email:   Page of 110Dmitry Badiarov  academic CV and résumé  CONTENTS Résumé p.2 Academic CV 1.Professional experience as a craftsman p.2 ãViolin & bow maker:   training    experience   major international exhibitions   major lectures   other lectures and courses   membership to professional bodies   publications   other   2. Professional experience as a musician p.7 ã   modern violinist   ã   baroque violinist   ã    violoncellist da spalla    3. Degrees p.9 4. Hobbies p.10 5. Languages p.10 Résumé Dmitry Badiarov is a traditionally trained violin maker and violinist. He started his   apprenticeship at the age of 11 and consequently studied at the best violin making     workshops of Russia and Italy. He graduated from St.Petersburg and Brussels   Conservatories, taught violin making in Italy at the School of Arts and Crafts of Pieve   di Cento $  Ferrara   %  and at Daikanyama Academy of Music Tokyo. He was also a guest   lecturer at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, exhibited his instruments at the   major fairs in Tokyo, Cremona, New York and Boston. He made instruments for some   of the finest musicians, soloists and orchestra members such as Aalborg Symphony,   St.Petersburg Philharmonic, La Petite Bande, Bach Collegium Japan etc. More info on   Page of 210Dmitry Badiarov  academic CV and résumé  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1. VIOLIN & BOW MAKER 1992  2014 Badiarov Violins. Atelier for fine violin making. Services : making career  grade violins, tonal adjustments, repair, restoration, consulting.  Atelier has been active in St.Petersburg, Brussels, Tokyo. Training 1997 Violin making course with Luca Primon; Scuola Civica di Liuteria, Milan. 1990 93 Apprenticeship at the workshop of Vladimir Yakimenko, St.Petersburg. 1982 84 Apprenticeship at the workshop of luthier creator Vladimir Oiberman, Nalchik, South Russia. Basic techniques of instrument making and research. Experience 2010 2014 Violin making atelier in The Hague. Custom made fine violins, repair, re hair, organisation of violin related events $  concerts and master classes  %  at his atelier 2006 7 Research and recreation of the 17th century Germanic instruments for La Petite Bande. 2004 5 Research and recreation of the late 17th early 18th century baroque violoncello da spalla for Sigiswald Kuijken. 2006  Opening a violin making studio in Tokyo.  Academic Curriculum Vitæ 2002 Opening Violin making atelier in Brussels Specialization in period instruments and bows. Repair and re hair, research into violin making in the 17th 18th centuries. Making custom made fine instruments. 1995 Research: baroque, classical and romantic violins. 1992 94 Establishing as a violin maker and restorer in St.Petersburg. Major international exhibitions 2013 Mondomusica Cremona, International Exhibition of Hand crafted Musical Instruments 2013 Mondomusica New York, 1st International Strings Trade Show and Seminar 2013 Boston Early Music Festival Exhibition 2012   Gengakki Fair Tokyo   2014 Modomusica New York, 2nd International Strings Trade Show and Seminar Page of 310Dmitry Badiarov  academic CV and résumé  Major lectures 2012 Lecture at Sorbonne University, Paris. Preserving the Heritage: solving problems in the preservation of historical stringed instruments. 2012 Lecture at the Conference of  Association Europeenne de Conservatoires  in Bremen. Preserving the Heritage: solving problems in the preservation of historical stringed instruments. Other lectures and courses 2014 Lecture for the Suzuki Method Association, Matsumoto, Japan. Basics of tonal adjustments, maintenance, and introduction into the history of baroque violin. 2014 Lecture for the students of The Hague Conservatoire. Basics of tonal adjustments. 2012 Lecture for the students of Utrecht Conservatoire. History and practice of the violoncello da spalla.   2010 2014   Violin making courses at Badiarov Violins atelier in The Hague. 2007 2009 Violin making teacher at Daikanyama Ongakuin, Tokyo Guest lecturer at The National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo. 2007 2010 Regular workshops for baroque violin players. 2006 Violoncello da spalla in the works of J.S.Bach, Royal Conservatory The Hague. 2005 Violoncello da spalla in the works of J.S.Bach  Flanders Center, International House Osaka, Japan.  Ikegamijissouji, within the framework of “Gut Cafe”  the regular  violoncello masterclass of Hidemi Suzuki, Tokyo, Japan. 1998   Sharpening oboe reed knives Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Belgium. Storia delle trasformazzioni degli strumenti ad arco Scuola di Artigianato Artistico del Centopievese, Pieve di Cento, Ferrara, Italy. ã Introduction of a “new” type of baroque violin. 1997 Some organologic aspects of baroque violin  lecture & recital  Accademia di Musica Antica, Rovereto. ã Introduction of a “new” type of baroque violin. 1997 Giving courses at Scuola di Artigianato Artistico, Pieve di Cento, Ferrara, Italy. ã Repair, restoration and conservation. ã Restoration ethics. ã Historical varnishing. 2002 Tokyo & Osaka consulting Organologic aspects of baroque violin for baroque and modern players and violin makers. Page of 410Dmitry Badiarov  academic CV and résumé
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