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CV Instruction
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  WOLVTRHAM?'ION careeB and str}'*r s.dlces Employability kills 1 Your CV There are no strict ules bout writing CV andno single emplate hat everyone hould ollow,but here s a lot of advice we can give you ohelp ou make our CV effective. ollow hetips n his uide nd use he sample Vs ogive you deas or your own CV.Creating good CV akes ime and effort, ndthe process s never eally inished. You needto keep evising our CV and eassessing tscontent n he ight f how your experience ndplans ave hanged. n up{o-date V sessential orApplying uickly o ob advertisements:lvlaking peculative pplications oemployersiNetworking o develop xperience,knowledge nd contacts;Handing o employers t Careers airs;Organising our xperience, kills ndqualities o hat you are eady o presentthem n an aDolication orm or an nterview.Because reparing CV nvolves ou nthinking bout ll he hings ou have chievedand are good t, as well s he hings ou wantto achieve n he uture, t is an mportant art ofyour areer lanning rocess. Presentotion Presentation s crucial. f your cV is untidy ndbadly rganised, n employer ill not get as aras considering he content, o matter owbrilliant hat s. Use good uality 4 paper nda single, modern ypeface, uch as Arial orHelvetica. e consistent n your ayout. Forexample f your dates are on he eft hand idein your Educatio, ection, ut hem on he efthand ide n your Employmenf ection. Aligncolumns arefully nd don't have oo manydifferent ertical tarting oints cross he page;two s usually nough. Keep our CVuncluttered y avoiding xllaneous unctualion:for example, here s no need o use colonsafter your headings r full stops t he end ofyour name and address. Don't ram oo muchonto he page; here hould e plenty f whitespace rcund he ext o make t easier of anemployer o read. Embolden ext or headings,rather han nderlining, s underlining s a convention f handwriting. Accurocy Double heck ll your pelling nd grammar;you could ule yourself ut of consideration ustthrough arelessness. t is very easy o readover your own mistakes ithout oticing hem,so get someone lse o check or you. Don'trely on he spellchecking acility n yourcomputer. Language Use positive, ctive anguage. n practice hismeans sing ots of verbs o say what you doand have done. Avoid epetition nd unnecessary ords. Short. unchy hrasesfollowing n rom a bullet oint re often moreeffective n a CV han sentences n paragraphs.Use he vocabulary f he ndustry ou wish oenter, without esorting o argon rabbreviations. on't istance ourself rom heaction y using hrases uch s'l helped o... 'l was nvolved n ..', or make t sound s f youonly id something ecause omeone lsemade ou, g. As part f my degree had o...' Torget your CV Your CV needs o change epending n hejobyou are applying or. Highlight he skills ndexperiences hat are most elevant o the roleyou are seeking. Use all he nformation ouhave about he career, he organisation nd hevacancy o make ure ou highlight he rightthings. Use he same ind f vocabulary s youhave come across n your esearch.Other ways oftargeting our CV are byincluding Career Aifis section nd bycustomising our headings o point out he mostrelevant xperience o an employer. orexample fyou are applying or a marketingposition nd have ots of work experience, nlysome of which s n marketing, ou couldhighlight our marketing xperience y having G)Careers..a mployment e :.s, Universrty i Wolverhair tor 2007  Ma*eting Expedence ection nd hen anOther E m ployment sectlon.It should e obvious o anyone eading our CVwhat kind ofjob you are ooking or. Allocotion f Spoce Factors hat are most mportant hould ake upmost pace n your CV and hould, enerallyspeaking, ome n a prominent lace, e nearthe op of your CV or on he irst page.As a current r uture raduate, our CV shouldnormally e 2 pages ong. Only resent single age CV f specifically sked o do so.Even f you have a vast ange f qualificationsand experience, oing onto a third or ourthpage does not automatically ake our CVbetter. Being oncise nd selective s a skill nCV writing. onsider hat n employer ouldbe able o read and assimi'ate n one or twominutes. Your coverina etter Here s your opportunity o show ourenthusiasm nd ommitment nd larify ourmotivation. raw he employer's ttention othe highlights f your CV, but don't epeat he facts n t. CV Somples/Templotes Look at a range f sample CVs, n his eaflet, nbooks nd on he nternet, nd use he deasyou gain o h€lp you create our own CV.However on't copy he structure r phrasing fany one CV completely;your V should eindividual nd nobody lse's V would eexactly ight or you. For he same eason, t isinadvisable o use he CV emplates ousometimes ome across n he nternet. Thesearc restrictive nd t is always bvious hensomeone as used one. Occasionally tudentsand raduates onside. aying CV writingservice o comoile CV or hem. This s anunnecessary xpense, makes pdating ifficult,and, n any case, how can such a service nowyou well nough? CVs n this leoflet This eaflet hows ou wo versions fthe sameperson's V a chronological ercion nd askills based ersion. hese erms arecommonly sed o describe ifferent ypes ofCV. but you will see hat here s nformationabout kills n the chronological ersion nd OCareeE ria n?loy.r..l Serlces, Universriy f r:'Jol .,ar ptor :007 chronological nformation n he skills asedversion. However he emphasis s different ndyou might eed o combine spects f eachtype of CV n order o ensure ou marketyourself n he best way.Please note that Sa y Barker, whose CV isused n this eaflet, s not a real person, andmany details of organisations and coursesmentioned n her CV are inaginary. Thesample CVs aim to give you ideas on possiblestructures, ayouts and anguage or an effectiveCV, but do not aim or claim o represent act. Lnf OnOlO9lCOl V (Exornple ) . This CV s a chronological ecord f whatSally has done. Reverse hronology iemost ecent xperience isted irst)focuses he reader n he most ecentthing ou have one, hich s normallythe most elevant.It s common nd effective o use yourname as he itle, ather han he wordsCurriculum itae.Make ourself s easy o contact spossible y ncluding ostal, hone ndemailcontact etails. se a suitablybusiness-like mail lias n your CV andconsider he mplications f ncluding mobile hone umber. \,4any eoplespeak ery casually n mobiles nd akecalls n circumstances hat would make thard o sound rofessional, g. on a bus,In a pub.The CV s a about he ight ength. voidfinishing alfiray own he second age.A Car eerAlm s used o show hat hecurrent pplication its nto Sally's areerplans, nd ndeed hat she has a careerplan. t signposts er academic evel andexperience ery briefly nd shouldengage he nterest f an employer ndmake him or her want o read he rest. ACareer im s more effective han hemuch ess specific ersonal rofile hatpeople ometimes nclude. he whole Vis a personal rollle: list of your ualities(ha.d orking, etermined tc.)tends obe waffly nd say ittle. Anyone ouldsay hey were riendly, r at east nobodywould ay hey were unfriendly nstead,2  let your personal ualities ome acrossthrough he evidence f your skills ougive n he rest of your CV.. Notice hat Sally's egree akes up a lotmore pace han her previousqualifications. ou need o give somedetail bout our degree. Don't assumethat he itle of your degree willautomatically ell an employer hat ouknow, what you can do or where ourinterests ie. Highlight ome f hemodules hat are most elevant o heapplication ou are making, ut imit hisbetween and 6 modules. An employerwould be most unlikely o read a full yearby year ist fallyour modules.. At this stage t is unnecessary o ist allyour GCSES, ust ay how many ou haveat grades - C and ndicate f thisincludes nglish nd maths. Do not drawattention o subjects nd courses ouhave ailed. Never ie about our grades.. fhe Employment ection escribes heskills nd qualities ally eveloped nddemonstrated n herjobs, ather hanbeing ist of duties. Remember hatmany kills r€ ransferable o differentjobs, o never ismiss ny ob asirrelevant o yo.rr ur.ent pplication.Common lternative itles or his sectionarc Wo* Expeience, ul his sreminiscent f the wo weeks ou spentwith an employer hile you were atschool, ot Employment History/WotkHistory, ut as you are wanting o showhow his experience inks o your uture tis better o avoid he word history.. Bullet oints ake t easy o read, ndmake t possible o use more pithy,straight o he point phrases. Aim o havean active nd positive ord straight fterthe bullet oint; verb n the past enseworks well, eg completed, chieved,developed-. Your rterests ection an help heemployer ee what you arc ike as aperson, ut t is also an opportunity oftenwasted)to emonstrate ther kills andqualities hat are desirable o anemployer. onsider he activities hat youcould nclude n his section hen analysethe activity o say why t makes ou moreemployable. on't expect n employer oread between he ines. Say n your CVwhat kills nd ualities his ntefest ivesyou. You can oflen eframe our nterestsinto Skills nd Achievemerfs hich helpsto make hem appear mofe career- related.Give ull contact etails ftwo referees nyour CV and ay what heir elationship oyou s, eg. personaltutor, ine manager.Always heck hat hey are willing o provide reference nd keep hemposted n what you arc applying or andwhy, so hat hey can make meaningfolcomments. t is normally etterto avoidsaying References vailable n request,as this can make t ook as f you have notgot he agreement f appropriatereferees, mplying hat you are not verywell organised, r even hat you havesomething o hide. As a student r newgraduate ou wourd ormally e expectedto have an academic eferee rom heUniversity nd a referee rom a workperspectrve. Skills-bosed CV (€xornpte ) This s Sally's kills ased V. Thisapproach makes s easier o combine kills,strengths nd experience ained rom avariety f situations. t s particularly elpfulif you have gained he skills elevant oryour chosen ob rom your study rinterests, ather han paid employment. tcan also be usefulfor mature andidateswho are seeking career hange, nd wantto emphasise ransferable kills ather hanexperience hich, without his kind of analysis, ppears o be unrelated o he obthey are applying or.It can be easier o structure skills basedCV so hat t reflects he skills emanded ythe employer n he ob description. oucan use headings rom he personspecification. his makes argeting asySally s applying or a post as an AssistantTourism Officer ith her ocal ouncil ndhas analysed he ob advert r obdescription o identify he main skillsfequired nd hen used hese as headingsin her skills profile. She has llustrated achskill with evidence f how she has used anddeveloped t through er studies, ork andinterests. ,gaareers nd Engloyment, niversity f arrl:rton 2007  Example : S,llly's Jgj. . CV Sally Barker Oate f Birth 22 September g8sAddress 22 HoIy Gardens. Wolverhampton V3 1 XZEmall Home) OZZS tt iAnMobile O7B7 23456 EDUCATION 2003 2007 CAREER IM Recent raduate n Tourism nd French ith experience fwork n a busy ourist nformation entre:ii ::??o;xl** .er care ski|s, now seekins o pursue career n the promoiion nd devetopment2001- 20031996 2001University f WolverhamptonBA Hons)Tourjsm nd French .1. Modules nclude isitor ttraction \4anagement, eritage ourismManagement, \4arketing or Travel nO ourism, europian ourism. Finar ear project n [,4arketjng he Btack Country Museum ut.,J n w r,Midlands eoion. Elected o spend year as an exchange tudent t the University f paris. Developed resentatjon, T and eamwork ki sWolverhampton oltegeA levels n Business tudies C), French D), erman D)Wolverhampion igh School8 GCSEs Grades - C) ncloding ngtish nd Maths EMPLOYMENT 2005 2006 University f parisEnglish anguage ssistant. Organised nd detivered onversation lasses o groups f students. Utilised variety f eaching esources, ncluding language aooratory. produced a leaflet or students o help hem oca-te ppLpnate ntineresources o develop heir nqtish. Developed resourceful, maginative pproach o teachlng n order o inspjreny studentsSummer 004 Black Country ourist nformation entreInformation ssistant. provided information, ooking nd etailing ervice n busy TtC. L,sed esearch nd T skilts o produce opular eries f teaflets n gujded ..:areef. and Emplo:,rent ervic,:.. niy.r-sity f iajo ve*, mra.]:r 017
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