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Internal Auditor Examination for ISO 9001:2008
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  INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Name: _____________________ Dept.:_____________ Date: __________ INTERNAL AUDITOR EXAMINATION INSTRUCTIONS : A) This examination consists the following sections :-SECTION ONE – Obecti!e t #e $%estions&Note – Tic' onl a single o#tion an( a!oi( coection * o!ewiting)+, x ,, ma'sSECTION T.O – /esci#ti!e t #e $%estions&Note – /escibe in bief the ight answe),0 x ,1, ma'sSECTION T2REE – Case St%(  &Note – /escibe in bief the ight sol%tion),0 x ,+, ma'sTOTA3 4AR5S 50 MARKS 6) Total time fo com#letion is 60 MINUTES  onl 7 SECTION ONE 1.Which of the following is none of the eight principles of quality management?a)Customer focusb)Process Approachc)Leadershipd)Continual mpro!emente) limination of Waste #.Process Approach consists of which of the following?a)$nderstanding and fulfilling requirementsb)Considering processes in terms of added !aluec)%btaining results of process performance and effecti!enessd)Continual impro!ement of processes based on ob&ecti!e measuremente)All of the abo!e '.Continual impro!ement can be achie!ed by which of the following?a)(reathrough pro&ects leading to re!ision of e*isting processes or implementation of new processesb)+mall,step ongoing impro!ement acti!ities conducted within e*isting processesc)Continuous stride in day,to,day acti!itiesd)(oth -a) and -b) e)(oth -b) and -c)./Continual mpro!ement0 means /A recurring acti!ity to increase the ability to fulfill requirements0a)rue b)2alse Page 1 of 4  INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 3.According to +% 45516#5578 the term /Product0 refers to which of the following?a)+er!ices -e.g. transport)b)+oftware -e.g. computer program)c)9ardware -e.g. engine mechanical part)d)Processed :aterials -e.g. lubricant)e)All of the abo!e ;.he /Action to eliminate the cause of a potential nonconformity or other undesirable potential situation0 is called as < a)Correcti!e actionb)Pre!enti!e action c)Correctiond)(oth -a) and -c)=. lement of an organi>ations acti!ities or products or ser!ices that can interact with the en!ironment is called as < a) n!ironmental aspect b) n!ironmental impactc)@one of the abo!e7.Which of the following one must consider while determining en!ironmental aspects?a) n!ironmental criteria -scale8 se!erity8 frequency8 etc. of an en!ironmental aspect)b)Applicable legal requirements -emission  discharge limits8 etc.)c)Concerns of internal and e*ternal interested parties -public image8 noise8 odour8 etc.)d)All of the abo!e 4.he procedure to identify potential situations and accidents that can ha!e ad!erse en!ironmental impact and B or significant %9+ ris in!ol!ed is called as < a) n!ironmental aspect,impact assessmentb) mergency preparedness and response c)Critical incident reco!ery pland)9a>ard identification and ris assessment15. Process of participation and consultation includes which of the following?a)n!ol!ement of worers in ha>ard identification8 incident in!estigation8 %9+ policy and ob&ecti!esb)epresentation of worers on %9+ mattersc)Consultation with contractors where changes affect their %9+d)All of the abo!e Page 2 of 4  INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 SECTION TWO 1.What is meant by /P,D,C,A0? (riefly describe the concept in terms of :+.#.(y what means the customer satisfaction can be assessed?'. *plain briefly any three criteria for determining controls of identified ha>ards? . Define the steps in controlling measuring and monitoring equipment? 3. List any fi!e factors to be considered while identifying en!ironmental aspects? Page 3 of 4  INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 SECTION THREE TaskW!k #$ # %&! '(a)s  discuss and reach agreement in respect of the scenarios listed belowon the following6, ♦  Which clause or sub,clause of either +% 45516#5578 +% 15516#55 or %9+A+175516#55= is applicable? ♦  s there sufficient e!idence to raise a @on,Conformance eport? ♦  Alternati!ely8 state the reason for not raising a @C and identify what further information isneeded to mae a decision. ach team member will be ased to present some of the answers to the other delegates. nsure that you elect a spoesperson to manage this process. Case #1 During an audit8 while doing the physical rounds of the premises8 it was obser!ed that there was leaage of @E from le!el gauge while changing glass at scrubber. $pon enquiring8 it was learnt that there ha!e been similar incidents earlier with repeated leaage from le!el gauge during glass change at scrubber. dentify the clause according to each of the three standards < +% 45516#557 +% 15516#55 %9+A+ 175516#55=-Additional6 As an internal auditor what recommendation would you pro!ide for action plan?@% < Attempt only if you ha!e e*tra time B @o additional mars for attempting this additional question) Case #2 While auditing8 the auditor noticed that there was a light blue ha>e in the area being audited. Adiscussion with the fine,wire winding shop super!isor indicated that she had not any thoughtsabout the potential %9+ consequences of operating the de,lacquering cabinet with thee*tractor fan not woring * +he said that she had not reported the failure of the air e*tractor fan in the de,lacquering cabinet. +he went on to say that the operating instruction was to start the fan prior to each stripping operation8 but did not state that it should not be operated if not woring. he super!isor also stated that the maintenance people were in a meeting with management and they normally called by , when the meeting finished8 she would mention the problem then.dentify the rele!ant clause < %9+A+ 175516#55= Page 4 of 4

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