Daily Routines 2009

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  My father wakes me up at 7 o´clock I wake up at 8 o’clock Does my father wake me up?Do I wake up at 8 o’clock?My father doesn't wake me up. ' ’  You use the Present !mple when you want to talk a out someth!n# you do re#ularly.  “I usually catch the bus.” $o talk a out facts that are #enerally true. “The sun rises every day.”  You can also use the present s!mple when you want to talk a out your thou#hts and feel!n#s at the present moment. “I don't want to feel as if you don't like me.” %orm   &se lways( often( usually( somet!mes( fre)uently( seldom( e*ery day( oncea week( #enerally+ “I often dance and do a show.”   $hey !nd!cate how often someth!n# occurs and are #enerally used w!th Present !mple. ,e usually put these ad*er s- efore full *er s- dr!*e( say( feel./e always #oes to school at 8 o’clock d*er 0 *er fter the *er e. /!s father !s somet!mes t!red !n thee*en!n#. %orm&se   Pos!t!on   1. ,ake up2. 3et up4. $ake a shower5. rush 6my teeth. ,ash 6my face9. ha*e7. Dry 6my ha!r8. rush 6my ha!r:. ;om 6my ha!r1<. Put on make up11. $ake a ath12. 3et dressed14. /a*e reakfast15. 3o to work 1. 3o ack home19. 3et undressed17. ;ook 18. /a*e lunch1:. /a*e d!nner2<. Dr!nk 21. ,atch $=22. 3o to ed24. leep    Write the frequency adverbs in the right place : 1.She is happy (usually) ______________________________________ 2.He maes his bed. (al!ays) __________________________________  .She !aes up at seven. ( #ften) _______________________________ $.% study #n Saturdays. (never) _________________________________ &.She g#es t# sch##l by bus. (never) ____________________________ 'ill in the blans !ith the c#rrect f#rm (resent Simple) #f the verbs in bracets.1.ary __________ (g#) t# the bathr##m and __________ (!ash) her face.2.__________ she __________ breafast f#r her br#ther* (prepare) . ar __________ (tae) his d#g f#r a !al in the par every day.$.__________they __________ t# sch##l every day* (g#)&.+evin s#metimes __________ l#st in ,isb#n . (get)-.__________ Susan __________ the pian#* #/ she __________. She __________ the guitar. (play)0.ary __________ (!atch)  bef#re dinner.3.% al!ays __________ (get up)at 0 #4cl#c5sing the present simple and frequency adverbs !rite ab#ut y#ur daily r#utine. ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________   1.   wake up 2.   Get up 3.   Take a shower 4.   Brush (my teeth 5.   Wash (my) face 6.   Shave 7.   Dry (my) hair 8.   Brush (my) hair 9.   Comb (my) hair 10.   Put on make up 11.   Take a bath 12.   Get dressed 13.   ave breakfast 14.   !o to work 15.   !o back home 16.   Get undressed 17.   Cook 18.   ave unch 19.   ave dinner 20.   Drink 21.   Watch T# 22.   !o to bed 23.   S eep  
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