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  DANSART SECURITY FORCE & ALLIED SERVICES COMPANY and DANILO A.SARTE vs.  JEAN O. BAGOY G.R. No. 16! # J$% '( ')1)Fa*+s, Respondent Jean O. Bagoy was employed by Dansart Security Force andAllied Services Company to guard the establishments o its various clients.!owever rom April #$$$ until %ovember &''# respondent had allegedly beencaught sleeping on the (ob and incurred absences without leave or which he wasgiven notices o disciplinary action. Respondent )led with the Regional ArbitrationBranch a Complaint against petitioners or underpayment o salaries and non*payment o overtime pay holiday pay premium pay #+th month pay and serviceincentive leave pay. ,etitioners countered that it was respondent who abandonedher wor- beginning %ovember &''#. ,etitioners li-ewise presented several reportsissued by the %ational Capital Region Department o abor and /mployment0DO/1 stating that all mandatory wage increases and other related monetarybene)ts were complied with by petitioner security agency in rebuttal o respondent2s claim o non*payment o wages and bene)ts. 3he abor Arbiter issued a Decision avorable to respondent with regard toher money claims but did not rule on the issue o illegal dismissal as this was notincluded in her complaint. 3he oregoing Decision was appealed to the %RC whichheld that the DO/ reports stating that petitioner security agency had beencomplying with all mandatory wage increases and other monetary bene)ts shouldbe given proper respect. Respondent )led a petition or certiorari with the Court o Appeals under Rule 45 which held that the resolution o the %RC should beset aside and the abor Arbiter2s Decision be reinstated. Iss$-, 6hether the DO/ Certi)cations should be considered as su7cient proo thatpetitioners paid respondent proper wages and all other monetary bene)ts to whichshe was entitled as an employee. -%d, %o. 3he abor Arbiter as sustained by the CA ruled that the DO/ reports statingthat petitioners have not violated any provision o the abor Code nor is there anypending case with said government agency )led against the respondent and theOrder o the DO/ Regional Director dated January #8 &''# stating that petitionersecurity agency has complied with the payment o bac-wages or &8$ guards areinsu7cient to prove that petitioners have indeed paid respondent whatever is due  her. On the other hand the %RC considered the very same pieces o evidence assubstantial proo o payment. T/- Co$0+ /as 0--a+-d% 0$%-d +/a+ an do$2+ a03s3n4 50o +/- -va%$a+3ono5 -v3d-n*- as 2-+7--n +/- -%o-0 and +/- -%o-- $s+ 2- 0-so%v-d3n 5avo0 o5 +/- %a++-0 . Mo0-ov-0( 3+ 3s s-++%-d 8$03s0$d-n*- +/a+ +/- 2$0d-no5 0ov3n4 a-n+ o5 on-+a0 *%a3s 0-s+s on +/- -%o-0 . 3hus asreiterated in G & M Philippines, Inc. v. Cuambot, 507 SCRA 552 200! to wit9 : : :;one who pleads payment has the burden o proving it. 3he reason or the rule isthat the pertinent personnel )les payrolls records remittances and other similardocuments<which will show that overtime di=erentials service incentive leave and other claims o wor-ers have been paid<are not in the possession o the wor-erbut in the custody and absolute control o the employer. 3hus the burden o showing with legal certainty that the obligation has been discharged with paymentalls on the debtor in accordance with the rule that one who pleads payment hasthe burden o proving it.> In +/3s *as-( -+3+3on-0s 5a3%-d +o d3s*/a04- s$*/ 2$0d-n o5 0oo5.  3heCerti)cations rom the DO/ stated that there are no pending labor cases againstpetitioners )led beore said o7ce but said certi)cations ;do not cover cases )ledbeore the %ational abor Relations Commission and the %ational Conciliation and?ediation Board.> @t was entirely within petitioners2 power to present suchemployment records that should necessarily be in their possession hence ailure topresent such evidence must be ta-en against them.
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