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  he parents of an U.S. aid worker held hostage by Islamic State militants on Sunday (October 5) released photographs of their son and parts of a letter he wrote to them from captivity in which he says he is scared to die but at peace with his belief.eter !assig #$ was taken captive a year ago while doing humanitarian work in Syria his family has said. %e wasthreatened in an Islamic State video issued on &riday (October ') that showed the beheading of a ritish aid worker.d and aula !assig of Indianapolis Indiana appealed for his release on Saturday (October *) in a video message.On Sunday they called for people to use the name he has taken since converting to Islam +bdul,-ahman !assig.hey also released photos of him working as a medic in Syria in #/0' fishing with his father on the Ohio -iver in southern Indiana in #/00 and , much younger , standing in his mother1s arms by a waterfall during a family camping trip in #///.!assig1s parents said they were overwhelmed by the response from those who thought their boy was a hero for thehumanitarian work he had been doing.23e have also received many 4uestions about our son1s conversion to Islam 2 they said adding that friends said his ourney towards Islam began before he was taken captive and that he voluntarily converted between October and 6ecember #/0'.7uoting from a letter he wrote them in 8une they said he prays five times every day and takes the religion1s practices seriously including adopting the name +bdul,-ahman. 23e see this as part of our son1s long spiritual  ourney 2 they said.In the parts of the letter they released !assig thanked his parents and said it could not have been easy raising him.2I am obviously pretty scared to die but the hardest part is not knowing wondering hoping and wondering if I should even hope at all 2 he wrote.2If I do die I figure that at least you and I can seek refuge and comfort in knowing that I went out as a result of trying to alleviate suffering and helping those in need.2he letter added that he was in a 2dogmatically complicated situation here but I am at peace with my belief.2 !assig had been doing humanitarian work through Special mergency -esponse and +ssistance an organisation he founded in #/0# to treat refugees from Syria his parents have said.hey have also said their son served in the U.S. +rmy during the Ira4 war before being medically discharged. entagon records show he spent a year in the army as a -anger and was deployed to Ira4 from +pril to 8uly #//9. +fter leaving the army !assig became an emergency medical technician and travelled to :ebanon in ;ay #/0# volunteering in hospitals and treating alestinian refugees and those fleeing Syria1s civil war.rindwrit e +merikanit 4w po mbahet peng nw Siri nga shteti Islamik kanw bwrw publike disa fotografi dhe nw pesw tw letrws 4w dali e tyre I kishte shkruar nw deshprim ku ishte shprehur se kishte frigw te vdiste porse se ishte nw pa4e me besimin e vet.etter !asing #$ ve4ar ishte kapur nw vit mw parw deri sa po punonte si punwtor humanitar nw Siri. +i u kwrcwnua nga shteti Islamik nw nw video tw publikuar ditw ku u pre koka nw punonwsi tetwer nga ritania kursenw ditw me pas prindwrit e +merikanit nga Indianpolis apeluan pwr mes nw video tw publikuar te shteti Islamik 4w ta falin dalin e tyre. +ta u kanw bwrw thirre ner<eve 4w ta pwrdoring emrin e ri tw dalit tyre si +bdul,-ahman !assig tw cilin e mori pas konvertimit nw Islam. o ashtu ata publikuan edhe disa foto tw ti duke punuar nw Siri duke peshkuar me babain e ti e po ashtu edhe disa foto tw fwmiwrisw.=w letren e publikuar eter ai kishte thwnw unw am maft I frikwsuar tw vdes mirwpo pesa mw e vwshtirw wshtw kur nuk e dini se kur kur e pyesni pwr tw pasta shpresoni e pwrswri pyesni se a duhet shpresuar nw fund>> ka shkruar ai.6uke folur rreth vdekws ai ka ka shkruar ?> =wse une do tw vdes e d se unw bashke me u do tw gemw ngushellim nw faktin se unw po vdes duke u munduar ti ndihmo nerw<it e vuatur. +i ka shtuar po ashtu se am nw nw situatw tw komplikuar dogmatike por am ne pa4e me besimin tim.eter !asing
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