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  DEFENCE AVIONICS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT (DARE) DEFENCE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONPB No. 9366 CV Raman Naa! Bana o!#$%6 93(P'on#   $*%+,%-   Fa   $*%3+,,/,) RECR0ITMENT OF 10NIOR RESEARCH FELLO2 (1RF) A456No   (   C o37n   Da6#   (   */   4a83   9!om   6'#   4a6#   o9    :;< 7=a67on   7n   Em: o8m#n6   N#>3 DARE Bana o!# , under the aegis of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is involved inDesign & development of state of the art systems in area of Mission Avionics and Electronic arfare!DARE angalore, invites applications from #ndian nationals for follo$ing fello$ships (%R)'o! of acancies' ive (*+) (umer of vacancies is li-ely to increase in future! .anel of candidates shall e -ept for  future vacancies and the same $ill e filled in order of merit /discipline!).lace of or-' Defence Avionics Research Estalishment (DARE) DRDO, Ministry of Defence, . o! 0122 3  Raman agar angalore4+2* *01Duration' Offer is for a period of 5 years!6ualification' irst 3lass Degree ( !E / ! 7ech) in Electronics & 3ommunication Engineering / 3omputer  8cience Engineering! Age limit' ot e9ceeding 5: yrs! (Age rela9ation *+ years for 83/87 and *1 year for O 3 A8 .ER;ovt! rules) as on the closing date of Advt! ã  Application form can e do$nloaded from the <hat=s e$> section of  $$$!drdo!gov!in! Duly filled4in application form must e sent to <Director, Defence Avionics Research Estalishment angalore4+2* *01>through speed post only! 3andidates are re?uired to pay application fee of Rs!@*/4 #ndian .ostal Order (#.O) inthe name of Director, DARE! o$ever, candidates elonging to 83/87/. categories and $omen candidatesare e9empted from the payment! ã 7he last date of receipt of application at DARE is */ 4a83 9!om 6'# 4a6# o9 :;< 7=a67on 7nEm: o8m#n6 N#>3.  Applications received after due date for $hatsoever reasons, shall not e entertained!#ncomplete applications are liale to e reBected! ã %R $ill receive stipend of R8! @2,*** /4 per month (RA, and Medical facilities shall e admissile, asper rules)! ã rite in old letters CA..#3A7#O OR RE3R#7ME7 O %R= on 7O. of the envelope! IMPORTANT INSTR0CTIONS( @!3andidates $or-ing in ;ovt! /.ulic 8ector nderta-ings / Autonomous odies should ring CO3= atthe time of intervie$ if called for the same!5!8hort4listed candidates shall e called for $ritten test & #ntervie$! #nformation $ill e sent through speedpost to the o 7A/DA shall e given for attending the intervie$!1!3andidates need to produce their srcinal documents for proof of caste, age, educational ?ualificationand no oBection certificate ($here applicale), along $ith passport size photographs, efore the $ritten test!ithout producing aove documents the candidates $ill not e allo$ed to appear for $ritten test! 3andidatesmay ring .roBect Report/7echnical $or- demo in support of their candidature!F!Antecedents of selected candidates $ill e verified! %.I6 ma8 : #a3# <# no6#4 6'a6 o99#! o9 F# o>3'7: 4o#3 no6 =on9#! on F# o>3 an8 !7'6 o9 a<3o!:67on 7n DRDO.GENERAL INFORMATION( DARE angalore is situated on Gaggadaspura Main Road and it is connected y us Route asunder'rom MaBestic ' 1@F, 1@F rom 8hivaBinagar ' 1@F,1@F Arom 3ity Mar-et ' 1@F3urther information/ ?uery can e otained on the telephone numers given here under'4 P' ( &)&$*%&+,,*,  APPLICATION   FORM   FOR    RESEARCH   FELLOWSHIP   IN   DARE   8 %E37  A..#ED OR'HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  *@! ame in loc- etters 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 *5! atherIs/ usandIs ame *1! .ersonal .articulars (a)  ;ender'() 3ategory ' 83/87/O 3/./;en (c)  Age' !!!!!!yrs!!!!!!!months (as on *@/*0/5*@F *F! .ostal Address *+! .ermanent Address *2! 3ontact Details' .hone' HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMoile' HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH E4mail #D'HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  *J Educational 6ualifications (rom 883/Matric on$ards!  Attested copies to e enclosed)'E9amination.assed8uBect (s)niversity or oardMonth & Kear Of passingDivision or class.ercentage *: E9perience (if any)ame of theorganisation$ithdesignation.eriod of service%o DescriptionReasons for leavingrom7o *0 hether  6ualified in ;3/38#R/E7/;A7E E9amination' KE8/O#f  yes give details (proof to e enclosed) Kear'HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH8core'HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  @*  Application fee details' HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  @@  ave you ever  een intervie$ed in any DRDO nit, if  so give details' @5  Any other  information' Please afx a passport size Photo  @1 DECLARATION:  I hereby declare that, the above furnished particulars are correct and no ifnormation is suppressed. If any time I am found to have concealed/distorted any information, my fellowship shall be liable to summary termination without notice. I will if and when required, take up duty in the dischare of !overnment assinment anywhere in India Place: ____________________Date : ____________________ Signature of the Candidate
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