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  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API CREEPYPASTA.COM – Scary Paranormal Stories & Short Horror Microfiction You are here: Home » Beings & Entities » Submit Your PastaFrequently Asked QuestionsCrappypastaContact UsSuggestion BoxMore CreepypastaBuy Ad SpaceCreepypasta PromptsDiscussion PostsCreepypasta Ratings IndexDonations & CharityTwitterView Your Favorite Pastas  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API JULY 3, 2012 AT 12:00 AM Darkness  Add this post to your list of favorites! Rate This PastaRating: 9.2/ 10  (656 votes cast) It all started after moving into my new house. Yeah, that’s pretty cliche.Believe me, I know, but it’s what happened. I never experienced anythingsupernatural before and, though interested, I never really expectedanything to happen to me.I was able to rent the house for pretty cheap. I didn’t think anything of itbecause it was old and not in the best of neighborhoods so I guessed Iust got a good deal. After moving everything in, things were fine for awhile.I don’t remember exactly when it started because it seemed so minor atthe time. I’d leave a light on in the kitchen or the bathroom and come backto find it off. Honestly, I thought I was just forgetting that I turned them off already when I came back. After a while, I began to wonder and startedleaving a couple lights on on purpose. Sometimes, nothing would happen.Sometimes, I’d come back to find the lihts turned off. Take me to a randompasta! Search The SitesSubmission Status WE ARE CURRENTLY IN ACLOSED SUBMISSIONPERIOD.I am almost finished reading allof the submissions from theDec/Jan period and will besorting and replying to allqualified posts. Please expectthe next open period sometime Search  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API  By now, I figured out that something was off. I wasn’t really scared, butust confused. I thought maybe something was wrong with the electronics.I started leaving lights on a bit more often (freakin’ killed my PG&E bill)because I thought I might be able to get some sign of why they wouldrandomly shut off. That’s when it started to take another turn.The first real time I remember something crazy happening was when I leftthe kitchen and living room light on while I was asleep. I woke up to adeep, rumbling growl coming from the kitchen. Now, from the bedroom,you can see down the hall to the living room and that room is connected tothe kitchen. I remember waking up and thinking that there was an animalor something in my house. I looked down the hall toward the living room tosee the light darker. Somebody had flicked off the light from the kitchen. Another low growl came, this time from the living room and I nearlyscreamed as I saw something bold across the length of the hall openingand then the living room light went out. I couldn’t tell exactly what it wasthough. It just seemed like a black shadow or something. It didn’t reallymatter. I was scared shitless. I bolted from my bed then and threw on thebedroom light, expecting something to be in this room and getting ready tocome after me.Nothing. There wasn’t anything in the room. I let out a low breath and thenI slowly moved down the hall into the living room. Once I got to the end, Ipractically bolted to throw on the light switch there. Again, nothing.Kitchen next and, once again, nothing!in March, as well as a number of new rules and guidelinesbased on feedback from thecommunity!PLEASE READ THE FAQ AND  ANY RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS  BEFORE   ATTEMPTING TO SUBMITYOUR PASTA.  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API I was starting to think I dreamed all of it before I went to turn off the kitchenlight and stopped. Now, I was a grown man but here I was terrified to turnoff that switch. And I’ll admit it, I slept with all the lights on that night.That was a mistake.When I woke up the next morning, all the lights were off once again. I wentto push myself out of bed and winced as my body felt sore. I pulled thesheets off to see long red marks running down along my legs and arms. Itlooked like something scratched me in the night. That terrified the hell outof me but not nearly so much as when I saw what happened.Every light I left on was smashed.Every lightbulb that was on last night was broken, every lamp knockedover and smashed in. My breath caught in my throat as I looked around.Something was fucked up as hell here. And something tried to…well dosomething to me. I called in for work that day and went to immediatelyreplace all the lights.I didn’t know what to do then. I thought about leaving but, and I know thisprobably sounds stupid, but this was my home. It was my first time awayfrom my family and this was MY home. I couldn’t give it up. So…I stayed.Even as it got worse.Even though I was begining to become terrified of the dark, I couldn’t reallysleep with the light on me at night in the bedroom. 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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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