Darragh's Halloween Story

Darragh's Short Story
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  The Waterboy  Author: Darragh Butler  A few years ago on Halloween night a young boy was on his way home from trick or treating. He decided to take a shortcut through the woods. The boy started to hear strange howling noises and sounds of branches and twigssnapping coming from all around him. He could not see anything or anyone because of the fog. Suddenly, he saw something running after him .He could not find out what it was due to the fog being so gloomy and thick so he justran, he ran as fast as he could. The boy was not looking  where he was going and tripped over a big log. Then he fell into the river. As fast as he could the boy grabbed onto a long root jutting out from the side of the bank.  Just before the strong currents of the river took the boy under he saw that the thing that was chasing him was a  young girl running home. From that day forward on Halloween night the ghost of the boy ,full of rage ,comes out of the river searching or his next victim to pull down to their watery grave. The locals have named the ghost.  They call him The Waterboy.    The end
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