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  Sept 2008   Data Center Challenges & Solutions September 2008 Jack SchwabIT Infrastructure Practice ea!Susan an#ik$ealthcare Practice ea!%ichelle SirottPhoeni $ealthcareDan DerPhoeni IT Infrastructure Cop'right 2008 b' Point ( Solutions )roup* P+ ,ll rights reser#e!+  ept Discussion -b.ecti#es /ncourage a re#iew of 'our current !ata centers to !etermine if the' will fulfill 'our nee!s for at least the net two 'ears/Pro#i!e our #iewpoint on the options a#ailable to sol#e !ata center challenges in healthcare /(egin a !iscussion within the Phoeni healthcare communit' about common !ata centers concerns/Communicate the le#el of compleit' an! planning re1uire! to  3!etermine 'our !ata center nee!s+ 3!efine a solution+ 3successfull' migrate to a new !ata center+ 3eplain wh' these are (I) pro.ects4 2  ept Point ( Solutions )roup 5 Point ( is a management consulting firm with a focus on turning our client6s strateg' into realit'+ 7e pro#i!e ser#ices across all in!ustries with about a thir! of our work in healthcare+7e !o not buil! !ata centers+ 7e !o not pro#i!e colocation facilities+ 7e !o not pro#i!e the technolog' installe! in !ata centers+ So* wh' is Point ( talking about !ata centers 37e ha#e* an! continue to lea! !ata center pro.ects for man' of our healthcare pro#i!er clients 37e share our eperience from working on past !ata center pro.ects to help 'ou plan more efficientl' an! a#oi! costl' mistakes 37e le#erage our eperience to help our clients make the best business !ecisions an! reach their pro.ect goals  ept Data Center Problem /The )oo! 9ews Increased Use of Technology  39ew solutions result in efficienc' an! 1ualit' :e+g+ %;< 3$ealthcare in!ustr' is becoming more comfortable an! !eman!ing of information technolog' /The (a! 9ews Data Center Obsolescence  3%an' !ata centers no longer meet the current an! future business an! clinical re1uirements 3Insufficient power an! cooling s'stems 3Ph'sical space no longer the problem Point B has noticed a significant increased focus in healthcare organizations on data center challenges… just since mid-2007. =
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