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  DIMENSIONS  All dimensions in mm (inches) FITTINGTHEHourMeter Drilla5.5mm/ holeinthepanel. Fitsealtotherearofthemodule.notovertightenthenutasthismaydamagethemeter.    /     Fitthemoduletothe panel by passing its screw threaded stud and the wires through the hole, fitting thewasher and spring washer and tightening the nut provided. Take care not to trap any of theconnectingwires. DoDO NOT PULL THE WIRES AND DO NOT ALLOW SCREW TERMINALS OR OTHERWIRES TO HANG FROM THE MODULE'S WIRES, AS THIS MAY DAMAGE THEPRODUCT. EMC1500isaneasytomountLCDdigitalelapsedhourmeter. Themodulefeatures9999.9and99999hourranges,resultingin1/10hourand1hour resolution respectively. A leading zero blanking input is provided allowing the user to switch off unwanted leading zeros. The moduleincorporates an output that pulses high after every hour counted. This is particularly useful in applications where maintenance or inspection isrequiredatregulartimeintervals. ThetimerfeaturesTripandTotalranges. TheTriprangecanberesettozero. Themeter'sreadingsarestoredinthemodule'sinternalmemoryandareretainedevenwhentheunitisnotpowered. Tomountthemodule,drillasingle5.5mm/ / hole,locateitsscrewthreadedstudthroughtheholeandsecurewiththewasherandnutprovided. Themodule's8connectionwirespassthroughthehollowstudintothetargetapplication. Arubbersealisincluded,providingsplashproofprotectionfortheunitwhenfittedtothemeterduringinstallation.    Single Hole Mounting9999.9 and 99999 Hour Ranges9mm / 0.35 LCD Digit HeightReset and Trip/Total InputsLeading Zero Blanking InputPulse Output Every HourSplashproof  EMC 1500  Single Hole Mounting Elapsed Hour Meter WEBSITE:  Shown Actual Size REAR VIEW CONNECTION 0 Black 0V1 Brown 9999.9/999992 Red V+3 Orange Voltage Sense4 Yellow 1 Hr Pulse5 Green Leading Zero Blanking 6 Blue Reset 7 Violet Trip/Total WasherElapsedHour MeterPanel 8 Wires - 30cm (12.0)Nut          2        1  .         0         (          0   .         8         2        )   10.5(0.41)5.00(0.20)10.5(0.41)44.0 (1.73) LCD shown in power-on self-test mode. 22.0 (0.87) 22.0 (0.87) SAFETY  To comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD 93/68/EEC), input voltages to the module’s wires must not exceed 60Vd.c. The user mustensure that the incorporation of the meter into equipment conforms to the relevant sections of BS EN 61010 (Safety Requirements forElectricalEquipmentforMeasuring,ControlandLaboratoryUse).   - - - - - - - - - -     Stock Number Easy Mounting Elapsed Hour Meter EMC 1500 Specification Min. Typ. Max. Unit Resolution Range 9999.9 0.1 HourRange 99999 1 Hour Accuracy* ±2 ±6 Sec./24Hrs.Operating temperature range 0 50 °CSupply voltage (V+) 5 27 V d.c.Supply current 1.5 mAInput Low Voltage (V ** 0 0.5 VInput High Voltage (V *** 2 V+ V* Based upon constant running. There is potential for ±2 seconds error each timethe module is powered down and then up again. Over time, the accumulated errorapproximates to zero.** Applies to the inputs: Range, V-Sense, LZB, Reset and Trip/Total*** Applies to V-Sense input only. IL)IH) - - - - - - - - - -   HrsTRIP TOTALHrsTRIP TOTAL Module thickness: 5.5mm (0.22 ) 9.0(0.35) Seal No: 716 - Page 1 of 2  WIRE FUNCTIONS 0. Black 0V Negativepowersupplyconnection.1. Brown RANGE Donotconnectfor99999Hourrange.Connectto0Vfor9999.9Hourrange.Positivepowersupplyconnection.3. Orange V-SENSE ConnecttoV+tostart/continuecountingelapsedhours.Connectto0VordonotconnecttoreadTRIPorTOTALvaluewithoutcountingelapsedhours.4. Yellow PULSE Normallyat0V,thisoutputgoesHigh(+3.3V)everyhourintheselectedmode.5. Green LZB Donotconnecttodisplayleadingzeros.Connectto0Vtoblankallleadingzeros.Whenreadingis0000.0or00000,leadingzerosarenotblanked.6. Blue RESET Connectmomentarily to 0Vtoresetthedisplaytozero(internallyconnectedtoV+viapull-upresistor).7. Violet TRIP/TOTAL DonotconnectforTOTALmodeoperation.InTOTALmode,theelapsedhourmetercannotberesettozero.Connectto0VforTRIPmodeoperation.InTRIPmode,theelapsedhourmetercanberesettozero.2. Red V+  Specifications liable to change without prior warning  EMC 1500 Issue 12 06/2010 IRCN 0539 S.L. Applies to EMC 1500/3  APPLICATIONS Basic 3-wire operation:- Leading Zeros are displayed- Timing in TOTAL modeOpen S1 to read TOTAL valuewithout counting hours.- 99999 Hour range Red OrangeBlack 0VV+   Leading zeros blanked.Close S1 to select TRIP mode. RedOrangeBlack 0VV+   9999.9 Hour range- Leading Zeros are displayed- Timing in TRIP mode RedBrown Violet OrangeBlack 0VV+   Using the PULSE O/P to drive an LED.The LED will illuminate once after every hour. RedBrown Violet OrangeBlack YellowGreen Violet S1S1RLED V+   0V HrsTRIP TRIPHrsHrs DISPLAY FUNCTIONS 8888.8  The5digitreadoutdisplayselapsedtimeinhours. Thissymbolisdisplayedwhentripmodeisselected(seeWireFunctionsabove)The10-segmentincrementingbarindicatesthatthemoduleisworkingcorrectlyandcountinghours.Thissymbolisdisplayedwhentotalmodeisselected(seeWireFunctionsabove) - - - - - - - - - - TRIPTOTALHrsTOTALTOTAL Warning : Do not connect the following wires to V+: RANGE, PULSE, LZB, RESET, TRIP/TOTAL, as this maydamage the meter. The user must incorporate suitable protection circuitry in applications wherethe voltage to any of the meter's wires can exceed 27V d.c., including transient conditions, elsedamage to the meter may occur. In particular, for applications in harsh electrical environments,e.g. automotive, suitable external protection must be provided to protect against load dump conditions, transients, etc. LASCAR ELECTRONICS LTD. MODULE HOUSE, WHITEPARISH,WILTSHIRE SP5 2SJ UK TEL: +44 (0)1794 884567 FAX: +44 (0)1794 884616E-mail: LASCAR ELECTRONICS INC. 4258 West 12th Street,Erie, PA 16505 USA TEL: +1 (814) 835 0621 FAX: +1 (814) 838 8141E-mail:   No: 716 - Page 2 of 2 LASCAR ELECTRONICS (HK) LTD. 8th FLOOR, CHINA AEROSPACE CENTRE, 143 HOI BUNROAD, KWUN TONG, KOWLOON, HONG KONGTEL: +852 2389 6502 FAX: +852 2389 6535E-mail:
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