Data Manipulation using R Tutorial

Data Manipulation using R and ggplot2 hands-on tutorial
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  R Notebook How to select file from dialogue box   using R and Load into Data Frame df =  read.table ( file.choose (), header = TRUE, sep =  , )   View (df)   Extract Column from data frame   brain = df[ Brain ]   print ( summary (brain))   ## Brain ## Min. : 79.06 ## 1st Qu.: 85.48 ## Median : 90.54 ## Mean : 90.68 ## 3rd Qu.: 94.95 ## Max. :107.95  Perform Data Visualization using ggplot2 library (ggplot2)   ## Warning: package 'ggplot2' was built under R version 3.4.4   custdata =  read.table ( file.choose (), header=TRUE,sep='\t')   View (custdata)   ggplot (custdata) +   geom_histogram ( aes (x=age), binwidth=5)      Let’s increase some binwidth and see what happens ggplot (custdata) +   geom_histogram ( aes (x=age), binwidth=10)   Let’s Plot some Categorical Data  ggplot (custdata) +   geom_bar ( aes (x=marital.stat))  Apply Corelation on data points cor (custdata $ age, custdata $ income)   ## [1] 0.02742927   custdata2 =  subset (custdata,(custdata $ age > 0  &   custdata $ age   < 100  &   custdata $ income > 0))   cor (custdata2 $ age, custdata2 $ income)   ## [1] -0.02240845   Business Data Analysis  We have yelp_academic_business_dataset for data visualization library (ggplot2)   business_data =  read.csv (file =  E:/Training/Coursera/Social Media Data Analy itcs/Week 3/R Data Analytics/yelp_academic_dataset_business.json.csv )   ggplot (business_data) +   geom_bar ( aes (x=state), fill= gray )      Now We are going to Plot Pie-Chart illustrates Stas distribution   ggplot (data=business_data, aes (x= factor (1),fill= factor (stars))) +   geom_bar (width=1) +coord_polar (theta =  y )  
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