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  U.S. TV Viewership of Major Sporting Events Penaflorida, Subo, Tacurda, Uygen, Velasco  The Patriot News ( summarized the TV ratings of the major sporting events watched by the American audience from October 2013-June 2014.  The major sporting events taken into account were:  – National Football League (NFL)  – Bowl Championship Series (BCS)  – FIFA World Cup  – NCAA Basketball  – NBA Finals  – World Series  – National Hockey League (NHL)   The ratings on U.S. cable and broadcast outlets of thirteen sporting events were taken into account. Ratings on cell phone, laptop, and pad streaming were not included, since these, as yet, are not logged by any independent ratings company. The top 4 most watched sporting events in America come from the National Football League. Among the four, the most watched event is the Super Bowl (112.2 million), followed by the conference title games (53.7 million), wildcard playoffs (34.7 million), and the divisional playoffs (34.3 million). The next five spots are occupied by the BCS title game (25.6 million), the World Cup match between USA and Portugal (24.7 million), the title game of NCAA basketball (21.2 million), the World Cup match between USA and Ghana (15.9 milllion), and the NBA Finals (15.6 million). The World Series is third to the last, with a total of 14.9 million viewers, followed by the World Cup match between USA and Germany (14.2 million). According to the data, the least watched major sporting event is the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, with a total viewership of 5.0 million.
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