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Dates and Time in German 2 - English-German Glossary

Dates and Time in German 2 - English-German Glossary
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  3/3/12 7:21 PMDates and Time in German 2 - English-German GlossaryPage 1 of 5 German Language Lovell Camps - Since 1973  Gstaad - Switzerland Family Run Summer & Winter Programs German intensive Berlin  only 177  !  a month, beginners or advanced German language courses Learn German in Vienna  German courses for all levels. Located in Vienna's city centre. Norwegian summer course  Intensive course in Norway. July 2012.   Share Dates and Time in German Annotated English-German Glossary M-ZThe clock, calendar, seasons, weeks, days,dates and other time-related vocabulary   Noun genders:   r  ( der,  masc.), e  ( die,  fem.), s  ( das,  neu.) Abbreviations:  adj. (adjective), adv. (adverb), n. (noun), pl. (plural), v. (verb) Also see these related pages: ã Lesson 12: German for Beginners ã It's About (German) Time ã How to Tell Time in German ã Latin in German ã World Time Clock ã More GlossariesA-L | M-ZM minute (n.) e Minute  (meh-NOOH-ta)  See: How to Tell Time in German minute hand r Minutenzeiger , r große Zeiger Monday r Montag  (on) Mondays montagsMontag , like English Monday, is named for the moon ( der Mond ), i.e., moon-day. OnGerman (European) calendars, the week begins with Montag, not Sonntag (the last day of the week): Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag (Sonnabend),Sonntag. This has the benefit of putting the two weekend days together rather thanseparated, as on Anglo-American calendars.month(s) r Monat  ( die Monate ) Months in German : (all der ) Januar, Februar, März, April, Mai, Juni, Juli, August,September, Oktober, November, Dezember.Also see Lektion 12: German for Beginners (the calendar and setting appointments) andMonths: Latein-Deutsch-Englisch.morning r Morgen , r Vormittag  this morning heute Morgen  tomorrow morning morgen früh , morgen Vormittag  yesterday morning gestern früh , gestern VormittagN next (adv.) nächst  next week nächste Woche  next weekend nächstes Wochenende night(s) e Nacht  ( Nächte ) at night nachts , in der Nacht  by night bei Nacht  3/3/12 7:21 PMDates and Time in German 2 - English-German GlossaryPage 2 of 5 number(s) e Zahl  ( Zahlen ), e Ziffer ( n ) (on clock face), e Nummer ( n )See German Numbers for an English-German guide to calendar dates, numbers ( Zahlen )and counting ( zählen ). O oversleep sich verschlafenP past, after (clock time) nach  quarter past five viertel nach fünf   five past ten fünf nach zehn pendulum s Pendel pendulum clock e Pendeluhr PM abends , nachmittags   Note: German schedules and timetables use 24-hour time rather than AM or PM. pocket watch e TaschenuhrQ quarter (one fourth) (n., adv.) s Viertel  quarter to/past viertel vor/nach  quarter past five viertel sechs   See: How to Tell Time in German S sand glass, hour glass s Stundenglas , e Sanduhr Saturday r Samstag , r Sonnabend  (on) Saturdays samstags , sonnabends   See: Lektion 12: German for Beginners season ( of year  ) e Jahreszeit  the four seasons die vier Jahreszeiten   See: Lektion 12B: German for Beginners second (n.) e Sekunde  (say-KOON-da)second (adj.) zweit-  second-largest zweitgrößte  the second car das zweite Auto  the second door die zweite Tür See German Numbers for an English-German guide to ordinal (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) and cardinalnumbers (1, 2, 3, 4...).second hand r Sekundenzeiger slow ( clock, watch ) (adv.) nach  My watch is running slow. Meine Uhr geht nach. spring (n.) e Feder , e Zugfeder spring ( season ) r Frühling , s Frühjahr  in (the) spring im Frühling/Frühjahr spring balance e Federwaage standard time e Standardzeit , e Winterzeit  daylight saving time (n.) e Sommerzeit summer r Sommer  in (the) summer im Sommer  3/3/12 7:21 PMDates and Time in German 2 - English-German GlossaryPage 3 of 5 Sunday r Sonntag  (on) Sundays sonntags sun dial e SonnenuhrT third (adj.) dritt-  third-largest drittgrößte  the third car das dritte Auto  the third door die dritte Tür See German Numbers for an English-German guide to ordinal (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) and cardinalnumbers (1, 2, 3, 4...).time e Zeit  (pron. TSYTE)  See: How to Tell Time in German time clock e Stempeluhr time zone e Zeitzone The world's official 24 time zones were created in October 1884 (1893 in Prussia) by aninternational conference in Washington, D.C. in response to the needs of railroads, shippingcompanies and increasing international travel. Each hour's zone is 15 degrees in width ( 15Längengraden ) with Greenwich as the prime (zero) meridian ( Nullmeridian ) and theInternational Date line at 180º. In practice, most time zone boundaries are adjusted toconform to various political and geographic considerations. There are even some half-hourtime zones. (See our Time Links page and our Weltzeituhr for more.) Thursday r Donnerstag  (on) Thursdays donnerstags today (adv.) heute  today's newspaper die heutige Zeitung , die Zeitung von heute  a week/month from today heute in einer Woche/einem Monat tomorrow (adv.) morgen  (not capitalized) tomorrow afternoon morgen Nachmittag  tomorrow evening morgen Abend  tomorrow morning morgen früh , morgen Vormittag  tomorrow night morgen Nacht  a week/month/year ago tomorrow morgen vor einer Woche/einem Monat/einem Jahr Also see Day by Day: Day Expressions in GermanTuesday r Dienstag  (on) Tuesdays dienstagsU UTC UTC  (Coordinated Universal Time, Universel Temps Coordonné) - Also see GMT.)UTC was introduced in 1964 and is headquartered at the Paris Observatory (but calculatedfrom the prime meridian at Greenwich). Since 1972 UTC has been based on atomic clocks.A UTC radio time signal ( Zeitzeichen ) is broadcast around the world. UTC is coordinatedwith solar time (UT1). Because of irregularities in the earth's rotation, a leap second mustbe introduced from time to time in December or June. (See our Time Links page and ourWeltzeituhr for more.) W watch, clock e Uhr , e Armbanduhr  (wristwatch)  See: How to Tell Time in German Wednesday r Mittwoch  (on) Wednesdays mittwochs  Ash Wednesday Aschermittwoch  See our Feiertag-Kalender for more about holidays such as Ash Wednesday.  3/3/12 7:21 PMDates and Time in German 2 - English-German GlossaryPage 4 of 5 week(s) e Woche  ( die Wochen ) a week ago vor einer Woche  for a week (für) eine Woche  in a week in einer Woche  two weeks, fortnight (n.) vierzehn Tage  (14 days) in two weeks/a fortnight in vierzehn Tagen  this/next/last week diese/nächste/vsrce Woche  days of the week die Tage der WocheDays of the Week with Abbreviations : Montag (Mo), Dienstag (Di), Mittwoch (Mi),Donnerstag (Do), Freitag (Fr), Samstag (Sa), Sonntag (So).Also see Lesson 12: German for Beginnersweekday (Mon.-Fri.) r Wochentag , r Werktag  (Mo-Fr) (on) weekdays wochentags , werktags weekend s Wochenende  a long weekend ein verlängertes Wochenende  at/on the weekend am Wochenende  at/on weekends an Wochenenden  for/over the weekend übers Wochenende weekly (adj./adv.) wöchentlich , Wochen - (prefix) weekly newspaper Wochenzeitung winter r Winter  in (the) winter im Winter wristwatch e ArmbanduhrY year(s) s Jahr  (YAHR) ( e Jahre ) for years seit Jahren  in the year 2006 im Jahr(e) 2006 For more about how to say years in German, see German Numbers.yesterday (adv.) gestern  Also see German for BeginnersBACK > A-LRelated PagesPart One: A-L The first part of this glossary. Day by Day: Day Expressions in German A detailed look at day-to-day vocabulary. From your Guide. How to Tell Time in German A step-by-step how-to on telling time auf Deutsch. Lektion 12: German for Beginners Lesson 12 of our free online German course covers the calendar and setting appointments. Latin in German Includes the days of the week, the months and other Latin-based German vocabulary. From yourGuide. It's About (German) Time A related article from your Guide. German Numbers An English-German guide to calendar dates, numbers ( Zahlen ) and counting ( zählen ). Days: Latin-Deutsch-English An annotated glossary comparing day names in the three languages.
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