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  When one mentions the word “Davao” first thing that comes to mind is the foul -smelling cholesterol overloaded durian. But Davao is more than that. There are other things I found out about our group which is more “stinky”  than the smell of this thorny fruit. And that I discovered when I got the chance to go on a trip there. Davao is a city in Mindanao. It serves as the main trade, commerce and industry hub of Mindanao. It’s a very progressive city if I may say so with all the infrastructures erected on the city itself. But the most notable thing that I have noticed upon our arrival is the cleanliness of the place. The place is so clean you can even lie down the ground without worrying about the dirt that might stain your clothes cause there’s none! But of course as soon as we were oriented on how Davao achieved this prestige of being a clean city, I got to realize that the key reason is that they have people who are law abiding and is fearful of people in authority. Davao has strict rules on littering as stipulated in their Davao City Anti-Littering Ordinance of 2009. Smoking is also a no-no here. We should really follow how the city implements their ordinances. They are not just “fly by night” ordinances that after how many  weeks of being imposed it will just die a natural death because it is not seriously implemented and sanctions are not that high that people will actually think twice before they decide to disobey. People in Davao are fearful of people in authority. Some m ay raise their eyebrows and say that they are threatened that’s why they’re very obedient to those in position but in my own opinion it really should be that way. People do not follow if you don’t threaten them. Sometimes you need to pose yourself as someo ne who is intimidating so that you can earn the respect and the obedience of your people. This is what I like about Mayor Duterte the city mayor of Davao city. He is someone who is feared by all because for him when one commits a mistake certain punishments should be imposed equal to the degree of crime committed. Thus he was nicknamed as “The Punisher”. But despite this, he is still loved by all because of how Davao has become through his “iron - fist” leadership. Crime rates had dropped down in the recent y ears and the city was named as one of the most peaceful cities in South East Asia. If only we can also have disciplined and law-abiding citizens, I think that we can also achieve what Davao has achieved in terms of cleanliness and peacefulness. We may have lots of laws but how can these laws help when we cannot implement them properly and that the very persons who commit crimes against these laws are also those in authority. With these in mind, I weep for the future of the legislative system in our municipality. Davao proves itself as one of the best tourist destinations in the country by the many attractions present in the city. Just like the Malagos Garden Resort (which unfortunately some decided not to check out because of unjustifiable reasons. You should have shame on yourselves! The money paid for your entrance to the resort was turned into waste!), the crocodile park, and the Philippine eagle center. We were able to explore these places and I really appreciated them. These are just some of the many places we’ve been to in Davao actually. We also had many gastronomic adventures while in the city. Most of the restaurants that we’ve been to are buffet style so we had the chance to munch on almost everything that we want but unfortunately some of us were, I don’t know, too hungry perhaps that the food on their plates were almost as tall as the Mt. Apo. Oh come on, some haven’t even taken their first bite and then these other guys come back again to the buffet table for their what?? Third or fourth plate?? Seriously?? That hungry?? Because of this some of us were not able to eat at some restaurants. This is  why I think discipline and unselfishness should be taught among us employees because if we let these things go on on our future trips, we will again encounter these disasters. I wouldn’t be able to be in places without Mayor Palabrica’s efforts to make us “well” travelled individuals. He has taken us to places we never imagined to reach before and because of this I am truly indebted to him. I am truly in gratitude for this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to places because of him, Vice Alecto and all the SB members. To all of you my heartfelt thank you. Lastly I wouldn’t let this opportunity to pour pout my sentiments pass by. I am truly grateful t hat we have this assignment. I know that during the trip I also had my share of “linango” “sinabad” and all but, I firmly believe that there was nothing wrong with what I have posted on the freedom wall of one of the restaurants we’ve visited. It is my rig ht as Art. 3 Sec. 4 of the 1987 Constitution says. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! This is not to justify my actions. If you found that to be offensive then I don’t care it is my right to express how much I appreciated the food. You cannot question my method of showing it because I have the right to freedom of expression you self-righteous hypocrites (I am not referring to you Mayor Beloy  ; again this is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION)! But anyways thank you for all the criticisms thrown at me, you’ve made me more popular. S o let me end my essay with this, Y#$p*t@! L#*$@! Sa kanami nga trip!!!

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Jul 23, 2017
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