Old English literature – – – DBLITAN 11.2.,18.2.,25.2.,4.3.,11.3.,25.3 we don't know when the begging of oral text is written old English literature is from 10th century A.D. but the text are actually from 7th century A.D. Oral tradition: 7th century A.D. - only orally; 11th century A.D. - monks started to overwrite the old oral texts to Latin – 1066 – Normans, William the duke of Normandy – old English literature: literature, Anglo-Saxon texts, Latin – early 11th century - 13th century middle
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   ld English literature DBLITAN 11.2.,18.2.,25.2.,4.3.,11.3.,25.3  – we don't know when the begging of ora te!t i  – written od #ngi h iterat$re i fro% 1& th  ent$r( A.D. b$t the te!t are at$a( fro% ) th  ent$r( A.D.  – *ra tradition+ ) th  ent$r( A.D.  on( ora(- 11 th  ent$r( A.D.  %onk tarted to oerwrite the od ora te!t to Latin  – 1&// 0 Nor%an , iia% the d$ke of Nor%and(  – od #ngi h iterat$re+ iterat$re, Angoa!on te!t , Latin  – early 11  th  century - 13  th  century middle English  – late 14  th  century - 15  th  century middle English  one h$ndred (ear war, renh and Latin were $ ed in the o$rt and in h$rh  –  from 16   th  century modern English Language: renai ane and h$%ani %, re toration6$ritan, enighten%ent, ro%antii %, 7itorian 6eriod, %oderni %, %odern and 6o t%odern iterat$re  – #ngi h beo%e %ore o%6rehen ibe, in 6$bi 6eo6e had to $ e renh or Latin  – the rea on i that the hri tian %onk were not %otiated to write od Angoa!on te!t 0 6roto9e to b(( 6ohan k: te!t( Literature in the Anglo-Saxon time Middle Ages   Old English Literature *d #ngi h ang$age Latin(ria 6oetr(6ro e 6ro enarratie 6oetr( e$ar hort 6oetr( reigio$ 6oetr( reigio$ 6ro e ora 11 th  ent$r( A.D. ) th  ent$r( A.D. Angoa!on ti%e triba oiet(;idde Age  ear( 11 th   13 th  ent$r(   Nor%an ti%e fe$da oiet( ate 13 th   15 th  ent$r(    ✗ Context of medieval literature:  – it took h$ndred of (ear than Angoa!on bea%e hri tian  – <$dai %, hri tianit( and I a%+ the ord of =od 0 oo bo9>   – itera(  – hri tianit( de6end on the word of god and on the o%e degree of itera(  – too of reigio$ in tr$tion 0 Latin %an$ ri6t ontaining bibia te!t e$arreigio$    – > ?t k: taroangik: iterat$r( b(o 6obait, the entre wa %eadha @ hodon> > 0 it ho$d be the earth i%agination of 7ahae rC 0 a the warrior when the( died in the batte the( go traight to 7ahaa <eenia =ora, ar6aE Don( ar6aE Forn( a ta% Ce iking kG ko te  – the 6rod$t of thi ti%e are C$ t frag%ent , o%eti%e we at$a( don't know what are the te!t abo$t  – one of the earie t 6iee i not a 6agan 6oe% abo$t warrior b$t it i ed%on h(%n Eahoan in the %argin go a in od #ngi h  – in that 6eriod the roe of the te!t i different than it i toda(  ✗ Hand made text:  – ti 15 th  ent$r( A.D. were te!t written b( hand on 6arh%ent @ 6erga%en  – te!t were o6ied b( the ribe 0 ribe i n't a$thor o there an be %i take in o6ie  – or ribe %ight want to ''i%6roe'' the work 0 be it b( oia, reigio$ or other rea on  – o%e te!t $ried in %$ti6e o6ie 0 different er ion  $f tan' ho%iie , anterbo$rr( Tae , debate   – ignifiant 6otion $ried on( in one %an$ ri6t e.g. Beow$f, or a te!t ani hed and e!i t on( in ater er ion different fro% srcina 0 diffi$t for editor and tran ator ã issues of anonymity ( don't know author or the date of creation  – ak of ontent 0 $ age of $e on te!t to date it  – aow big area to e!6ain and fanta ie in inter6retation ã  author audience  – the h$rh wa one of the bigge t 6rod$er of te!t 0 %ono6oe  – knowedge a%ong %onk  – in ate %idde age there were 6rofe iona traeing ribe to write down do$%ent  – in 14 th  ent$r( *!ford, a%bridge %an$ ri6t were %ade in dea( for nobe , hoar ,H  – itera( began to 6read ã !hurch: homilieshagiogra hy#i#lical stories sermons religion oems  – arge t gro$6 of te!t  – $ ed %ain( for $ age b( h$rh  – %ain( 6rag%ati iterat$re 0 to i%6roe ife of 6eo6e in hri tian wa( ã in $nglo-%a&on eriod oerwhelming ideal is a heroic ideal (from tri#al warrior's or  – nee itated o$rage and o(at( to ord, fa%i(, an, o%rade in ar%ie  – a$thor reate 6oe% to e$re i%%ortait( for heroe a%ong f$t$re generation  – to fi! oia ohe ion and on tr$t identit(  – refeted in kin hi6, war, ignifiant 6$bi eent  – written in aiterating er e  ✗ Old English religious poetry  – a 6oetr( had aiterated er e, nothing e e  – rereation wa en $ring i%%ortait( on earth, 6$bi reitation he6ed to e%ent identit( of oiet(  – aiterated er e benefit toda( reader when aid ao$d 0 hoda h ek  6>E$JnGh abikh  – ti Nor%an onK$e t, hero i ger%ani warrior ike Thor, *din 0 hi goa i to ere hi ord, to Ea o$9it koi tthe oder thing, the better ign of re 6et fro% ord 0 6a%tk( 6o ?en: Ja e%,kren> % ta, nebt e %rti, after Nor%an onK$e t the hange fro% heroi idea to hiarie idea o(at( to Lord in Feaen and to an( ad( in need, to be idea knight fro% the hero Beow$f we hift to ing Arth$r,  dob? ger%n kGh hrdin e boC$Ce Ea kan, rodin$, k%en,  r(t> kGh dobh boC$C> r(t>i Ea o obn> Ee6Men>, d$hon> Ee6Men> krE hedn>  at:ho gr$ 0 hedn> %( $ 9iotae!i tene thro$ght the K$e t for Fo( =rai rea or %eta6horia  – Drea% of the rood  en o k>9i  – the h(%n 0 h(%n$ i an #ngi h word whih %ean reigio$ ong  – aed%on+ %? en a o9i I. d$hon> b e  angik: iterat$e  – negra%otnG, % kdat na t:%a =ene i , h(, i%6e %an with no taent for inging, wa h( fro% 6eo6e gathering , wa a66roahed in drea% b( ange and o%%anded to drea%, wa gifted b( the art of inging  – the gift of G%$no t reate a bridge between a high born and ow born 6eo6e 0 b( Bede it i $9iteJn:  – kMter e hitb(+ abat(Me Fidahighborn nobiit( fro% North$%bria, koed$koanG kMter, 6oCen> %niMi a Ce6tiMk(  – he reogniEed aed%on gift and inited hi% to beo%e %onk , he %ade arrange%ent for hi% to earn the Fo( ri6t$re thro$gh 6edJ>tn> and he tarted to %ake 6oe% on 6ot in Angoa!on  6o? t, 9e o9i b n? na eo$ Bibi, ne6rad?6odon:, dohoaa e Cen =ene i A a B  – dei i har%er  – fir t er ion of aed%on h(%n i known fro% )3& /)2)35 ie of Bede 7eneraii   – %odern hoar beiee that =ene i A and B were %ade b( different 6eo6e  ✗ Four main manuscripts, that preserve most of old English poetry  – <$ni$ %an$ ri6t+ $hon  *!ford$, Bodeian ibrar(, begining O 1&. toet>   – The 7erei book+ end of 1& th  ent., ka6it$n> knihona e 7erei  Itii  – Beow$fNoe ode!+ C$ t one %an$ ri6t, London Briti h ibrar(, aro$nd 1&&& o%6ied  – The #!eter Book+ #!eter athedra ibrar(, 6$t together aro$nd fir t K$arter of 1& th  ent$r(  – <$ni$ %an$ ri6t+  – entire ontet i on( of reigio$ er e, i a o in other %an$ ri6t 0 athegorie  6>b?h( bibik:  6oe% fro% %otie of the Bibe, 6oe% in 6ired b( h$rh 6ratie , ie of aint  – Bibia, it$rgia, hagiogra6hia 6oetr(  – hri tian 6oetr( 0 %editatin> na Cak:koi t:%a, aegoriE$Ce nbo9en k: %oti(, na$ko, inter6ret$Ce a 6ekt( id k:ho 9iota  – 3 ategorie of reigio$ te!t +  – 1. 6>b?h( E bibe  – 2. 6ratie of the h$rh  – 3. ie of the aint  – ad%on' h(%n+ fit be t into the ategor( of 6ri e of =od  – Noe ode! ontent <$dith, Eao9eno na a6okr(fn> kniEe <$dith E Bibe  – in the 7erei book 23 6ro e kEn>   – The drea% of the rood 0 the %o t o$t tanding 6oe% in *d  #ngi h eer written  – the 6oe% in the 7erei book+ #ene and the ife of the A6o te bear r$ni na%e ne en o k>9i (new$f 6rn> En%e C%:no angik( 6>M>>ho b n>ka 0 6eiaiEoa e na 9iot atGh  – #!eter book hae a o 6oe% with the na%e of (new$f+ hri t II, The A enion, <$iana  –  Ceho 6od6i b( 6roCe 6okor(, 6od6i e% ht? ab( e Jten 6o%odi Ea Ceho d$Mi  – in %an$ ri6t whih i in renh Nationa Librar( in Pari wa an atte%6t to write 6 a% in od #ngi h, 6 a% 51 0 151 hae been 6re ented, the( are in Pari P ater%  – na9ii e (Cdit ob ah it$rgie  te!teh, erM>h   ✗ The dream of the rood  – the word rood %ean ro , it i fro% atin- the( 6robab( wanted to e!6re the word ro in their own ang$age that i the rea on wh( the( $ e the word rood it a o %ean deo  – for%+ %idde age 6oetr( i in aegoria drea% i ion and thi 6oe% i fir t in #ngi h whih $ e thi t(e, thi t(e i t(6ia for 11 th  ent$r( b$t thi 6oe% i fro% ) th  ent$r( and that wh( it i o intere ting  – enCo(ed great 6o6$arit( in %idde age  – it i o fa inating bea$ e it i ti o%ehow innoent of fear of the 6agan, there are %i!ed 6agan and hri tian %otie , ke Qan t> id?no Cako no ?, 6agan %otie are there e!6re ed innoent  – fa inating inter etion of 6agan i%agination and hri tian  – the narrator i the one who i drea%ing, he aid there that it i t the be t drea% he hae eer had  – kanning 0 o6i n %etafora, 6eeh bearer @ id:  – ro oered with bea$tif$ Cewe , he ee the bea$tif$ ro and than he ee wooden ro oered with bood, r$! ge%ata  – the rood beginn to 6eak, the narrator hange fro% the drea%er to ro and it te the tor( abo$t the r$ifition  – =ood rida( @7ekG 6tek, the ro i a king the 6oet to anno$ne the go 6e to whoe word and the 6oet 6read it b( the 6oe%, he did hi Cob we  – two other te!t +  – 1. i write on the rothwe ro in otand, neEe $rJit kd( ta% b( ten te!t (te n  – 2. br$!ee ro , Ce t6 reiki, a i E rok$ 1&&&  –  Ce %o9n: 9e rothwe ro Ce 6rotot(6e% Drea% of the rood a nebo e!i toa CeMt? CinG te!t E kter:ho Mehn( ti te!t( (hE>   – it i ab o$te( faithf$ to the go 6e  – k>9 E6o%>n na dob$ kd( b( CeMt? tro%e%, o9 Ce na to EMtn> 6roto9e 6ro 9id( a 6ohan k: nbo9en t> % tro% ekG GEna%  – it i er( $ne!6eted( srcina  – the roe of <e $ i not a roe of the 6a ie %artior b$t it i the roe of the atie warrior  t(6ik: 6ro ger%n k: nrod(, <e9>M EobraEon Cako kd(9 J> 6roti %rti a >t?E> dkaEe% toho Ce Ek>Men>, $k9i9on> Ce Ceho odhodn>   – ger%n k: 6oCet> Ce 6ekr(to 6oCet>% E eangeia  – %> to ab( to b( ri t$ kdo e obCet$Ce, obCet$Ce e ten k>9n>%n Cako %$Jedn>k  – Jten% to 6i6o%>nao Etah %eEi nJen>ke% a eJn>ke% aEba <e9>M 0 k>9  – e tar: angiJtin? e! toa d$ a EC%eno, kter: to (Cadoao b(o $ng  – we %oe fro% the known to the $nknown, a %oe of h$%an o$ fro% 6o%>Ci:ho k ?Jn:%$  – 6eaking reat$re  – thi 6oe% wa for ong ti%e a oiated with ridde  – the ridde hat a% IR  %%e 6iC>t na to 9e k>9 6ed ta$Ce E %in$: k$t$r( tro%  – it hare o%e of the enig%a feat$re  – it reate a 6$EEe  – in addition the Angoa!on writer %ade $ e of their own ang$age 0 the od #ngi h wa for the% %ore ignifiant to the a$diene than toda( we $nder tand wider %eaning, %ore ee of %eaning than o$r $ ed word 0 ertain abiit( to one( %ore %eaning than %odern #ngi h word  – the roodthe ro 0 rood te $ that it wa $t of fro% tree tr$nk  – tefn 0 tree tr$nk, root in od #ngi h  – in %a $ine it i rood or fe%inine 0 oie

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