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Jos Burger, general manager van Goodmail Systems Europe, gaat in op de rol van ISP’s bij e-mailmarketing. De ISP bepaalt of de deur open of dicht is en voor hoelang dit dan het geval is.
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  • 1. Event: DDMA Seminar Thema: Datakwaliteit in Emailmarketing Spreker: Jos Burger - Goodmail Datum: 2 april 2008 – Pakhuis de Zwijger, A’dam
  • 2. Introducing CertifiedEmail™ Jos Burger International GM, Goodmail Systems March 2008
  • 3. The State of Email Today § European ISP’s send more than 20% of permission based emails to the junk/bulk folder* matching US ISP rates § European ISPs had the highest percentage increase in junk/bulk filter delivery at 20.4% over the previous quarter at 7.6% § ISPs are moving towards blocking images by default § Phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated – subtle differences make it difficult for consumers to tell legitimate apart from the fake Source: Lyris ISP Deliverability Report Card Q2 2007 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 2 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 4. Consumer Perception of Email 70% of consumers are concerned about email scams and fraud 69% of consumers regularly delete email without reading it Pso cagrqird a wdh eeue! sr n 55% delete all bank messages o to n Da s e r ir, e re fo Wacuamaifedimspeb 56% of consumers agree that unwanted yreycneinpHocRevdtnsed octavteydteAEwpreeeoepn eBhdr uhdrrfoeralod ue.WnaiaeaGUwrceD r na,tdepwauhst elyo n ldtse lue eg e ml sn rs rg trcC200t,OiPfoOsu t tegseol M h11NYwbSR email makes it hard to find wanted email hon sg v , 6 e lA . l o t ic r nt SW Ifoisoidiesaveufrrd yipsn.umenb,yumaeethddauob thatnpidy i y en ou ucTnyulyampabtosaresclet e reconletfoorciohio.t e fsan s ct f t o te poshko r aMn isd n u a r - oetsn l. ril a Paeoorptohe lesre.nt ely tis d as e d nw CketohgYrPso liche Cn o aw r ae u s r 3 d CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc Page 3
  • 5. Introducing CertifiedEmail™ § CertifiedEmail: The industry’s first trusted-class email that positively identifies good email § Individually accredited, permission based, qualified volume senders § Use software to specially mark CertifiedEmail § Partner with ISPs and mailbox providers to specially handle § Visually mark messages as authentic, legitimate, and safe § The result? § 100% assured inbox delivery § Links and images automatically rendered by default § Non-spoofable inbox and message labeling conveys trust § Improved program metrics CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 4 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 6. CertifiedEmail – Sender Benefits CertifiedEmail icon § Conveys trust § Differentiates message / brand § 71% of consumers more likely to open, 54% more likely to buy from a CertifiedEmail (2007 survey) Users see links and images § No blocking of links and images 100% delivery of all messages § Bypass all spam filters: content, volume, rate limiters No restrictions on copy § Can use words like “free” Delivery confirmation CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 5 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 7. Blocked Images Impact Results 86.9% See Images Blocked 14.1% 68% Delete Immediately “ If you’re a retailer and you’re doing all-image email, 23% you're in for a rude 9% Vizu/GMS, 0906 Open Ignore awakening. Michael Della Penna Epsilon Interactive ” CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 6 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 8. Images are Worth a Thousand Words With CertifiedEmail, turn blocked images into a thing of the past. The difference is clear. CertifiedEmail messages with images active are more effective! CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 7 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 9. Blue Trust Seal Difference CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 8 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 10. CertifiedEmail Is Good For Business § 71% of consumers said they’re more likely to open a CertifiedEmail. § 59% of consumers said they’re more likely to sign-up to receive email from companies that use CertifiedEmail. § 54% of consumers said they’re more likely to purchase from companies that use CertifiedEmail. Results based on 2007 survey of AOL, Yahoo! and Comcast customers. customers. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 9 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 11. Key Benefits to Marketers § Assured 100% delivery § No revenue loss due to undeliverability of up to 20% of list (avg) § Regain control of copy § Use same copy @ site, print, packaging, and POS § Maintain brand integrity § Brand identity mirrors offline presentation § Enhanced message effectiveness § Links & images enabled = proven lift on CTR and revenue per email § Stand out at the inbox § Blue ribbon icon provides immediate visual differentiation CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 10 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 12. Key Benefits to Financial Services § Reliable delivery = lowered paper delivery back-up § 100% list coverage means lower cost of having to provide paper backup delivery (e.g., eLynx delivery of mortgage papers) § Enhance conversion to electronic transactions § Trusted class email = reliable platform for paper suppression § Reduced cost in post-phishing support costs § Fewer successful phishing attacks = reduced telephone support § Enhanced message effectiveness § Greater chance customers can complete email-based transactions if links and images are presented and operational CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 11 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 13. Key Benefits to Consumers § Easily identify real email messages that are safe to open and act upon § The Blue Trust Seal tells them it’s real § Feel more secure opening messages § All CertifiedEmail senders must go through a 10- step accreditation process CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 12 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 14. Case Study: PETCO § Increase of 38% in click-though rate during CertifiedEmail provides trial us with this flexibility because we can be sure § Increase of 40.5% in that every message is delivered promptly and click-through rate after completely intact . launch § Increase of 3.54¢ in John Lazarchic Vice President of e-Commerce PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. profit per email CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 13 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 15. Time Inc. Case Studies: Time Inc. Controlled tests prove dramatic value creation Click Business Through Results “ Trusted CertifiedEmail messages result in Increase Increase higher click-through rates and improved program response 32% 30% rates. ” Ernie Vickroy, Time Inc. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 14 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
  • 16. Case Study: KeyBank Accelerating paper suppression and im proving custom er security § Email campaign educating customers about CertifiedEmail § Use of CE branding elements at site § Doing longitudinal customer survey § What is tendency of customers to be phished pre-CertifiedEmail exposure § What is tendency of customers to be phished post-CertifiedEmail exposure CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Page 15 © 2008 Goodmail Systems, Inc
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