DDMA / Hyperion: Datakwaliteit

Marco Burrichter (Hyperion) bespreekt de integratie van financiële data in een Business Intelligence Platform. Nieuwe software op dit gebied maakt het mogelijk voorheen strikt gescheiden activiteiten zoals managementreportages, analysemogelijkheden en planning vanuit één plaats toegankelijk te maken. Data en proces worden transparant. Waar voorheen door een gebrek aan standaard invoer- en verwerkingsmethodes en audit-trails de betrouwbaarheid van financiële data niet gegarandeerd kon worden, kan met financieel data management iedere stap verantwoord worden.
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  • 1. vent: DDMA DQ Dag hema: Datakwaliteit preker: Marco Burrichter - Hyperion Datum: 12 september 2006 – Fortis NV, Utrecht
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  • 3. Over 400 Clients - All References
  • 4. Financial Data Quality Management T Points of Failure: r Balanced Files / Data Quality a Completeness n Consistency / Interpretation s Mapping Issues p Auditability / Accountability a r Manual Keying Errors e Communication n Technical Issues c Time Constraints y
  • 5. FDM Saves Time Reduces Compliance Puts Confidence Costs In the Numbers
  • 6. Data Quality for Success Business User Solution — Global solution deployed and maintained by business analysts — Complex mapping in an easy to use guided workflow process Faster Everything — Eliminate bottlenecks & improve communication — Deployments and migrations to new applications — Drive Down Close cycles dramatically Visibility/Transparency for Confidence — Audit trail — Map changes — Data quality checking — Error identification, notification, and investigation Compliance Support For SOX — Deliver a standard, defined and repeatable process — Subject each user, all actions, and all data to standardization and key internal controls — SOX 302 Sub Certifications and 404 Assessments
  • 7. FDM Eliminates the Points of Failure — Balance Files / Data Quality —Communication — Check report —Immediate feedback to end users — Audit reports for investigation —Text and supporting document attachment —Entire process completed without coordination — Completeness with IT for support — Journal entries — Check report —Technical Issues — Validate mapping step —Out of the box, standard method for all users —Finance supported — Consistency / Interpretation — Visibility - account chase report — Time Constraints —Immediate Feedback to End Users (4 fish) — Auditability / Accountability —Error investigation ability (trial balance / audit reports — Log of all significant activity i.e. map change log —Audit trail into all data (trial balance / audit reports) — Account chase / audit reports —Simple GUI — Process monitor — Conversion rule accessible in drill down
  • 9. Standard Defined Repeatable Process The only “application approach” to integration Standard processes first step to compliance Ease of use critical success factor
  • 10. Data Collection Read any file in any format from any system — GL Trial Balance Reports — Flat files — Open Database sources Business user responsibility No manual manipulation
  • 11. Data Transformation Cleansed and standardized to applications Stored in a standard repository Powerful mapping tables allow for mapping up to 28 dimensions Handles very simple maps or the most complex requirements
  • 12. Data Validation Completeness Reasonableness Accuracy Tie out data between HFM and Planning Can be specific for each location
  • 13. Internal Controls Audit Trail Log of all significant events Business user accountability Support for Sarbanes 302 sub certification Auditors love it – (external and internal)
  • 14. FDM Corporate Governance 302- CEO and CFO Review Certification/Monitoring Upstream Certification Transparency, Completeness, Accuracy, Accountability, & Audit Red Flag Exception Reporting Document Attachment & Archival Role Based Security 404- Assessment Repository Central Controls Repository Maintaining Controls Framework Assessing Effectiveness of the Controls and Processes in the Framework Accommodates the COSO Framework- Acceptable Framework per SEC
  • 15. Key Compliance Issues Addressed Sect. Requirement/Eff. Date FDM Solution 302 Quarterly certification of financial FDM Hierarchical Certification Questionnaires, statements (2002) Audit Review Section, Process Management, Doc Attachments, Cell Text 404 Annual assessment of effectiveness of 1. Close and Reporting Controls and Audit Trails internal control and COSO Compliance (Dec 2004) 2. FDM 404 COSO Controls Assessment Repository 409 Rapid disclosure of material changes – Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion BI “Real Time” reporting (Mar 2004) Platform 401 Pro-forma reconciliations Hyperion Financial Management “What If” capabilities Off-balance sheet trans. (2003) SAS99 Clear audit trails from source to 10K10Q Hyperion Custom Dimensions, Value (2003) Dimensions, Intercompany Dimensions and with UpStream, complete combined audit trail to source details Accel. 10Q in 40 days moving to 35, 10K in 75 FDM – That’s what it’s all about! Filings days moving to 60 (2005)
  • 16. Visibility Transparency Visibility into both the data and processes 80+ out of the box reports to allow different views of the data Drill Down from Source to Report A true differentiator
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