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8th GRADE READING Rasheda Dean and Paige Vogel Room E-110 |2018-2019 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Eighth grade Reading is designed to prepare students to meet the challenging literacy requirements. The curriculum is based on the Grade 8 Georgia Performance Standards. Reading efficiency is enhanced throu
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  8 th  GRADE READINGRasheda Dean and Paige Vogel Room E-110 |2018-2019COR!E DE!CRIP ION#Eighth g$ade Reading is designed to %$e%a$e st&dents to meet the 'hallenging lite$a'( $e)&i$ements* he'&$$i'&l&m is +ased on the G$ade 8 Geo$gia Pe$,o$man'e !tanda$ds* Reading e'ien'( is enhan'edth$o&gh st&dents. in'$eased &nde$standing o, ho/ to 'onst$&'t meaning ,$om na$$atie e%osito$( anddigital lite$at&$e* he ongoing deelo%ment and $ein,o$'ement o, 'om%$ehension st$ategies %$omoteinde%endent $eading and lea$ning* O%%o$t&nities ,o$ sel,-sele'tion o, $eading mate$ial ,&$the$ %$omoteinde%endent $eading as st&dents 'hose lite$at&$e that /ill 'hallenge and +e at a high inte$est leel*Integ$ated &nits /ill allo/ st&dents to $ead and st&d( lite$at&$e that 'onne'ts /ith the lea$ning that ista3ing %la'e in othe$ 'ontent a$eas* A a$iet( o, assessment tools /ill +e &sed to sho/ g$o/th anda'hieement o&t'omes*C4A!!ROO5 E6PEC A ION!#  7e $es%e't,&l to othe$s in'l&ding tea'he$s sta st&dents %a$ents and isito$s*  e a$e a lea$ning 'omm&nit(: the$e,o$e &se lang&age that en'o&$ages lea$ning and sho/s (o&$$es%e't ,o$ othe$s* Bullying and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  Res%e't 'lass time* Com%lete all assignments on time* Come %$e%a$ed to lea$n and to 'ont$i+&te to'lass$oom dis'&ssions*  7e in (o&$ seat /hen the +ell $ings* I, (o& a$e not in (o&$ seat then (o& /ill +e ma$3ed ta$d(*  5ost ,ood and d$in3s a$e not %e$mitted in 'lass* Onl( +ottled /ate$ is a''e%ta+le*  All maintenan'e a'tiities need to +e 'om%leted +e,o$e 'lass +egins* his in'l&des %en'ilsha$%ening &sing the $est$oom and isiting (o&$ lo'3e$*  e /ill &se te'hnolog( in 'lass: ho/ee$ (o& a$e $es%onsi+le ,o$ se'&$ing ele't$oni' items in a sa,elo'ation /hen not in &se* !t&dent 'ell-%hones and othe$ ele't$oni' items ma( onl( +e &sed d&$ing'lass time ,o$ inst$&'tional %&$%oses* !t&dents a$e $es%onsi+le ,o$ all te'hnolog( &tili;ed in 'lass*  Res%e't %$o%e$t(* his in'l&des (o&$ o/n mate$ials othe$.s mate$ials and the tea'he$.smate$ials* As3 %e$mission to &se an( mate$ials that do not +elong to (o&*  4isten 'a$e,&ll( to di$e'tions* As3 )&estions i, (o& do not &nde$stand something*5A ERIA4! AND !PP4IE!#In a''o$dan'e /ith the AVID initiatie all st&dents a$e $e)&i$ed to 3ee% one +inde$* he +inde$ /ill +e'om%lete /ith a Reading se'tion* !t&dents a$e also e%e'ted to 3ee% the ,ollo/ing s&%%lies# 'om%ositionnote+oo3 note+oo3 %a%e$ %en'ils and %ens <$ed and +la'3= sti'3( notes highlighte$ and inde 'a$ds*5a$3e$s 'olo$ed %en'ils et'* a$e aaila+le in 'lass +&t st&dents ma( en>o( the +ene?ts o, haing thei$o/n s&%%lies*  E6 7OO@ AND READING INOR5A ION#  he$e is no assigned tet+oo3 ,o$ this 'o&$se* !t&dents /ill engage in a a$iet( o, $eading tas3s 'oe$ing+oth ?'tion and non?'tion sel,-sele'ted and assigned* !ho$t sto$ies a$e inst$&mental /hen &sed toint$od&'e model and %$a'ti'e s&''ess,&l $eading 'om%$ehension st$ategies* he sho$t sto$( 'om%ilations%lanned ,o$ dis'&ssion d&$ing this 'o&$se in'l&de# French Kiss: and Other Traumas  +( Adam 7agdasa$ian The Monkey House +( @&$t Vonneg&t and  At the Mouth of a River of Bees  +( @i> Bohnson* Please $eie/ theNoel Consent and Reading Inento$( !&$e( to e%lo$e the title sele'tion* 5ost +oo3s a$e %$oided +( thes'hool to st&dents: ho/ee$ st&dents /ill +e $es%onsi+le ,o$ $e%la'ing an( lost o$ damaged +oo3s* 8th g$ade Reading !(lla+&s | 1    GRADING !CA4E AND GRADE DI! RI7 ION# A 905a>o$ Assignments <tests %$o>e't=0 F AL L  S E ME  S T E R 0  S PRI  N G S E ME  S T E R B 80-895ino$ Assessments <)&i; sho$t /$iting=F0F0 C 0-9Common Assessments1010 F +elo/ H9Class/o$3 11Jome/o$3 Final Ea! #$ #$ Che'3 Jome A''ess <JAC= $eg&la$l( to sta( &%dated on g$ades and assignments* !t&dents sho&ld $e'o$dall assignments and d&e dates in thei$ agendas* ACADE5IC JONE! K AND 7EJAVIOR# Cases o, 'heating andLo$ %lagia$ism a$e handled in a''o$dan'e /ith s'hool %oli'(* Plagia$ism is the &se o, anothe$.s /o$ds o$ ideas and the %$esentation o, them as tho&gh the( a$e enti$el( one.s o/n* A'ts o, %lagia$ism in'l&de +&t a$e not limited to the ,ollo/ing a'tions# <1= &sing /o$ds o$ ideas ,$om a %&+lishedso&$'e /itho&t %$o%e$ do'&mentation n: <2= &sing the /o$3 o, anothe$ st&dent <i*e* 'o%(ing anothe$st&dent.s home/o$3 'om%osition o$ %$o>e't=: <F= &sing e'essie editing s&ggestions o, anothe$ st&denttea'he$ %a$ent o$ %aid edito$* nless di$e'tl( sti%&lated +( the tea'he$ 'olla+o$ation on /$itten /o$3 isnot a''e%ta+le* !t&dents /ho /illingl( %$oide othe$ st&dents /ith a''ess to thei$ /o$3 a$e in iolation o, the st&dent 'ode o, 'ond&'t* o aoid %lagia$ism the st&dent m&st do'&ment all so&$'es 'ons&lted o$ &sedin the %$e%a$ation o, a do'&ment o$ %$esentation* his in'l&des so&$'es ,$om online $eso&$'es* I, (o& a$e'a&ght 'heating on an( assignment the in'ident /ill +e $e%o$ted to the administ$ation and (o&$ %a$ents* I, (o& see o$ hea$ o, an(one 'heating it is (o&$ d&t( to $e%o$t it* All st&dents a$e e%e'ted to ,ollo/ the g&idelines listed in he Code o, Cond&'t and Dis'i%line Jand+oo3* A'o%( o, the hand+oo3 is aaila+le on the El3ins Pointe 5iddle !'hool /e+site* !t&dents demonst$atingina%%$o%$iate +ehaio$s 'an e%e't the ,ollo/ing a'tions#  1 st  Oense# ea'he$ !&%e$ised Conse)&en'e <a$ning !ilent 4&n'h et'*=  2 nd  Oense# Pa$ent Noti?'ation M ea'he$ !&%e$ised Conse)&en'e  F $d  Oense# Pa$ent and ea'he$ Con,e$en'e M ea'he$ !&%e$ised Conse)&en'e   th  Oense# Pa$ent Noti?'ation M Re,e$$al to !'hool Administ$ation  ECJNO4OGK On'e iss&ed all st&dents a$e $e)&i$ed to +$ing thei$ s'hool-iss&ed la%to% to 'lass ea'h da(* 4a%to%s sho&ld+e 'ha$ged +e,o$e st&dents 'ome to s'hool ea'h da(*   he$e is a m($iad o, te'hnolog(-+ased /e+sites /e /ill &se ,o$ inst$&'tional andLo$ assessment %&$%oses<!A est P$e% Common 4it Go o$matie et'*=* Ko& m&st $egiste$ &sing (o&$ $eal name sin'e man( o, these tools /ill +e &sed ,o$ assessment %&$%oses* I, (o& hae al$ead( '$eated an a''o&nt ,o$ anothe$ 'lass(o& ma( 'ontin&e &sing that same a''o&nt* hese sites a$e ,$ee ,o$ ed&'ational &sage* Additionalin,o$mation /ill +e gien +e,o$e &sing these tools* hile st&dents ma( +e as3ed to &se te'hnolog( d&$inginst$&'tion it is not a%%$o%$iate ,o$ st&dents to &se thei$ te'hnolog( ,o$ %e$sonal $easons d&$inginst$&'tional time* I, a st&dent.s te'hnolog( +e'omes dis$&%tie to the lea$ning eni$onment a tea'he$ma( 'on?s'ate the dei'e ,$om the st&dent*JO5EOR@ AND A!!IGN5EN E6PEC A ION!#!t&dents /ill hae home/o$3 most nights: ho/ee$ it sho&ld not ta3e longe$ than F0 min&tes* A ENDANCE AND 5A@E-P PO4ICK 8th g$ade Reading !(lla+&s | 2    5a3ing-&% /o$3 d&e to an a+sen'e is the $es%onsi+ilit( o, the st&dent* Ko& hae the n&m+e$ o, da(s that(o& /e$e a+sent to ma3e &% the assignment <o$ eam%le# I, (o& a$e a+sent ,o$ one da( then (o& haeone da( to 'om%lete the missed /o$3*= I, (o& a$e a+sent on test da( 'ome see me immediatel( tos'hed&le a time ,o$ (o& to ta3e the test* ail&$e to 'om%lete ma3e-&% /o$3 in a''o$dan'e /ith the %oli'iesset ,o$th in the s(lla+&s /ill $es&lt in a 0* !t&dents /ho a$e %$esent ,o$ an( %a$t o, the da( a$e e%e'tedto t&$n in assignments that a$e d&e on that da(* It is the st&dents $es%onsi+ilit( to t&$n in the assignmentsto the tea'he$* RECOVERK AND RE E! PO4ICK#All tea'he$s /ill oe$ $e'oe$( to st&dents /ho $e'eie a g$ade o, 0 o$ +elo/ on an( ma>o$ assignment*!t&dents m&st ea$n this o%%o$t&nit( th$o&gh additional %$a'ti'e and the maim&m g$ade %ossi+le on$e'oe$( is 0* O%%o$t&nities designed to allo/ st&dents to $e'oe$ ,$om a lo/ o$ ,ailing '&m&latieg$ade /ill +e allo/ed /hen all /o$3 $e)&i$ed to date has +een 'om%leted and the st&dent hasdemonst$ated a legitimate eo$t to meet all 'o&$se $e)&i$ements* his ma( in'l&de attending a hel%session o&tside o, 'lass$oom ho&$s* !t&dents sho&ld 'onta't the tea'he$ 'on'e$ning $e'oe$( o%%o$t&nities+e'a&se the $e'oe$( %$o'ess is the $es%onsi+ilit( o, the st&dent* All $e'oe$( /o$3 m&st +e di$e'tl($elated to 'o&$se o+>e'ties and m&st +e 'om%leted +( the deadline dete$mined +( the tea'he$* ea'he$s/ill dete$mine /hen and ho/ st&dents /ith eten&ating 'i$'&mstan'es ma( im%$oe thei$ g$ades*JE4P !E!!ION!#I am aaila+le most mo$nings +( a%%ointment and /henee$ hel% is needed* Please see me as soon as%ossi+le ,o$ et$a hel% ma3e-&% /o$3 g$ade 'on'e$ns et'* I, (o& a$e 'oming ,o$ a mo$ning hel% session%lease +e s&$e to hae a %ass +e,o$e (o& a$$ie at s'hool +e'a&se the tea'he$s on-d&t( /ill not allo/ an(st&dents to a''ess g$ade-leel halls +e,o$e the +ell $ings in the mo$ning* Onl( a tea'he$ ma( %$oide a%ass  EACJERLPAREN CO55NICA ION#o$mal %$og$ess $e%o$ts /ill +e sent home t/i'e %e$ te$m* At the mid-%oint and 'on'l&sion o, the nine/ee3s* I /ill also 'onta't %a$ents $ega$ding s%e'i?' a'ademi' o$ +ehaio$al %e$,o$man'e +( %hone o$email as needed* T%e be&t way to 'onta't !e i& (ia e!ail * Pa$ents /itho&t a''ess to email ma('onta't me +( sending a note /ith thei$ st&dent* I /ill ma3e ee$( eo$t to $es%ond /ithin 2 ho&$s*   EACJER CON AC #  he +est /a( to 'onta't (o&$ tea'he$ is iaemail* All so'ial media %ages a$e ,o$ s'hool&se onl(* I e%e't all st&dents to +e   %ositie digital 'iti;ens /hile &singso'ial media* 8th g$ade Reading !(lla+&s | F   dean$,&ltons'hools*o$g$ashedadean $ashedadean*/ee+l(*'om $asheda*dean  !K44A7! !CAVENGER JN )IRECTI*NS # Reie/ (o&$ s(lla+&s eithe$ indiid&all( o$ /ith (o&$ g$o&% mates* o$ ea'h )&estion lo'atethe 'o$$e't in,o$mation in (o&$ s(lla+&s and /$ite the ans/e$ in the 'o$$es%onding +o* hat isLa$e m( tea'he$<s= name<s=Q ill the$e +e a ?nal eam in this 'lass this (ea$Q Do (o& $emem+e$ (o&$ !A est P$e% log in in,o$mationQ hat is itQ 4ist the mate$ialsLs&%%lies (o& sho&ld hae ,o$ this 'lass* hat /eight <%e$'entage= is gien to tests in the g$ade+oo3 ea'h semeste$Q hat is the highest (o& 'an ea$n on a $e'oe$( assignmentQ hen a$e hel% sessions oe$edQ hat is the +est /a( to 'omm&ni'ate /ith the tea'he$Q Jo/ man( da(s do (o& hae to ma3e &% a missedassignmentQ hen is the Noel Consent and Reading Inento$(!&$e( <last %age= d&e to (o&$ tea'he$Q 8th g$ade Reading !(lla+&s |   


Aug 4, 2018


Aug 4, 2018
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