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  Subject Faculty Credit CV Value Consumer BehaviourProf. M. N. Tripathi 3H Services MarketingProf. Krishna Das Gupta 3H B2B MarketingFTBF 3H Marketing to Consumers at the BoPProf. Sandip Anand 3M Sales & Distribution ManaementFTBF 3H Product & Brand ManagementProf. Sandip Anand 3H Integrated Marketing CommunicationProf. M N Tripathi 3M International MarketingFTBF 3L Retail ManagementFTBF 3M Stakeholder Marketing [1.5 credit] Prof. Subhasis Ray 1.5H Customer Relationship ManagementProf. Krishna Das Gupta 3HTerm IVTerm V  Strategic MarketingFTBF 3 Selling & NegotiationProf. M N Tripathi 3 Pricing ManagementFTBF 3HTerm VI  Grading Comments Overall Ranking okayishPlease read blogs/ articles to learn beyond what is taught in class. Prof Ojha's & Biju Dominic's sessions helped me gain complete insight about the subjectMustGoodIt is taken only for CV value- don’t expect much SM/CRM-MustGoodMaxim ensure that Prof Ojha takes a few classes-MustGoodNeed to pay attention & come regularly to classes to understand him. He is a good teacher - just needs to be understoodmustDepends on number of studentsTake only if interested in media communication. His teaching methods are archaic but will help u gain some insight.Take only if visiting faculty's CV looks goodAnother niche subject. Depends on your levels of interest and list of companies planning to come to XuberanceGoodAny subject by this Prof. is must takeFor those majoring in MarkGoodTake either this or Services marketingSM/ CRM  Important subject for future
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