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  SubjectFacultyCreditCV Value Consumer BehaviourProf. M. N. Tripathi 3Medium Services MarketingProf. Krishna Das Gupta 3Medium B2B MarketingFTBF 3High Marketing to Consumers at the BoPProf. Sandip Anand 3High Sales & Distribution ManagementFTBF 3High Product & Brand ManagementProf. Sandip Anand 3 Medium Integrated Marketing CommunicationProf. M N Tripathi Good International MarketingFTBF 3Low Retail ManagementFTBF 3Low Stakeholder Marketing 1.5 credit Prof. Subhasis Ray Term IVTerm V  Customer Relationship ManagementProf. Krishna Das Gupta Strategic MarketingFTBF 3 Low Selling & NegotiationProf. M N TripathiPricing ManagementFTBF 3MediumTerm VI  GradingCommentsOverall Ranking Average1. It's like the white shirt in a wardrobe. You need to take this. Prof. is very old school2Very Good1. The book made into slides. Good value if IT is your second preference4GoodLousy prof from ISB. 6As per performance 1. An upcoming subject, very insightful. Prof is very good if you know how to take advantage.Interviewers generally curious about the subject3GoodAnother essential. Good prof. Helps in interviews and hopefully at work too1As per performance and CP (ranges from very poor to very good)1. Take only if you are genuinely interested. Try extracting most out of Prof. Anand7Important subject but not the right prof for the subject.GoodProf. Atul Tandon, man of stories. Interesting to hear but as a course, pretty avoidable8Do not care if it's Prof. Madhumita9  Avoidable if you have taken SMIt' like a recap of MM-I10Good Prof from XLRI. Better if it's floated in the 5th term. Demanding course.5

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Jul 23, 2017

A Seminar Report

Jul 23, 2017
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