Defamation Act - Number 31 of 2009 - Ireland

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  Number 31 of 2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFAMATION ACT 2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART 1 Preliminary and General Section 1. Short title and commencement. 2. Definitions. 3. Saver. 4. Repeal. 5. Review of operation of Act.   PART 2 Defamation 6. Defamation. 7. Amendment of certain enactments. 8. Verifying affidavit. 9. Imputation. 10. Defamation of class of persons. 11. Multiple publication. 12. Defamation of a body corporate. 13. Appeals in defamation actions. 14. Meaning. PART 3 Defences   15. Abolition of certain defences. 16. Truth. 17. Absolute privilege. 18. Qualified privilege. 19. Loss of defence of qualified privilege. 20. Honest opinion. 21. Distinguishing between allegations of fact and opinion. 22. Offer to make amends. 23. Effect of offer to make amends. 24. Apology. 25. Consent to publish. 26. Fair and reasonable publication on a matter of public interest. 27. Innocent publication. PART 4   Remedies 28. Declaratory order. 29. Lodgment of money in settlement of action. 30. Correction order. 31. Damages. 32. Aggravated and punitive damages. 33. Order prohibiting the publication of a defamatory statement. 34. Summary disposal of action. PART 5 Criminal Liability 35. Abolition of certain common law offences. 36. Publication or utterance of blasphemous matter. 37. Seizure of copies of blasphemous statements.
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