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  1 Time Line of the Brazilian IndependentLiving Movement (1979-2015) Sao Paulo, April 2015Considering the year 1988 (see this date below) as the beginning o the!ra ilian independent li#ing $o#e$ent, it has %o$pleted, in &e%e$ber 201', ea%tly2 years o struggle or the rights o persons with disabilities*!ut, the history o this a%ti#is$ really began 9 years beore 1988, as %an be%onir$ed in the ollowing ti$e line+ 199 - Se#eral organi ations held the irst nationwide $eetings in order to dis%ussabout the serious situation a%ed by $illions o persons with disabilities a%ross!ra il* .hese $onthly $eetings were organi ed si$ultaneously in su%h %itiesas /io de aneiro, /e%ie, Sao Paulo, itoria, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, !eloori onte, Sal#ador, !rasilia, and %ontinued being held throughout the 380s* 199 - .hese organi ations ha#e appro#ed the idea o %reating the Coalition or auture 4ational ederation o &isabled Persons 6rgani ations*1980 7 9 su%h organi ations $et together, in !rasilia (ederal &istri%t), in order tohold the irst 4ational n%ounter o &isabled Persons ntities, whi%h thenele%ted its e%uti#e Co$$ission or$ed by representati#es o A&A, C&, A&!, A/PA and A&/*1980 - All those 9 organi ations and others ha#e dedi%ated the whole year o 1980to the dis%ussion o the $a:ority o do%u$ents distributed by the ;nited4ations 6rgani ation in preparation or the %o$$e$oration o <nternational=ear o &isabled Persons (<=&P)* 1981 - All o#er !ra il, there were $eetings and se$inars to %elebrate the <=&Pduring the whole year*1981 7 undreds o asso%iations got together in /e%ie (State o Perna$bu%o) inorder to hold the irst !ra ilian Congress o &isabled Persons* 1981 - .he 4ational 6rgani ation o Physi%ally &isabled Persons (64&), ro$!ra il, has parti%ipated in the %reation o &isabled Peoples> <nternational (&P<)*198 7 .he 4ational ederation o &isabled Persons 6rgani ations was ounded,whi%h, a$ong other de%isions, has %hosen Septe$ber 21 as the 4ational &ayo Struggle by Persons with &isabilities, later oi%ially re%ogni ed by ?aw@11*1 in uly 1', 2005* .he ederation also de%ided to %reate nationalorgani ations by type o disability (64&, !C, 4<S, 6/A4)* 1988 7 .he Center or <ndependent ?i#ing o /io de aneiro (C<?-/), the irst C<? o South A$eri%a, in the %ity o /io de aneiro (State o /io de aneiro)*1991 7 .wo !ra ilian a%ti#ists ha#e parti%ipated in the 4ational Coneren%e o <ndependent ?i#ing, under the the$e B<ndependent ?i#ing+ Preparation or the21st Century, :ointly organi ed by C<?-!erDeley and Eorld <nstitute on&isability in 6aDland (State o Caliornia)*  2 1992 - As soon as the ;4, through the /esolution 'F, o 6%tober 1', pro%lai$ed&e%e$ber  as the <nternational &ay o Persons with &isabilities, the$o#e$ents started preparing the$sel#es in order to %o$$e$orate the datealready in 1992*199' - r* a$adou !arry, o ;4 &isabled ;nit in 4ew =orD, %a$e to SGo Paulo Cityor the purpose o deli#ering a spee%h about the do%u$ent Standard /ules onthe Huali ation o 6pportunities or Persons with &isabilities (adopted by theIeneral Asse$bly in &e%e$ber 20, 199) or representati#es o organi ationsand the publi% at large* And he let a %opy with his authori ation or itstranslation into Portuguese* 199' 7 .he C<?-aringa (State o Parana) and the C<?-!elo ori onte (State o inas Ierais) were ounded* 1995 7 .he C<?-/ organi ed the irst <bero-A$eri%an Sy$posiu$ o <ndependent?i#ing, in /io de aneiro (State o /io de aneiro)*1995 7 .he C<?-Santos (State o Sao Paulo) was ounded*199 7 .he C<?-Ara%i 4allin (State o Sao Paulo) and the C<?-Curitiba (State o Parana) were %reated*199 7 .he C<?-Ca$pinas (State o Sao Paulo) was ounded*1998 7 .he 4ational Coun%il o Centers o <ndependent ?i#ing (C<?-!ra il) was%reated* 1998 7 .he C<?-4iteroi (State o /io de aneiro) was %reated*2002 7 !ra il sent representati#es to Cara%as, ene uela, in 6%tober 18, in order or the$ to parti%ipate in the oundation o the <bero-A$eri%an 4etworD o 6rgani ations o Persons with &isabilities and .heir a$ilies (/<A&<S)* .hee#ent was attended by $ore than 100 representati#es ro$ 15 nations* 2002 7 .he C<?-?ondrina (State o Parana) was %reated*   200 7 .he ith 4ational n%ounter o C<?-!ra il was held in uly in aringa (Stateo Parana)* 200' - .he C<?-lorianopolis (State o Santa Catarina) was ounded* 200' 7 .he Sith 4ational n%ounter o C<?-!ra il was held in uly in Sal#ador (Stateo !ahia), with representati#es ro$ 21 C<?s (Angra dos /eis, Ara%i 4allin,!ahia, !elo ori onte, !rasilia, Ca$pinas, Cas%a#el, Curitiba, spirito Santos,Iui$araes, a%ae, aringa, 4iteroi, Petropolis, /esende, /io de aneiro,Santos, Sao ?uis, Paulista, lorianopolis and ?ondrina)*2005 - .hrough the A%t @11*1, o uly 1', the 4ational &ay o Struggle by Personswith &isabilities was oi%ially re%ogni ed and %elebrated e#ery Septe$ber 21*2005 7 .he C<?-A$a onas (State o A$a onas) was ounded*200 - .he Se#enth 4ational n%ounter o C<?-!ra il was held in Sao Paulo (State o Sao Paulo), with representati#es ro$ 1 %ities ro$ !ra il and 5 ro$ !uenos Aires, Argentina*200 7 ro$ 200 to 200, se#eral hundreds o organi ations run by or or personswith disabilities parti%ipated in the debates and in the elaboration o theCon#ention on the /ights o Persons with &isabilities and its 6ptional Proto%ol  3 (C/P&F6P), the $a:ority o who$ in se#eral !ra ilian %ities and so$e asdelegates at the ;4 eadHuarters*2008 - A spe%ial $eeting o the !oard o &ire%tors o C<?-!ra il was held in SaoPaulo City with 2 representati#es ro$ se#eral C<?s, :oined by a ew sele%tedguests, in order to de%ide on a dii%ult relationship proble$ a%ed by so$e$e$bers*2008 7 .he Se%ond 4ational Coneren%e on the /ights o Persons with &isabilitieswas held in !rasilia (ederal &istri%t), &e%e$ber 1st to 'th*2008 7 .hrough the ?egislati#e &e%ree @18, o uly 9, !ra il has ratiied the ;4C/P&F6P, with %onstitutional a$end$ent #alue* 2008 - .he !ill @'*52, o August 29, authored by ederal deputy 6ta#io ?eite, hasestablished the 4ational &ay o <ndependent ?i#ing o#e$ent* .he date%hosen is &e%e$ber 1' in tribute to the date o oundation o the irst C<? inSouth A$eri%a, the C<?-/io de aneiro* 2009 7 .hrough the &e%ree @*9'9, o August 25, !ra il has pro$ulgated theC/P&F6P*2009 7 .he C<?-<tagiba (State o !ahia) was %reated*2011 7 .he ighth 4ational n%ounter o C<?-!ra il was held in 6%tober in Sao PauloCity* Eith the presen%e o 20 representati#es ro$  C<?s, the Ieneral Asse$bly has ele%ted the !oard o &ire%tors or the ter$ 2012-201*2011 - .hrough the &e%ree @*12, o 4o#e$ber 1, the ederal Io#ern$ent hasappro#ed the 4ational Plan or the /ights o Persons with &isabilities (.o ?i#eEithout ?i$it)*2012 - .he .hird 4ational Coneren%e on the /ights o Persons with &isabilities washeld <n !rasilia (ederal &istri%t), &e%e$ber rd to th*201 - .he C<? o Curitiba etropolitan /egion (C<?/-Ctba) was ounded inCuritiba (State o Parana)*201F201' - 6n%e e#iden%ed the gradual dea%ti#ation o the $a:ority o C<?s duringthe last si years and on%e %onir$ed the abandon$ent o position peror$edby the president o C<?-!ra il in 201, the a%ti#ists Anahi de ello, Claudioere a, Ieraldo 4ogueira, elio de Arau:o, eloisa Chagas, <da Paler$o,Jatia erra , Jatia onse%a, ?ia Crespo, ?ilia artins, ar%io Aguiar, /egina Atalla, /o$eu SassaDi e ini%ius Iar%ia ha#e dis%ussed through e-$ail$essages during the last two years about the destination to be gi#en to C<?-!ra il and ha#e de%ided to or$ a #irtual networD in order to urge on thephilosophy o independent li#ing*2015 - <n April 21, the abo#e $entioned a%ti#ists ha#e established the !ra ilian4etworD o <ndependent ?i#ing o#e$ent (<?-!ra il 4etworD), %o$$itted toa%t as a spa%e to deend the independent li#ing style as a right o persons withdisabilities*<n %on%luding this ti$e line - whi%h ran through the  years (198-2015) o theindependent li#ing $o#e$ent o persons with disabilities in !ra il - it is a%%eptable toair$ that the spirit o independent li#ing is still ali#e and ready to help build a so%iety$ore and $ore in%lusi#e or all people, with or without disabilities*
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