Demonstration of DOCX support in calibre This document demonstrates the ability of the calibre DOCX Input plugin to convert the various typographic features in a Microsoft Word (2007 and newer) document. Convert this document to a modern ebook format, such as AZW3 for Kindles or EPUB for other ebook readers, to see it in action. There is support for images, tables, lists, footnotes, endnotes, links, dropcaps and various types of text and paragraph level formatting. To see the DOCX co
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  Demonstration of DOCX support in calibre This document demonstrates the ability of the calibre DOCX Input plugin to convert the various typographic features in a Microsoft Word (2! and ne er# document$ Convert this document to a modern eboo% format& such as 'W) for *indles or +,-. for other eboo% readers& to see it in action$There is support for images& tables& lists& footnotes& endnotes& lin%s& dropcaps and various types of te/t and paragraph level formatting$To see the DOCX conversion in action& simply add this 0le to calibre using the “Add Books” button and then clic% 1 Convert”. et the output format in the top right corner of the conversion dialog to +,-. or 'W) and clic% “OK” $  Text Formatting Inline formatting 3ere& e demonstrate various types of inline te/t formatting and the use of embedded fonts$3ere is some bold, italic, bold-italic, underlined and struc% out te/t$ Then& e have a super script  and a sub script $ 4o e see some red& green and blue te/t$ ome te/t ith a   yello highlight$ ome te/t in a bo/$ ome te/t in inverse video$' paragraph ith styled te/t5 subtle emphasis follo ed by strong text and intense emphasis  $ This paragraph uses document ide styles for styling rather than inline te/t properties as demonstrated in the previous paragraph 6 calibre can handleboth ith e7ual ease$ Fun it! fonts This document has embedded the -buntu font family$ The body te/t is in the -buntu typeface& here is some text in the Ubuntu Mono typeface, notice how everyletter has the same width, even i and m $ +very embedded font ill automatically be embedded in the output eboo% during conversion$ aragra#! level formatting 8ou can do cra9y things ith paragraphs& if the urge stri%es you$ :or instance thisparagraph is right aligned and has a right border$ It has also been given a light graybac%ground$:or the lovers of poetry amongst you& paragraphs ith hanging indents& li%e this oftencome in handy$ 8ou can use hanging indents to ensure that a line of poetry retains its individual identity as a line even hen the screen is too narro to display it as a single line$ 4ot only does this paragraph have a hanging indent& it is also has an e/tra top margin& setting it apart from the preceding paragraph$  Tables Tables in Word can vary from the e/tremely simple to the e/tremely comple/$ calibre tries to do its best hen converting tables$ While you may run into trouble ith the occasional table& the vast ma;ority of common cases should be converted very ell& as demonstrated in this section$ 4ote that for optimum results& hen creating tables in Word& you should set their idths using percentages& rather than absolute units$ To the left of this paragraph is a <oating t o column table ith a nice green border and header ro $4o let=s loo% at a fancier table6one ith alternating ro colors and partial borders$ This table is stretched out to ta%e >? of the available idth$ City or To n,oint ',oint .,oint C,oint D,oint + ,oint '6,oint .@!6,oint CABA6,oint D)!)2>6,oint +))BB)64e/t& e see a table ith special formatting in various locations$ 4otice ho the formatting for the header ro and sub header ro s is preserved$ College $e students %raduating studentsC!ange Undergraduate  Cedar -niversity >>>)E! Oa% Institute 222>F@ Graduate  Cedar -niversity 2B2EB +lm College B))F> Total @@ Source:   :ictitious data& for illustration purposes only 4e/t& e have something a little more comple/& a nested table& i$e$ a table inside another table$ 'dditionally& the inner table has some of its cells merged$ The table is displayed hori9ontally centered$ IT&' $&&(&( .oo%s>,ens),encils23ighlighter2 colorscissors> pair  OneThreeT o:ourTo the left is a table inside a table& ith some cells merged$We end ith a fancy calendar& note ho much of the srcinal formatting is preserved$ 4ote that this table ill only display correctly on relatively ide screens$ Ingeneral& very ide tables or tables hose cells have 0/ed idth re7uirements don=t fare ell in eboo%s$ December 2! unMonTueWedThu:riat>2)BA!@>>>>2>)>B>>A>!>@>22>222)2B22A2!2@2))>
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