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  Dengue Fever in the Philippines VILORIA, Klarissa D. Yamzon, Liana Alpha T. 3F-PH  What is Dengue Fever?  Mosquito: Aedes Aegypti   Also known as breakbone fever.  Common in tropical countries like Philippines  Symptoms : mild to high grade fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, rash   Complication: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever  – Lethal!  Dengue Serotypes    DEN-1  DEN-2  DEN-3  DEN-4  Serotypes  –  each has different interactions with the antibodies in human blood serum  Share approximately 65% of their genomes  The four dengue serotypes share the same geographic and ecological niche.   1970’s    DEN-1 and DEN-2 were found in Central America and  Africa  all four serotypes were present in Southeast Asia  2004  the geographical distribution of the four serotypes had spread widely   At present  all four dengue serotypes circulate together in tropical and subtropical regions around the world
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